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Proper Good delivers ready-to-eat food directly to your door.

Hello sharks this is christopher jane and this is jennifer jane we’re based in austin texas and together we are the sibling founders of proper good we’re here today seeking 400 000 in exchange for 10 of our wonderful natural foods company so what is proper good proper good makes the tastiest and most convenient 90 second meals ever made and who are these meals

For for busy people who care about what they put in their bodies so whether you’re plant-based ketogenic gluten-free or dairy free we have got the meals for your lifestyle well that sounds divine so how do people get these meals ah well that couldn’t be easier we ship direct to you from the proper good website in a wonderful lovely little box with 12 meals with no

Extra packaging no insulation and no dry ice oh wait a minute are you you telling me there’s no refrigeration needed quite right all propagate meals are shelf stable for up to eight months meaning no fridge needed so you can enjoy them at home at work or on the go whenever you need a 90 second meal in a pinch it’s like having a wonderful little chef in your pocket

Bye joe’s that does sound good quite good probably good so sharks who’s ready to make a proper good investment that was absolutely first class are you really english we are indeed yes we are so we grew up on dragon’s den and watching you so when we heard that you were here we were delighted yes fantastic so today i’m your favorite shark indeed oh thank you how

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Do you feel about that mr wonderful all right i’m out yeah yeah yeah early mistakes so um yes so all of the sharks to my right you all have our red pepper and meatball soup which is our best seller that’s why it’s in the crown jewels there and also chicken noodle which is an elevated version of the classic and then mark you have two of our vegan options which is

A southwest chili with plant-based meat and then also a quinoa brown rice blend oh it’s really nice it’s good i’m eating the meatball excellent very good very tasty yeah thank you how much does that box cost and what do you sell it for average product price is around seven dollars including free delivery that’s for one for one so with a subscription though all of

Our meals are 5.99 including free shipping so that makes the box 72 dollars for the 12. if you sell it for 72 what does it cost you two for us to make it around 30. and for any given package the range for your cost our cost is two to two fifty we’re about 65 gross but i can eat it right out of the pouch right without even heating it if i want correct i need a cold

If you want yeah and we found a few different in industries such as nurses and truckers in particular that love that nature of the fact that it’s already cooked and you can eat it hot or cold and what have your sales been to so far we launched in 2020 april year one we did of calendar year 556 000 in sales that’s great year to date this year we’re obviously about

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50 through we’ve done just over a million results what was your profit of just on that just over a million sure no so we are very much um losing money right now on a customer acquisition standpoint let’s just break it down from that million year to date there’s around 550 000 in gross margin there’s around 300 000 in net margin but overall your company today has

Raised about two million dollars so we are losing money today to acquire customer care products okay so your cost of acquisition then is huge so it’s about 32 dollars if you take your total year or marketing over total year one customers but that puts us profitable on a second order with customers and how much you burning per month 80 000. i know how to make this

Thing huge right i’m afraid you guys might hold me back no and it’s the message itself and let it sell right would you be willing to change your marketing and to change your packaging yes we well data over ego is our kind of little perfect mantra so yes perfect ultimately it’s going to be sharky but this is what it’s going to take and i have the team to do it and

The results to prove it so i’ll offer you the four hundred thousand dollars but i want 25 percent um you should be able to go from a million to 25 million within three to four years easily if not faster and you should be able to cut your cap to next to nothing yep by you know focusing on fitness and travel and all these different things and just using earned

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Media it’d be okay to hear if there’s any any other offers on the table they’re all out i almost won i thought i did i forgot okay um do you want to take a minute to talk what do you want it what do you what do you want to do here would you consider 20 percent foreign all right let’s make it happen wow that’s proper good we’re gonna make a lot of money thank

You so much thank you so much the golden ticket goes to my favorite product i’ve made you a good offer that’s what i’m talking about that is the winner riding all the way to the bank you’ve come to the right place

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