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Meet Nikita, the girl who can gallop and jump like a horse. Part-horse, part-girl and all Little Big Shot.

In television that you should never work with kids or animals but what about a kid who think she is an animal this girl is a rare breed who combined crawling and running since she was 2 years old but their animal puts don’t stop there are horse park full all little big shot please welcome 11 year old dictator is that how you’re comfortable that looks more

Comfortable me so how long have you been running around like a horse and what makes you want to do that i think it’s different i can do something not many people can so i went to do it around the house and then eventually i got really fast at it so how often do you practice a lot every day i run around the house is it doing it all the time do you do it in public

So why why do you want to jump around or gallop around like a horse why not a cat something that just lays around i don’t really like cats you don’t i like big cats and all that so they’re like big cats i mean when i was little like there was this little lady’s old ladies used to come up to me and touch my hair and i used to roar at them they used to break out and

Mom would walk off giggling we’re here i don’t know a dog which i give my dog i can do it baby do you really animal noises i can do os let’s ears listen there is that back what is a zipper sam likes if you look it up yeah actually that’s the noises f of x so so when did you start learning to do animal noises um maybe a gear after i learnt to gallop their mums


Mums here hello mum how is you we were worried when when your daughter started instead of going from crawling to walking that she went from crawling to galloping it was a bit quirky yeah she wanted to be simba from the lion king so it’s meant to a stage but we all had to call her simba and she draw at us and you know she get up on anything and that would be her

Pride rock and she was normal up until the lion king so have you ever thought about competing have you gone on whine to see if there’s a community of people that gallop well there’s this man and he doesn’t he has a record for doing it over and you me this and i want to know so apparently there’s a women’s category and i want to try and get into the record record of

Doing the women’s do you go up to school no i take the car from under i see the time and then sometimes i walk but then here i’m playing with my friends i saw you take somehow the door as well do you think i could do it probably not with them shoes on no oh that’s it because it’ll be too tight do you think it looks too tight already they might think he’s so much –

Coming in the shot i’ll double something gave me because my ons you know prize-winning gallopin and also a sweetheart at heart and through the hood

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Meet The Girl Who Can Gallop Like A Horse | Little Big Shots Australia By Little Big Shots Aus

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