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Mike gets personal to gain the upper hand and he informs Louis that Sheila is engaged with a very attractive guy just before seeing Judge Ramos. However, the photo on Facebook turns out to be photoshopped and because of that, Harvey loses all respect for Louis.

Oh well if it isn’t the boy wonder louis hey lewis me you left without even the courtesy of a house your father what does that mean it means that i’m not here to exchange pleasantries i’m here to get that tro lifted i’m sorry you feel that way i’m also sorry to hear about sheila you’re sorry to hear about she what are you talking about come on you have to have

Heard heard what she’s engaged it’s all over harvard’s facebook page oh my god how could she do this she said she could never be attracted to a handsome man yeah and that picture doesn’t even do him justice but this one however a thong yeah that what the yeah there’s a whole like beach thing i guess long weekend you’re a son of a mike you’re not even sorry

At all you’re using this to get into my head louis come on i can’t believe you you think i would use sheila’s engagement just to get you off your game never gonna work that i would stick it in your face that she’s all up in this guy’s business in a way that you’ve never seen before put her off a duck’s back right now she’s probably scrapbooking the first day of

Their relationship which apparently happened just weeks after you broke her heart you’re the devil next up on the docket sidwell investment group versus sanders international looks like that’s us i’ll see you in there louis i can’t believe it i give you one goddamn job to do and you what are you doing up there barbie please i can explain explain why you stood

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In front of the judge like a what possible explanation sheila got engaged what when this morning lewis i’m sorry i was so sure that she would just come around about having children you know that’s why i’ve been turning down all those j-date requests we’ll get mike another way oh god damn right we’re going to get him i’m going to get that son of a if it’s the

Last thing i do what are you talking about he used the sheila news to get into my head harvey used the news or gave you the news difference doesn’t mean what difference does it make it makes all the difference like on the one hand i feel for you and on the other you’re the world’s biggest idiot look at my computer i’ve been staring at it for three hours it’s real i

Don’t believe it yeah that adonis on that yacht shield’s fiancee that adonis is a photoshop picture of lorenzo llamas from 1998. who the hell is lorenzo llamas well i can tell you who he isn’t he isn’t sheila’s fiancee oh thank god are you even listening it was bad enough that nigel rattled you with your unread cat letters now you’re letting mike do this harvey

Please shut the hell up look i tried to warn you and you stood there with your stupid leg up in the air telling me that the student was no match for the master and all it took was one doctored picture for you to the bed i didn’t mean to shut the hell up you

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