Mobile Home University | Seller Negotiation Tips For Beginners (Part 1)

Mobile Home University | Seller Negotiation Tips For Beginners (Part 1)

What is going on guys we are coming to you recording from new york city that’s right we’re in the middle of manhattan samara what do we have in store for them today so in today’s video we’re gonna share with you our top tips on how to negotiate with sellers and how to overcome the fear with all of that so you don’t want to miss this one and don’t forget to smash

And subscribe the like and the bell button to be notified of the videos we post every week so god we’ve dealt with hundreds of mobile home sellers and we get it you know talking and negotiating with sellers can be difficult and we recognize there’s some fear there especially when you’re starting up yeah we get a lot of our students who once they actually get

Those phone calls coming in they just don’t know what to say and they don’t know how to build that rapport and we were there we were right there with you and these top tips that we’re going to share with you they really helped us overcome that fear and make sure that we can really focus on what’s important which is serving our customers and serving our clients so

Stay tuned god you don’t want to miss this so first things first guys understand that every note gets you closer to a note that’s right i know that sounds crazy but it’s a mirror what do i mean by that so every note gets you closer to i know at kate in oh w and we mean that as far as the knowledge that you’re gonna gain from every single person that you you get

In from them that you try to help it’s gonna get you some knowledge then get you knowledge on your market gonna get you knowledge on the process so don’t be afraid to hear no this is all part of the learning process right here yeah for sure guys yeah i can’t tell you enough going inside of these mobile homes speaking with sellers you’re going to start to understand

And you’re gonna start to understand their issues and their problems it’s okay to hear i know you know we went through somewhere between 50 to 60 notes before we actually closed on our first deal and with all those knows that we got we’re actually able to understand our seller more understand the parks more understand ourselves more what do we need to do each and

Every time what can we take away as a lesson how can i improve and actually help serve that client more exactly so don’t be afraid to no guys understand this is it’s part of the process you’re gonna hear a lot of knows we still hear a lot of knows it’s part of learning to part of growing it’s a part of sales which is what you’re doing so don’t be afraid of it take

The knowledge and run with it so you can be better on the next one and that rolls us into number two which is competence comes from feedback and failure so you’re gonna make mistakes who’s gonna happen it’s all part of building that competence it’s just like a kid learning to walk you’re gonna fall down you’re gonna make mistakes you’re gonna try to learn from it

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But what you do is you take that feedback what am i doing wrong and you take that failure it’s okay to feel and it’s okay to make mistakes and you just get better and you get better and you start crawling okay maybe you’re not moving as much as you want to move but eventually you’re gonna take all that information and start to walk and that’s where the competence

In the confidence comes in right jay and i know when we first got started you were out there making mistakes whereas learning and growing we were doing it together but you were in the field talking to the sellers so can you give them any insight on it for sure i will first be vulnerable and say you know i held on to so much of ella’s creating so much pressure for

Myself because i felt like i didn’t have the confidence and you got to be careful with that because you start saying things to yourself you actually start believing the stories you’re telling yourself so i think it’s really true what you said you know the competence comes from you know the feedback the failure you know all those knows i can’t stress this enough i

Kept learning things about myself you know i would literally go home write these things down i would you know record myself talking to sellers and figure out what are some things i need to tweak you know many of the sellers especially the motivated ones you guys to see this when you start to get out in the field they start to say the same things you know it might

Be something different someone you know was getting evicted or you know someone i got a new job that’s out of the state but you know behind it all they simply have a need and when you start to actually work on yourself versus taking all that pressure and putting it on yourself and you know going around just with all that negativity and thinking that you can’t do

It and thinking that you did something wrong just flip the script flip the script on yourself and start to just craft a better person a better you so we started to do that we started to roleplay we started to actually get on the phone with our mentors figure out what we’re doing wrong and eventually it all started to shift but it only started to shift once we i

Made a shift in my mind and said hey i have to improve on me before i can even change you know the outcome of what i really want is which is to close more deals absolutely absolutely so it’s part of it guys we’re gonna make mistakes every time we’re learning something new embrace the failure embrace the mistakes because that’s gonna actually build the competence

And the confidence and you need to actually close the deal and number three is fear and ego versus love and service so just starting out again being completely transparent with you guys when we started you know i had a lot of fear you had a lot of fear as well and we both had a lot of ego and as you all know fear is nothing more than false evidence appearing real

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So we were scared of not closing the client not being perfect afraid of rejection now a lot of that is all ego until we started to make the shift of what love and service and so one of our mentors actually told us that he’s like treat your clients like they’re your grandma how would you treat your grandma you wouldn’t be all in it for yourself you would want to

Do whatever you can to serve her you would want to make sure that she’s taken care of and so that’s what we took the mindset of we shifted our mindset like no we’re taking care of our clients or taking care of these people what can we do to show that look what can we do to serve you and when you come with that mindset people are so receptive to it they understand

That you have their back and that’s how you build that rapport and trust they feel that too because when you have that fear when you have that ego you’re walking in all stiff because it’s all about you it’s not all about them when you lead with serving when you leave with love treating your client as if there are family members it makes it so much easier taking

All that stress off and you’re simply just having a conversation that’s why on our program we teach five different ways to serve the client and it’s nothing more than us educating the client on how we can serve them we know we want to make them the winner we just want to be a part of it take all that work off of their plate that they don’t want to do educate them

On how we can serve you’re gonna get the deal every single time but when you’re going in there and you’re walking in with fear when you’re walking in with ego they either gonna say this guy or this woman is all it’s all about them they smell that cutthroat they smell that you’re out in it for yourself and so it just changes the whole dynamic shut down that close

Down so when you come to them like jay said with multiple options how can i serve you how can i make your life better how can we both win how can i make you the hero of the story that changes that hero is important because when you’re going in again with fear and ego you’re your own hero we want to make the seller that here well we always want to put a smile on

Their face because guess what when you serve them you’re not only gonna get that deal you’re also gonna get more clients because they’re gonna tell their friends their family members about the work that you did change your mind change your mindset make it about them and last but not least is believe in yourself or no one else will what we mean by that guys you

Really have to believe in what you’re doing you have to believe in the service that you have for your clients if you don’t believe in yourself if you’re not educating yourself and feeling really good about all the opportunities that you have to actually serve the client they’re not going to believe in you because you don’t truly believe in what you’re really doing

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Exactly and that all comes from the service part right when you believe that you’re really there to serve them when you believe that you can really truly help someone and get them out of their problem in their situation and solve that and create solutions it makes the sales part easy it makes a negotiation part easy because it’s just about how can i serve you these

Are the things i can do what can i do to make this easier on you that’s gonna help you believe in yourself because now you’re not trying to just throw lowball offers at people and they can take and take from them you’re really trying to serve and we mention lowball offer i remember a client actually telling me to my face during the time where we only had you know

One maybe two different exit strategies so we had to throw out that lowball offer i literally had a client saying you don’t believe in what you’re doing and honestly at the time i didn’t because we were only having those offers what we can only lowball the remember i would come home feeling like crap that yet frustrated all this anxiety leading into depression

Because i wasn’t educated on how i can serve more people and serve the clients better and you can’t try to use the same thing on every person every person is too different every situation is different so when you have multiple tools to actually help them and you’re actually believing what you’re doing and you believe that hey i know you could try to sell this on

Your own but i can help you i can make this easy on you here’s your problem here’s how i can solve your problem you’re gonna really believe that you’re there to help them and be their guide through this meet the seller where they are leave with that education and love and believe in yourself because nobody believes an on belief you don’t believe in yourself

Nobody’s gonna believe in you but you have to start here so as always guys we really hope that you’ve got some value out of this video if you’re interested in getting your mobile home investing journey started god simply apply at the link below one of our team members will get back with you as soon as possible we’ve got a blueprint and we’ve closed over 300 mobile

Home deals today and we want to give you that blueprint to just accelerate your growth in this field so guys don’t hesitate take massive action and apply it the link below and while you’re there don’t forget to comment below which one of these 4 tips really resonated with you we want to know what your thoughts are and don’t forget to subscribe hit the bell button

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Mobile Home University | Seller Negotiation Tips For Beginners (Part 1) By Trailer Cash Academy