Mr. PNC Menon speaks in an interview on CNBC TV18 on 16 Apr 18

Mr. PNC Menon, Chairman Emeritus, SOBHA Limited, speaks in an interview on Midcap Radar on CNBC TV18 on 16 Apr ’18.

Over there but let’s share chatting with the management of sherpa after recording its strongest ever yearly sales in the indian real estate market show by developers is now all set to make waves in the dubai property market with the handover of the first phase of its ultra-luxury project shobha heartland cnbc tv18 kevin lee caught up with a company’s founder and

Chairman mr. p and seen menon in dubai and began by asked him on the reports that he was looking to venture into other fields other than real estate he has a slice of that conversation alright decide do you know why you go and do something else when you have so much of opportunity with it’s ashame domain and it for example india we can easily be a billion dollar

Company my son is at it and similarly you know we feel that we accorded an opportunity to be a billion dollar company here in dubai only so while you for other things you know there are only six thousand companies in the world which has got a top line of a billion dollars so we’ve been speaking about some of your projects in the bible even speaking about some of

Your competitors in dubai and you look back at india it’s a very crowded market a lot of real estate developers over there will rather help in some sort of consolidation where we’ll only see maybe 10 or 15 people who are actually serious about real estate development stick-on and the rest of spate of it music mrs. wood is she because it’s a large country and it is

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Very difficult for 810 builders or 20 builders to cover the whole country so i filled it in the met works the main metals of india six or eight eight cities of india they could be probably about 25 or 30 developers and the rest of the place they’ll still be there they large start following the rules and regulations which has become the requirement okay let’s now

Speak about the by you’ve been engaged in the dubai real estate market for a long time but your main project will be i mean the first phase will be completed by the middle of this year or you’ve gone from just doing contractual stuff and construction stuff to actually launching a full-fledged product what are your expectations from hearten this is in the heartwood

City we are only three knight kilometers from books which is a central point of the city today and so we are see we are found in the heart of the city and the development land whatever we have is good enough for the next at least five five years now the focus on some of the projects within heartland i know there are various types of constructions where this phase

Is etc is on the luxury and ultron’s everything is that the market that you think you need to target in dubai over the next five or six years or will you also be looking at the affordable segments and slightly at a lesser price range she when i shape affordable segments it is actually the size of the unit we we have one policy that we don’t want to compromise on

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The quality of the product specification does not drive the quality the workmanship drives the quality should we believe that in that segment we have to definitely participate and we should be in it hopefully within the next one or two years okay that is mr. menon sania talking about the company’s plans in dubai and of course i mean the company the business in

India run by sun which based out of bangalore beat us people more often but an opportunity to listen to the founder himself we take a very big break this flashes at the bottom of the screen the government is looking at the seriousness of pradeep kumar appointment as the bank board bureau member last week and it was the hcm the sbi and we’ll get you more details on

This one from our colleague sapna in just a bit but let us very quickly take a break commercial break and be right back with more on the other side

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Mr. PNC Menon speaks in an interview on CNBC TV18 on 16 Apr '18 By SOBHA Limited