MURDA Arichie Exctin Style Kiln Cught Lv On Cmra Zoso Extended Gnmn In St. James

20 October 2022

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Things in life are those things that touch our hearts and last a lifetime in our memories why warm the people open monday you know kate up everybody doing all right the police has identify the businessman who was shot and killing loose and over wednesday afternoon he has been identified as eating otherwise known as archie the police i say that approximately 4 30

P.m on wednesday he was in his supermarket on orange bay plaza in green island when he was shot and robbed by three armed gunmen the chinese national reportedly moved and over recently he operates a business on barnett street in montego bay saint james before taking over the green island supermarket our land to know people just showing the video foreign foreign

Can i tell you something you know he says of today i don’t want that soul come from give them a chance begin that police make sure they’re not looking up can i see them feel you understand so people are market can get good yeah but no no no no no no no no let me decide if you take up gonna rap and kill people and then oh no yes two times give them what give

Them what police do the right thing police officers wait until reporters that occupants left the scene of the accident without accepting assistance from neither firemen nor the ambulance service paper like i tell you the truth that’s why they leave it right there so you understand that my money can’t buy but more care anyway no people watch it now when i

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Ever play politics with nobody but the children me remember when limbo imani yes nobody never appear in your mind no look but this bread i am so far the zones are special operation has been working effectively in the pirate gardens era we have not had any shootings there any murders we do have you know issues but the rose gardens side of the community which is

Not necessarily a large space no it’s a very small area compact area that era of the community that part of the constituency is acting up we have had we have had murders there several murders in recent weeks when we can start doing some effective infrastructural improvement in the constituency removing the zinc fence paving the roads regularizing the electricity

Lights we need lights street lights we need employment and we’re doing pretty good with employment because only today i received a flyer from the ministry of labor where they will be carrying interviews tomorrow at north street in the constituency and i’ve been asking residents young people to go out and get interviews so we’re working on the employment aspect as

Also requires planning it requires the resources to deploy so we understand the the steps that are involved whereas also is concerned but i’m saying that the residents of rose gardens are asking for it because somehow this thing seems to be getting out of one enough it’s actually people we never tell a lie you are one power one madam speaker in accordance with the

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Requirements on the law reform zones of special operations special security and community development measures act 2017 we are seeking to further extend the seventh year is currently declared as zones of special operations it’s also this comprises the committees of mount salem denham town greenish stone august stone norwood commit pirate gods and savlama which are

All expire on october 2022. madam speaker producing crime and violence and creating safer public spaces enhancing human and community development are critical indicates that result of special operations communities are being transformed and residents don’t have hope and level of optimism about the future and the future of their children in monsie level over the

Times a 59 reduction and where we have had significant numbers have been two short visits of spike the police of the intervene quickly and effectively and we say the area has been maintaining level of peace and quiet even though residents are still wary of any ending of the level of security in place then i’m thrown up in a 32 drop significant for the community

But still a challenge unsatisfactory but i indicated we have had some the layers in executing a number of significant program in the area and work continues in evaluating and assessing what has worked what needs to have changed and how we’re going to proceed into the community because success there has failure not a option in these cases really show that their

Subsets in effective transformation and ensuring continuing sustainable peace and public safety and good order in these activities numbers execute a personal underground that’s that’s a raw reality it is would like to move more but each time i have to be advised by the security chiefs and i said look we know it needs to be done but where are the men coming from

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We have an aggressive recruitment and training program i said in the last 12 months well in 2020 one we were able to train 1260 men for the police force which meant which meant on netbeans of about 900. this year the target is to go over 1500 we do not think we have the capital trained much more than that simultaneously what we expect out of that to get a net gain

Of a thousand the air is in terms of what i’ve had higher bonus and we have had a social intervention we thought the security has not worked as well as we would so we intend to install provide a security cover in the long run we have to make some radical changes to not just provide security in how we provide social services to our communities to ensure their genuine

Transformation and their sustainability i can assure that the minister of finance looking at the budget will ensure that we can provide fiscal space to do this on a much wider scale in time but we have to do it in a manner that ensures that there’ll be no future assessment and arts and we start to say we have spent billions of dollars

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