My Best Yeezy Purchase EVER! & Early Yeezys!

Today im unboxing my latest Yeezy pickups along with an early pair that only drops later this month!

I don’t know if you guys have noticed or not but there’s been a ton of yeezys dropping recently so today is all about yeezy sneakers we’re going to be taking a look at some of the pairs that dropped recently as well as an early pair which is going to be dropping i think later this month oh except for the weird dusty pair of knit runners that dropped recently those

Kind of had a little weird shock drop so yeah i don’t have those and mixed in there is a pair i got recently which i think might be steal of the year for me i’m super excited to get into this so let’s just hop into the first one we’re gonna start off nice and light no box for this one because i literally just did a review on this which is up on the channel if you

Want to see probably one of my most anticipated pairs of yeezys for this month of course it is the yeezy mnvn 700 analog i think the main sentiment i’ve heard from people getting this pair of sneakers in hand is that whoa i didn’t expect to like these this much i’m just loving the colorway all over white with the black i think it just goes perfectly on the mnvn

Model um again i just generally think like if you have the opportunity to pick these things up for retail or potentially maybe even under retail i think it’s a solid option this is just a comfortable like slip-on everyday type of sneaker look at that they stay up all by themselves now no more kind of pulling them out of the box and they’re flat and scrunched down

Like you remember the laced versions of the mnvns that did that either way we’re not going to spend too much time on this one because again i did do a full review so if you want to check these things out in detail go and check that video out but let’s keep it moving this is a pair that i did unfortunately have to pay resale on we got a pair of yeezy slides this is

Actually a colorway that i’ve never had and you’ll be pretty surprised because i think it’s like one of the most restocked pairs the pure colorway man i actually really like this one nothing crazy but the one thing that i really wanted to get this pair in for was the fact that i actually sized up on these i wanted to kind of do a little sizing video on just like

Comparing the sizes with all of the different easy slides actually why don’t i just try this on now that is a much better fit if you’re wearing socks i think it’s gonna be a perfect fit sized up i just remember i got the resins and they were like pretty tight and my heel was kind of falling off the back literally colorway to colorway of the easy slide is different

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Wild to say but the more colorways i’m actually getting in hand of the easy slide is actually crazy to see and try it out for myself so yeah i picked up the piers all right this next one is super exciting because i believe it’s like a first for the channel a used pair of sneakers i don’t normally ever buy used sneakers but i saw this one and it was like too good

Of a deal to pass up on so it’s a pair of yeezy 500 and tell that like the box is a bit dinged up and when i saw the images of this sneaker online i was like man they hardly look worn at all and the price tag was super low so i was like let me just see what happens let me buy them and just see what happens i get them in and take a look at this guys because this is

Actually pretty mind-blowing at least to me personally this is the yeezy 500 bone the original pair from 2019 the shoes themselves let me show you guys because this is insane i think this is like steal of the year for me because as you can see if you guys take a look they’re pretty much brand new now in the listing the guy said that he literally just tried them

On walked around the house with them and then discovered like yeah these are too small for me so i’m gonna sell them three years later i don’t know why i didn’t sell them sooner but like as you can see underneath there’s a little bit of wear but like if i washed that that would come right off like these are practically brand new there’s like a few marks around the

Midsole like every kind of scuff or mark on this pair of shoes could be wiped off literally um i just feel like it’s such a crazy deal i paid 150 pounds for this so that is under retail and i’m not entirely sure what these are going for on the aftermarket i can’t even remember whether this bone colorway restocked or not the seller hasn’t been wearing them around

Because as you can see like the little tag plastic thing is still on the shoe so obviously the tag is removed yeah there’s a couple small things that make it i guess not brand new so he couldn’t sell them on like goat or stockx but as far as like a steal this is insane and yes they are 100 real i felt like maybe there’s a lot more steals out there when it comes to

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Like all of the prices of sneakers dropping either way that is one of my most exciting pickups recently just wanted to show you guys let’s keep it moving all right we got a pair here which i’ve been meaning to check out i told you guys i’m gonna get this pair in and of course we did we got another pair of 700s this one doesn’t have any boost on the side so i’m

Sure you guys know exactly what this one is oh man these are pretty dope this is the yeezy 700 fade salt this is actually a little bit nicer than i was expecting like one of the first times ever on a yeezy 700 v3 they’ve actually changed the inner sock piece i know that the copper fades had a little bit of a different color but this is like dramatic change like it

Makes a big difference on the 700 v3 for them to change this color from all over black to a lighter gray you can already get like some of the best colorways for retail like i mean maybe these are a little bit more than just retail but like if you had to choose between these two which one are you taking probably this one and underneath on the sole you can see that

Orange that highlighter orange peeking out from the midsole which looks so crazy i actually wonder what color this one glows because they’ve been changing it up a little bit let me just quickly test that out aim it’s a bright green take a look at that yeah a really nice pair of 700 v3s i’m not entirely sure if these are like reselling or anything like that i can’t

Imagine because i picked these things up like a couple hours after the main release they were hanging about online so if you do like this colorway you should be able to pick these things up for retail potentially even below all right let’s get into the next one god this one is heavy probably the one that i’m like most excited to actually see in hand oh my lord this

Is wild bruh look at that that is crazy wow look at that colorway it is insane look at the bottom that is just straight highlighter orange it’s not my favorite but like just looking at it i think it does kind of go with the quantum is this a kanye colorway or is this an adidas colorway which i think we’re all just guessing now at this point for like almost every

New yeezy release we’re like did kanye approve this one or is this just adidas you can see that crazy orange is kind of bleeding into the upper material you’ve got the new bug on the top which is really really rough this time as opposed to the soft suede that you used to find that is such hard suede it almost feels like rubber whereas the old one used to have that

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Fluffy nice one i don’t know maybe that’s just a difference between the lifestyle version and this one being a basketball version let me know what you think of this one i really wish that they dropped the all over orange pair because even though that one is a wild colorway i think i would actually keep that pair i think i would actually rock that orange pair final

One this is actually a pair of yeezys that’s going to be dropping later this month i think all right guys we’ve got a yeezy 500 an interesting colorway that i wanted to check out for the full time here we go this is the yeezy 500 taupe black i think this one’s called and we haven’t had a 500 high in a minute and yes you still get extra laces and that is just the

Same color i believe that is on here um the ones that you get on the shoe are elasticated as we’re used to seeing now and you get an infinity style so it’s all just kind of yeah locked up over there suede feels super hard this one feels really really nice in terms of the actual materials used this is a solid solid pair i’m pretty sure the original release date on

These things was back in september but they got pushed back and now i think they should be dropping this month but i don’t know i thought it’d be a great pair of shoes for the full time so yeah i’m probably gonna end up doing a review on these things let me know what you think the latest yeezy 500 high looking equipped and ready for the fall season i just noticed

Is this weird like fading on the material this has got to be like quality control or something because that just looks weird like look at those neoprene parts like it looks really faded like it’s almost got paint on it or something maybe that’s why these things are delayed because the quality control is terrible i’m not entirely sure but yeah maybe it’s just this

Pair i don’t know that is pretty much it that’s all the sneakers i caught thank you so much guys for coming through hanging out for yet again another one thank you for liking commenting and of course subscribing i’ll catch you guys in the next one but until then

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My Best Yeezy Purchase EVER! & Early Yeezys! By Elliot Page