My first Cash Unstuffing| Paying off My Credit Card

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Hey loves i’m back with another video so this one’s gonna be a little bit different than my usual content we’re gonna do my first cash unstuffing so basically what i do is i have my credit card i use that on a daily basis and i just pay my credit card back with the envelopes but i keep track what i spend on my on my envelope i mean on my envelopes in my credit

Card right and i write down like what categories it comes out of and all of that so at the end of the month i just count everything up and then i get the end of my the end amount of each category i gotta take out okay so i have it here so here you can see i have to like wait wait wait how can i do this it says credit card right so this is everything that’s

Going to come out of my credit card and then i also need to take out for my debit card as well so i already wrote down how much i would like to take out on the sides and how much it should be at the end so this is all the money that i’ve spent yeah girl has been swipe swipe swiping all right not fun so we’re gonna use my cash tray and i’m just gonna check off

As we go so let’s start off with my personal binder which is my variable expenses let’s put this to the side because can you guys see all right so out of my envelope i need to take out 125. so have a hundred twenty and okay so let’s check that off all right next is shopping and shopping i need to take out sixteen dollars so we’re gonna do ten 15 16. i

Don’t want to count like how much i have left because it’s just going to make me sad oh my god all right uber is oh that’s not toiletries uh i should be taking off four dollars so one two three four and i’m just glad that i have change in my envelopes because what i usually like to do is i’d like to have at least one five dollar bill and five singles that

Way i always have change and i don’t have to be here struggling so we did toiletries um uber we need to take out 17. we didn’t have that let me say 5 10 15 16 17 yes we do wait 10 15 16 17. oh my gosh oh my gosh and i think it’s like i don’t even take uber’s on a daily basis and then it’s like all of a sudden i need to take over all the time at once okay so let

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Me check out uber okay so we’re done with that so now we’re gonna get into my sinking funds and with gifts i had to buy my daddy gift for his birthday and then you know i donated money and whatever else i did so it gives i need to take out 38 so 20 30 5 6 7 8. oh and then christmas lineup i really don’t want to take the money out of christmas because all

Right so basically guys my goal for christmas was 500 but really i only saved 400 in cash and then i had i had gotten a 100 gift card so i just saved that for christmas and then i put it towards that so technically it was 500 but really i should have saved the book that’s a whole long story with my income it would it changed drastically so i could save that extra

Hundred dollars and now i’m here about to be broke as hell so let’s see christmas i need to take out 167 and 50 60 one two three four five six seven oh wow right on the money all right this one i need to know how much i have left so 50 70 90 110 130. oh my god my heart my heart is hurting my heart hurts so next year i think my goal is going to be a thousand

Which i know i will not need a thousand dollars but i’d rather have more than less or right like right exactly how much i rather just be over and also if you’re like me i spend a lot of money on my significance other it’s just always how it goes that’s just how i am like i always spend hundreds of dollars on him so he’s my most expensive person and yeah so him

Alone i need like 500 all right let’s get into my build so let’s see here i need to take out from apple and one two three four so with the apple that is now empty and paid off netflix 29 so five six seven eight nine good and paid off guys you can understand how good it feels to have the money in here like i just love envelopes like this is literally the best

Thing that’s ever happened to me um i think that’s it this i’m going to take out and i’ll explain to you why in a second and then i need to take money out of my 52 week challenge so for those of you that don’t know my 52 week challenge i stopped around like week 43 or 44 and then i think i was around like um i had like nine nine and change and then i just

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Added whatever i needed to add to make a thousand like equally so this money i have been using for any co-pays that i had and then also for my birthday so i was not limiting myself because i was like last year for my birthday i think it’s blueish so you know this year i’m not going to limit myself i’m going to spend whatever i want because i have the money

And then we’ll see whatever i have left so for my 52-bit challenge i need to take out 140 so one twenty forty not twenty forty okay so actually i want to count how much i have left because i just yeah and i’m still missing a hundred dollars from here from what my cousin knows me so we’re just going to add 100 to whatever the ending amount is so we have one

Two three fifty seventy ninety four ten four thirty four fifty four sixty four seventy four eighty four ninety ninety five so 537 so really 637 and i still need to return something and that money is going to be added into here so i still have to figure out what i’m gonna do with this money um all right so this is for my credit card now the money in here is

What i’ve been putting aside for my credit card as well let’s first count how much we have here because this should be 5 20. right so we have one two three fifty seventy ninety four ten four thirty four forty fifty sixty sixty five seventy seventy five eighty eighty five ninety ninety five one two three four five six seven eight nine eleven twelve yay thank

The lord boom all right so this is we got what we needed and then here um i’m just going to put my sticky nose to the side excuse me all right oh my god these bills are like horrendous so all right so let’s count this so we have 20 40 50 so 158 let me write this down and then so this is for my credit card alone so let’s add this up so what did i say

I said 520 plus 158 so 678 we have 670 dollars from my money alone right okay and then i’m gonna put that money in this envelope because i need to take out money again i’m just going to envelope so just to pay off my not pay off but you know add back into my own debit account by checking to pay myself back i’m honestly scared that the freaking atm is not

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Going to take half of those bills because a lot of them are raggedy all right so okay lonnie you gotta take out 29. so 20. five six seven eight nine and i need to know how much i have here 20 30 40 45 43 55 60 65 70 72 74 75 okay that’s terrible so we got that and then out of mine i need to take out 22. and i just want to give a really big shout out to my

Sis simple simple shops uh she um did something so great and amazing she is gonna help me start my etsy because i was telling her like i don’t really know how to start this off and i had needed a printer and she went out of her way to give me a 25 gift card to the store that i needed to get the printer from and so i only had to pay 22 to get my printer and

I cannot tell you how thankful i am for her because she did not have to do that and that was just so nice of her like wow so thank you so much daniela you are so greatly appreciated and i will always appreciate you for that okay so here we should have 51 so 20 40 45. and this needs to go into my debit account so yes and then i’m probably gonna do a bill swap

As well because i don’t like to um like my 50s my bank doesn’t give me 50s or tens so i cherish them let me see let me see what can i do here do you guys think i should do a bell squat or should i just wait i’ll just wait i’ll wait for that another time i don’t have that much money to be swapping out bills over here okay so thank you so much guys for tuning

In just again to show you this is what i did here so we have all the money i just have to see how much i have to use for my buffer but my credit card should be pretty much paid off and i should be good to go if not i need to see where i missed what and then yeah so thank you guys for watching my first on stuffing and hopefully i’ll see you guys soon until next week bye

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My first Cash Unstuffing| Paying off My Credit Card 💳 By Kay’s Shmoneyy