My First YouTube Pay(2021)!How much YouTube Pays in South Africa

In the video, I share my first youtube paycheque. Join me as I look into my analytics to share how much youtube paid me with a 4000 subscriber channel.

What is up family thank you so much for joining me back here on my channel i hope you had a lovely weekend and i really hope you have a good start of the week on today’s video i’m going to share with you how much youtube paid me with 4 000 subscribers it’s a video which i wanted to do for the longest time but i kept on postponing because i had not received my

Activation pinned from youtube but today i woke up and i decided that i’m going to do this video because i’ve been inspired by a lot of content creators sharing this information so whenever i watch this kind of videos it excites me and it just makes me want to continue working on youtube so i hope to inspire someone with this video i hope also to inform someone

Who’s just curious to find out how much youtubers uh in my niche at my level make for their videos and yeah i hope you know to just give information out there to someone who wants to start a youtube channel and also don’t know what to expect you know this video can help you manage you know those expectations about youtube so i’m going to share all the details

With you guys and the most amazing thing happened today as i was preparing to do this video my letter arrived today so i’m so grateful because my google adsense letter arrived today when i had made up my mind that i’m doing this video activated or not activated on google adsense so in order for you to get monetized with google adsense on youtube you need to have

Had 1 000 subscribers and 4 000 watch hours which within the year which you are applying to be monetized i reached the 1 000 subscriber milestone last day in october which was seven months from the time i started on youtube and i only reached the 4 000 watch hours i think two weeks after that so how much content creators make on youtube does differ based on you

Know different things i think one of the most important thing is the niche in which you’re creating that your content in and also the amount of views which you get on youtube or on your video so you do get channels which are smaller in terms of the subscriber base making more revenue to you know channels which have got a bigger subscriber base based on how many

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Views they get based also on the niche which they are in and there are different factors which contribute to how much you can make on youtube like your geographical locations someone in the united states with the same channel niche you know same subscriber base will make more money than me in south africa because of our geographical location so i won’t be going

Into detail with that because that will take a whole video on this video i’m just going to share with you my earnings on youtube so far i’m not very technical about it i’ve seen how other content creators beautifully explain this and all the attempts and so on so if you feel like you are missing some information or you would have loved to know some information

Just ensure to comment on the comment section and let me know what you would have loved to know or what you would like to know i will respond to your comments and if it comes to it i will do another video which will explain in detail but i’ll just be showing you how much i’ve made so far if you haven’t subscribed to my channel ensure to subscribe the subscribe

Button is somewhere here at the bottom read and subscribe just hit that subscribe button and also hit the bell so you get notified every time i drop a video like this one and if you’re new to the platform welcome to the channel my name is queen magomani and i share different methods ideas strategies and ways of making money online so by subscribing to this channel

You will learn that and more so join me on my pc as i take you through my analytics let’s go i’m going to start in october which is when i was monetized here on the channel so in october my total estimated revenue was 45 dollars and 24 cents and in that month i gained 387 subscribers and i had a watch time of 1.2 hours and that was made up of twenty thousand

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Seven hundred and ninety six views and my top performing videos on my top videos for that time was make money online uh top three online surveys these money i pays you instantly so those were my top three earnings so if we look at the revenue in detail for the month you’ll see that my cpm was 12 dollars and 42 cents my rpm was 2.18 and that’s what got me to 45

Dollars and 24 cents so cpm relates to how much they will pay you per thousand playbacks on your videos which i watched so in november i saw an increase in my revenue so my estimated revenue for november was 117.43 i gained 387 subscribers my watch time was below a thousand hours and in terms of views also this month was lower i got 16 550 views my top three

Performing videos for that month was the money at video make money online in south africa video and top three online survey sites my cpm for november was fifteen dollars and eight cents my rpm was way high from two dollars or something to seven point ten dollars and that got me to a hundred and seventeen dollars on that month so in december i didn’t get to post

Much videos so in december i ended up making an estimated revenue of a hundred dollars i gained at 365 subscribers but it was six percent less than october you know and november so i ended up getting 14 496 uh views january my revenue my estimated revenue was 137.59 so compared to december it was up 37 and i got a plus of 558 subscribers so compared to december

It was 53 percent increase my watch time in terms of hours it was 68 increase which was 1.3 000 uh 1 000 watch watch time i mean hours in watch time so compared to december it had gone up and then in terms of my views it had gone out it has gone up 76 percent so i got 25 463 uh views in january so in this month which is february so far i’ve made 118 dollars

And 26 cents so lifetime my estimated view in the past four months is 518.65 so i’m now at 4.4 000 subscribers thank you so so much guys for getting me to this point at this time i really really appreciate all of you subscribing and you’re watching you’re liking it means so much to me so my total watch time in terms of hours is eight point nine thousand and so

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Far on the channel i’ve gained 175 418 views so that’s where i am in terms of revenue with 4 000 subscribers what i’ve learned so far about youtube is that it’s a very challenging journey but it’s also an exciting journey you have your good days you have your bad days in terms of you know your mood and your excitement about youtube it’s just like a lot of jobs

Which we do and also you do have your highs and your lows in terms of your growth on youtube so it’s important that you start with realistic expectations and if you want to learn how to start youtube right in 2021 make sure to check out this video which i did in this year and i wish i had known the information which i’ve shared on that video before i started on

Youtube so you guys know that i talk about how to make money online and the big question could be can you really make money online with youtube my answer is definitely yes it may take some time for you to grow and different channels grow differently you know at different times at different paces at different races so you just need to make sure that you focus on

Offering value continually you focus on being consistent and you focus on your goals so set goals set realistic goals and you know always review your goals always make sure that you are working towards your goals on youtube but you can definitely earn money on youtube and it also helped that you guys do subscribe to the channel so if you haven’t subscribed to

This channel and share to subscribe to the channel it also helps it to grow thank you so much for subscribing and thank you so much to all of you guys who are already subscribers here on the channel i will see you on the next video until then you have a great time

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My First YouTube Pay(2021)!How much YouTube Pays in South Africa By Queen Magomani