MY FIRST YOUTUBE PAYMENT !! How Much Kenyan Shillings + How To Get Paid.

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Guys hey guys hey guys i hope you’re doing great welcome to my channel and today i’m going to teach you something about our youtube payment if you are new here please subscribe before we continue boom so first of all i’m so happy guys i’m so happy thank you all for making me attain uh the subscribers that i have now at least i have joined the youtube payment

Program and i’m very delighted to be among the few kenyans who are being paid this is what i received from google and this actually pinned to your access adsense account this is a pin to your adsense account i can’t show you my pin it’s secret personal that’s why it’s called p-i-n when i received that i had attained 4k hours 4k watch time i was on youtube and 1

000 youtube subscribers actually this letter was sent to my postal address and i received it and i got the pin it was good to go for the payment program and boom just waiting for the money the adsense payment cycle goes monthly so by the end of the month like uh 21st to 26th you’ll be receiving an email from adsense for payment if you have attained the payment

Threshold 100 you will see the threat the threshold moving in percentage 20 30 40 until it attains 100 percent then you are good to go you receive an email like i did now when i received my email i had to pay to to choose the payment option actually in kenya i think we have three we have the western union and uh the bank account option and also which is the last

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One the last one is the czech yeah so mine i chose western union for the first time when i was when i received the email from the adsense payment and i boom i just went to the bank with my id and the email i had some cash so if you want to choose the uh the options they are easy by the way but uh last year i received an email from from google saying that uh

Western union i think there are some countries which are not going to continue with the payment through western union i don’t know if kenya is among them i’m yet to confirm so guys uh if uh if you want uh to start being uh to join the absence payment program first of all you must attain the 4k watchdown powers 1000 subscribers then youtube will send you an

Email a google adsense image telling you that your account has received something then you choose an option and then boom you’re good to go so thank you guys for tuning in and remember to subscribe if you are new here and uh tune in for the next videos funny clips vlogs and everything entertainment at all see you bye

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