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Hi Home Bosses,

I’m getting a lot of questions with people asking how many books do you need to make a good income on amazon kdp well i wanted to show you how much i made in quarter four with just one book and i’ll also show you how much i made this month so far with just that one book take a look at the video hello home bosses my name is nuria kobi from welcome

To my channel which is all about helping you to make money online and if that sounds interesting to you please consider subscribing so that you receive more videos like this so as you know if you’ve been on my channel before the main part of my income comes from doing low content books on amazon kdp i also talk more now about other things like blogging having

A store on etsy print on demand anything that can make you money from home but my main focus is still on amazon kdp because that is where my main income is coming from and i also feel that is the part of the business that i can scale easier than some of the other parts and recently i’ve noticed a lot of people thinking that the more books you have on amazon

Kdp the more money you can make or some people just think that of course the more books you have online the more chances of selling one or two but i wanted to show you that really the quantity has nothing to do with it you don’t have to have a lot of books saying that you can’t just have one book and expect to earn a lot of money unless you’re very lucky and

That one book is so good that people just want to buy it and or you have created a lot of adverts and promotions and a lot of people have seen that and bought your book but that is unlikely i think the best way to do it is to make a few books you can’t just make one two three four five books and expect them to sell you do have to make a little bit more than that

Because the first books that you make will not be the best quality and that is because when you first start making books you’re still learning and you can improve your books over time and the more books you make the better they will become but at the same time i don’t agree with people who make hundreds and hundreds of notebooks and they try and upload as many

Books as they can every day and what happens is that they really don’t make any books that are different from what is already out on amazon i see too many people copying the same thing over and over again and that’s not going to make you a good income you may be able to sell one or two books maybe one or two or three a month but you’re never going to have a

Full-time income with that kind of strategy you may make a little bit of money on the side but it’s not going to create an income that you can live off so if your aim is to build a business and to make enough money so that you don’t have to do any other work then that is not the best strategy the best strategy for that is to make different kinds of books so that

You can then analyze your books and find the ones that are selling well for you create more of those or improve those ones and then you can scale your business that way and to be honest i don’t think that notebooks are very scalable the only thing that you can do with notebooks is to make more of them and to me that is not really the way that you can build this

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Business into something that creates a big income if you are happy with making a little bit of money on the side then that is absolutely fine and you can do that with notebooks and with quantity but it’s not the best strategy for me the best strategy is to make less books but make more variety of books make more log books make more planners make more gratitude

Journals make the kind of books that people want to read make children’s books you know there are low content children’s books that you can make and you can also go that little bit further and make higher content books it’s not too difficult once you have managed to make low content books it’s a lot easier to then move on to higher content books so i wanted to

Show you what i have made with one of my books and i will say that most of my income comes from that one book there’s actually four books that are very similar to this one and they’re all making good money but this one book has really taken the lead and my my main income comes from that book and this is why i also feel that we need to have more than one income

Streams because if anything were to happen to that book or to amazon or maybe i don’t know something happens and that book stops selling then that would mean that my income is significantly lower and that is something that we want to avoid by creating more than one income stream so let me show you what i made in quarter four so for those of you who are new to

This quarter four is the last quarter of the year so the years divided in four quarters we are now in quarter one because it’s january the first month of the year so quarter one is january february march quarter four was october november december and quarter four is the part of the year where you make the most sales and that is because there are so many holidays

In quarter four where people are buying so this first of all christmas is the biggest one there’s also black friday there is also cyber monday there’s thanksgiving halloween so there are a lot of things happening in quarter four that can boost your sales so i wanted to show you what i earned for one book this one particular book that is my my personal best seller

In quarter four and here is the the result it’s 7 125 that i made in quarter four so that is just in three months with one book so it shows you how much you can make with just one book and you don’t need hundreds and hundreds of books or thousands of books some people have thousands of books you don’t need that many in total i have about i think it’s 500 and

Something books so it’s just over 500 books that i have live and that is all i need to make this income and in fact i i only need this one book to make that income but to tell you a little bit of the history of this book when i made this book last year and i put it on it didn’t sell at first i didn’t get any sales at the beginning and i didn’t really think that

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This book was going to to take off i forgot about it and i just made more books and then one day it started selling i have no idea why it just started selling out of the blue so it just shows you that any of your books can suddenly start selling and i had a few sales and i thought oh this is good and i didn’t have any reviews on this book and i thought i should

Be getting a review soon because quite a few people have bought a copy now and then i got my first review and i got a shock because it was a one star review and it basically said that the quality was bad the printing was bad and it was something that had nothing to do with my book but it was to do with amazon with how they printed the book and and the quality

That they they sent out a book that wasn’t very good quality to the customer but obviously there’s nothing you can do about a review like that because amazon won’t remove any reviews and i was so upset because i thought this is a book that has started to sell for me i’m doing okay and don’t forget this was at a time when i wasn’t making many sales i didn’t earn

A lot of money when i started kdp it was a very gradual process and i was struggling i was struggling with with sales and then this happened and i thought this is it that’s my kdp career finished and i won’t be able to to sell any more books my other books were not selling that well and this was the one book that was selling for me and now i had a bad review so

What happened next is that this book did stop selling for a little while but after a few weeks it started selling again even though it had a bad review and it just started selling more and more and more and then good reviews were coming i now have over a hundred reviews on this book and most of them are five stars there’s only like two or three one and two star

Reviews and they are all to do with the print quality so the people that are happy that have received a good quality book they love it and sometimes there has been a problem with the printer or the cover has been damaged and those are the ones that are giving me the low review so i know there’s nothing wrong with the book it’s just amazon hasn’t controlled the

Quality before shipping so that is just part of this business there’s nothing you can do about it sometimes this will happen and it doesn’t matter because a review is a review and even if you’re getting a bad review someone told me that even bad reviews can help sell you a book because amazon puts any books higher at the top even if the review is bad than a book

Without a review so i’m not too worried about it now when i get a bad review as long as the review is about the quality if the review was about the actual book and the the content of the book then of course i would take notice and i would change that but if there’s nothing that you can do about it just don’t worry and continue promoting your book if if that’s

What you’re doing and don’t worry too much because a bad review is not necessarily going to stop your book from selling so this is the story about my little book that is making me the most income i also want to quickly show you how much i’ve earned from this book in uh just this month in january 2021 let’s have a look at that so so far in january i have made 936

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Dollars today’s the 26th of january at the time of making this video so the month is not quite finished yet maybe i hit a thousand dollars with this one book this month so and also i’ve got my other books selling as well so it’s a really good income to have from just one book and the reason i’m making this video is not to tell you how well i’m doing is to tell

You that you can make money with just one book and even if that book has had a bad review don’t worry i just want to encourage you so that you feel that all the little things that sometimes happen that go against you they’re not always the end of the story they’re not always the end of your business you can overcome those things like the first thing i had to

Overcome is when my book wasn’t selling when i first produced this book i wasn’t selling any copies and then suddenly it started selling so sometimes you just have to wait a little bit and the sales will come and then when i had the bad review obviously that was very scary for me because i thought oh no you know my book is going to stop selling it did at first

But then it picked up again and now it’s doing better than ever so don’t be too disheartened by any negative things that can happen things like that happen life is not always straightforward you will have some problems sometimes but if this is the kind of thing that you have to put up with then that’s absolutely fine i don’t mind those little things as long as

The overall result is good and to me this is still one of the best businesses that i have um entered into kdp for me is still one of the easiest ways and when i say easy i don’t mean that it’s easy in the sense that you don’t have to do any work of course it is hard work because you have to to make the books and you have to do a lot of research but compared to

Other businesses i think the results are achieved quicker and i think that you can have a better chance of succeeding and getting a really good income so let me know what you think let me know if you had one book that has really done well for you and don’t forget to join our facebook group i say that all the time because if you have any questions it’s better

To ask them in the facebook group because sometimes i don’t see the questions on youtube because i’m getting quite a lot of messages now and sometimes youtube doesn’t show me all the messages so i i would encourage you to join the home boss group on facebook where we can all help each other and answer all your questions so thank you again very much for watching

And i’ll see you again in my next video bye-bye

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