My latest long term loan bike! What could it be?!

Hey Everyone!

Guys i’ve been lent i’ve been entrusted with a bike for six months a long-term loner now if you want to find out what it is stick around and stay tuned well guys without further ado let’s have a look what this long-term loner looks like probably not a shock to some of you let’s go baby one two five life love it oh guys guys guys it’s light being back on

A familiar friend the sinis akuma one two five now i can actually express how excited i am to have this bike for six months and yeah a one two five you know they’re not the sexy big powerful liter sports bikes and they actually often get letter views on my channel but to be quite honest that doesn’t bother me i’m old enough and stupid enough to post what i want

To post do what i want to do of course your feedback is super important to me but i love ripping around on little one two fives so if i like it i’m gonna post more of it yeah so six months of the sydney sakuma 125. what am i gonna do with it well i actually have a fair few plans oh what a cracking day lovely day in october weather’s great bit chilly bit chilly we

Can handle that though i’m definitely gonna have to get used to the chilliness if i’m gonna be riding this bad boy throughout winter and that actually leads me on to something which in my eyes is quite important now some of you may or may not be aware but sinus is a uk brand the brand sinus is based in the uk however i’m sure a lot of you guys know that the parts

Honestinnis will be chinese and i’m intending to really utilize my time well with this lone bike chinese bikes get a super bad rap when it comes to the quality of them now you hear a lot of things you get a lot of comments or the build quality is terrible on chinese bikes it falls to bits yeah you might save money initially when you buy the bike but you’ll have

To spend a lot of money getting the problems corrected but that arise from chinese bikes there is a massive stigma around them well i’m going to put it to the test this partnership with sinus extends over six months which means i should have this bike through the gnarliest coldest depths of the uk winter and oh boy do i intend to ride it so my plan is to run the

Sinusakuma over winter and then at the end of the loan do a real in-depth look at the bike it’s parts and how the bike fared in general now i have a theory and my theory might be wrong but i feel like there’s a lot of people out there are a lot of chinese bikes that are owned by you know fresh off the conveyor belt riders who are learning to ride the parents

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Have gone right let’s get them on the road we don’t want to spend too much money let’s get this chinese bike and i feel like consequently because the bikes are comparatively cheaper than say the japanese german austrian counterparts that a lot of them kind of bought his throwaway bikes and by that i mean like ah it’s cheap so you know or ride in the winter ride

Through the salt and the crap on the road and then we’ll just throw it in the garage and forget about it until we next need it and then complaints happen when bikes start to fall apart so i’m gonna treat this bike like i’m actually you know really proud and i i really care about my money and don’t want to just you know i want to take pride in having nice things

I’ve just got a nice thinnest to rip around on for six months why would i not take care of it so basically what i’m getting at because i’m rambling as i do is i am putting the sinister schumer one two five to the test to see if it can stand up through a harsh british winter so i’m currently in the process of fried into a nice destination and i haven’t cleaned this

Bike i’ve literally just jumped on it i’m gonna do a quality report we’re gonna have an in-depth look at the bike see what the quality is starting off and then we’re going to do a summarizing video at the end of the six months just to cross-reference it and compare it to the footage that i’ve taken today and we’ll see if it stood the test of time so that guys is

One of my main plans with the sinusakuma i do have a few other plans i’d like to do quite a big trip on one i’d like to do a nice solo camp on one it might be a bit difficult because there’s not much carrying space so yeah maybe a wild camp somewhere i think that’d be pretty cool maybe in the depths of winter for a little bit of added spice foreign do some cool

Adventures on it so i’m thinking about potentially speaking with my channel sponsor data tool seeing if they can put a tracker on the sinisakuma and then i can accurately track my trip to maybe scotland or wherever i end up the reason being is i won’t be taking motorways so i can imagine that the tracking of the vehicle on the map will very much look like this

Instead of straight up a motorway and it will be quite nice to remember and document kind of the twisty roads that i actually take so hopefully data tool will be on board for that which i’m sure they will be because they’re very helpful but yeah i think that might be good and also it gives me a little bit of peace of mind because you know traveling on away from

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Home on my own maybe probably so it’s just a bit of peace of mind to have a tracker a data tool stealth s5 on there and then if any scallywags get it and i’ve got a hopefully a 96 chance of getting it back and i’m chasing it and bike share who have insured me on this bike will be very happy about that i just love it when a plan comes together so whilst i’m on

The topic of day to all you guys know that i run an affiliate code so if you are interested in a data 2 or stealth s5 tracker on google if you type in data tool space username k it will bring you to a landing page which is also in my video description if you click on that and you type the code username k in all capital letters you will save 50 pounds on the unit

Now it is only available to people in the uk i’m afraid so if you’re watching my channel for a further afield sorry guys that can’t help you there right i need to stop harping on find a place to pull up and assess the current state of this in this akuma okay here she is i haven’t even cleaned her anything i’ve literally just got a straight out of the garage and

We’re gonna have a look so what have we got here so we’ve got the from condition the bolts and stuff at the moment it’s looking pretty good pretty good no dramas there headlight looks fine so if we pan down here all right let’s have a look at the the bolts so the bolts so far don’t look too bad like these aren’t furry or anything which is good same with the

Calipers they’re not looking too bad now i am gonna go home and acf 50 this bike when the time comes and wd-48 and all that jazz just to basically try and keep it in optimum condition quality wise so again we’ve got ah why would i touch that it’s literally i’ve just been riding it what again um here we’ve got like mud but it is mud it isn’t rust which is great

The exhaust looks typically like an exhaust they do catch all the crud at the bottom as if i just touched that engine what an absolute amateur if we have a look in here again the bolts aren’t furry the metal’s looking pretty good if we have a look here we’ve got some foot scuffage and we’ve got a bit of exposed uh sort of it’s gone through there so keep an eye

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On that make sure we don’t thank you don’t mind me bud yeah so a bit of scottish there but i’ll keep an eye on that let’s have a look here again on the exhaust you’ve got some boot marks but for a press bike that is to be expected and then we’ve got the exhaust here if we have a look at these everything is looking not too bad we’ve got a bit of a bit of rustage

There so keep an eye on that see what i can do with it so again this is all looking pretty grand so if we just come back to the engine up here it’s all looking pretty clean the frame non-structural things looking good same with things like these little bolts here pan around that’s so cool what a legend okay so if you have a look on this side this is a little

Bit furry can’t lie so we’ll definitely keep an eye on that these are okay that’s okay the shark again not in bad nick it’s not shocking if we look here again we’ve got scruffage from boots and stuff like that so i’ll keep an eye on that they still got some protective plastic covering on these are all good engine on this side it’s dirty but it’s not problematic

The bolts don’t look in bad nick it’s hawking pretty good there we have a look at the forks we’ve got no pitting at the moment nothing like that wheels are in good nick obviously it needs to clean but i don’t think it’s doing too bad saying as i’ve just wrapped the camera out not trying to hide anything tank the tank needs a good clean uh there is a scratch there

On the tank so i thought that’s down to human error and not weather conditions everything looks all right here bolts are good again balls are good have a look at the bar ends they’re not furry and the levers let’s have a look it all looks pretty good to me right guys i hope that condition report was in depth enough for you we’ll do a quality inspection before

The bike goes back and we’ll see how the bike has stood up to the test of winter so guys hopefully you’ve enjoyed this hopefully you’re interested to see how the bike performs if you have any suggestions about what you want to see me doing with this bike whilst i have it for the six months please let me know in the comments below i’m always interested to hear your

Thoughts if you haven’t hit the subscribe button make sure you do that and until next time take care and ride safe bye thank you

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