If you haven’t already go and check out me in my fiance’s a gaming channel the link will be in the description hey guys this venezia and welcome to another a sims a mobile video is so for this one it’s kind of well it’s a little bit of an update i guess um and for the most part like a lot of things are the same though so the event is now over and then of course

We have our little toddler actually i’m like super excited for him to be a child already we’re gonna start another event and then oh this is pretty loud well it is for me and i want so as you guys can see i have some money saved up now i’m excited about it let’s actually i think she was working woo this week’s a sticker contest themes are in alright so let’s go

Ahead and ever complete this so now we’re gonna have even more money i’ve been trying to save up a little bit um and as you guys can see i’ve used a lot of my sin cash i think i’m gonna have some more tomorrow so then i’ll probably do another video soon and do like a bunch of stuff so alyssa has been promoted in the fashion career yeah okay so we oh master your

Craft i’ve got a cold we have to do some promotions we should actually are not promotions what am i saying some daily tasks will always say promotion oh my god okay so we can well we have to socialize i always forget to have my sons do that like i’m guys i have a problem um let’s go ahead and start an event here sure let’s go and wait how much money do we have now

Okay almost 5000 that is awesome awesome i’m gonna have her go ahead and you know see i just what can you just like change into her every day please i feel like she’s been okay take a shower i feel like she’s been in her work clothes for so long so let’s go ahead and do some cute toddler interactions so we can hug i love the toddlers you guys seriously they’re so

Cute another thing is i want to give tiana a bedroom again so in the sense of all baalak you don’t necessarily have to you because it’s more about you know like most about mobile games like completing tasks and stuff like that so it’s like a different take on sims obviously so you know we don’t need you but i like it because it doesn’t really it like make sense

To not have a bedroom for her so i think we will do that she’s finished with that darwin go and we’re more than halfway to level 17 at wishes is super exciting so pretty much like we have unlocked everything we can unlock which is crazy so let’s see i she’s an adult so like we still have time but like i don’t know guys i don’t want it i don’t want to retire any

Of them if i’m honest you know what i want to do i want to unlock another playable sim so when i get some reston’s cash i’ll do that and so maybe like the next episode of since i’m about i will definitely do that i think that’d be really fine own let’s read favorite book oh my god oh that’s so cute okay so oh there we go awesome um we got 10 upbringing that’s

Good let’s see so any updates on them basically he has a 74% of level seven of his career he oh yeah he’s working on guitar so six string a fling he has a 34% of level 3 um you need to socialize with this chick but and then for alyssa pretty much she has 61 percent of level six of the fashion crew now and then she has level 4 of her cooking hobby and she has 40%

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Of that um yeah and then her friendship she has the most relationships like definitely and then alyssa i mean not alyssa wait a civil is a key ona has level 7 74 percent complete of the restaurant career or whatever um oh yeah she needs a hobby you guys oh yeah we really need to do that she like doesn’t have one what a flop okay we need to do that i don’t know

What oh oh god okay we’re gonna head into build and buy i don’t think i don’t know what we can get to be honest so we’ve got some like guitar stagg but then writing see these are still not unlocked and then these are not unlocked either i would love to get this here the original kalakar typewriter unlocks in tales from the script hobby store you see wait you guys

How do we like properly start that i don’t even know do you guys know if you do see it requires writing a hobby level four huh hold on can we do something with this oh okay i didn’t even think to do that like i’m so dumb i don’t know like i just thought in my head it’s just a desk okay everyone says i’m a great storyteller so i thought i’d finally learned to

Write there’s a lot of different writing styles i’d love to try yay so now yeah we don’t even need a computer she’s just gonna write oh that’s super cool oh my god wait why do i not know this the desk actually had purpose oh oh my god let’s get a picture i did not know that was a thing okay i didn’t okay dream of a plot twist okay so i wasn’t expecting exciting

Things happen in this one but that’s exciting to me i’m excited let’s go ahead and do some more socializing stuff let’s okay let’s do that oh oh my god everything’s happening in this part oh i’m ready to retire alyssa we’ll leave you aah oh my god leave you an heirloom oh heirlooms unlocked traits careers and hobbies oh no no not yet oh we’re tiring your sam i

Will grant you a powerful heirloom that will unlock something new and exciting go for it wait so i no longer have control of the sim but they’ll still be around town we just had a kid oh no no not yet again oh my god at white so hold on it said okay so here we can just retire okay so we can do that at any time i’m not ready yet you guys maybe when we add another

Sim here then i’ll be like okay but dude she’s my favorite like i’ve spent the most time with her well casey i know people mean that’s like so sad what is life well is it go ahead and develop a new plot dance together i was not expecting that to come up i’m seriously sad i’m sad about this um and then let’s go ahead and do that and then chat about family so

Hopefully we will finish of both of these give inspiring a speech um let’s go ahead and get idea okay there we go awesome okay no thanks i really enjoy getting to know you want to hang out again soon okay so what kind of friends should they be um let’s do this one i think i’ve only done this like one other time or something okay there we go so i almost didn’t

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Recognize you when i saw you on the street earlier it’s been so long no worries i didn’t recognize you either yeah it’s been forever i’ve just been really busy you know i hear you but i got some time now if you want to hang out okay whoa what got some books okay so we’ve completed this one awesome and we have to complete six events we’ve done a four of six and

Then complete a special even wait special event oh like okay i got it um a new look for a new day let’s do that because that’s like the easiest one we may just like sometimes i just like change her and then put her back in what she was wearing to be honest i would love to give her some new shoes but i don’t want to spend too much i want like some heels for these

Are also really cute i don’t know what with them with the dress though there is these ones okay we could go with those i like them okay we’ll go with those there we go perfect we cut along with the white well whatever there we go all right so we completed that one that’s like the easiest one but at the same time it could be hard if you don’t have money for your

Sins at the time okay so we can also improve our home so i think we’re gonna do that i i’m starting to like our sims living room maybe we can add something to the side table or something like that i don’t know so i’ve completed these three here i want to start completing more oh yeah and then i want another bedroom can she can they build another bedroom yet i

Don’t even know let’s see i think i can okay so where would i want it um i don’t even know to be honest i would probably like um i would probably stick it here oh see we can’t because of yosh room i don’t really know then i don’t know where i’d want it we’re starting to get like no room on her a lot you know what we could do is actually stick it here and then we

Could i bring this hallway out so that would work because it’s like a decently sized room pretty normal size bedroom um we need to get rid of this window then okay so there we go i need to add another door and stuff like that also we need some new wallpaper okay so let’s go ahead and go into interior wall is where i got it i don’t even know to be honest all right

So i found the wallpaper that i use on the outside this is new i don’t know you guys haven’t seen this yet have you i don’t know and then well this looks so weird like i’m not a fan of this but like we’re just gonna leave it for now it’s fine and then we need some interior walls and we’re just gonna got some i don’t know i don’t know we’re gonna go we got a blue

Room yellow room greenish kind of room this we’ve got a bunch of different color rooms so i mean i like that these ones are like a super cheap so we may get like a super light one like that or this one’s like the living room kind of or we could do this pretty purple color i actually really like that you know what we’re gonna get it so there we go and then for the

Flooring let’s see so we’re gonna well i mean i’ve been putting like the same void everywhere so we’re probably it’s just gonna do that yeah it matches and then we’ll go ahead and grab another door we’ll just get the same kind of door um and then got it in the white one so there we go apart baked all right and then she needs her bed so let’s go ahead and grab that

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Bedroom um we actually can’t afford this bed here oh we’d only have about an inventory yeah i think we do okay perfect we’ll use it for now we’ll go ahead and get her maybe actually this one why not okay you guys so there we go i’m gonna leave her room like this for now we can get a dresser i mean yeah we can because we do have the money thankfully and then we

Could also get a mirror and then we can go ahead and do some other stuff i don’t know what else we can do right now but i’m yeah see okay that’s all we’re gonna get for now is this not up against the wall and nope it’s not there we go so that’s gonna be the bedroom before now so i think we’re good i kind of like that i’m liking how this house is coming along i

Mean it looks so different than anything i’d build in this times four but for a mobile game i’m cool with this i want to get some more pictures on the wall and stuff like that but for now i think that is good so i think what i’m gonna do now is actually send them all to work um and yeah so she’s gonna go ahead and start a long shift i like doing the long shifts

Now just because like it’s just the most worth it i don’t know but he’s doing nothing so he’s gonna go ahead and go to work and get some stuff done and then we can get back up to 4,000 small ian’s i will i have this goal to like get to 5,000 eventually i don’t know if that’s gonna happen but we’ll see um oh my god she’s also ready no my sins are ready to retire

You guys this is crazy i’m still gonna say not right now for her to you to be honest i’ll probably retire her first only because alyssa was my first salmon i do not want to say goodbye to her oh my god i really don’t but we’re not gonna retire any of them yet because this that day but we will soon so once i get more sims cash we’ll go ahead and make another sim

And then probably shortly after that we’ll retire keanu which is sad by just i can’t say goodbye to alyssia i think it’s because like she had a toddler and everything like you know keanu didn’t have a baby and like oh oh my god so sad day so yeah i hope you guys well i didn’t even say i’m gonna end this part here in the next one we will do some more stuff will

Make another sim most likely and probably retire a sim sad day so yeah you guys i’m super excited for our little toddler to be a child to you so i hope you guys enjoyed this and i hope you guys are all being an amazing amazing day and don’t forget to leave some positivity it down below i love you guys all so so much and i will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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