Nadine dorries should be silent and Boris needs to retire

It’s time for adults to sort out the mess and people of all political persuasion to help build up our country again

The last election in 2019 i was in a television studio with rylan and piers corbin that’s jeremy corbyn’s brother rory stewart who’s charming and boris johnson’s father who’s also charming instantly and his sister who’s not not remotely and uh i i think i even knew her briefly in oxford she wasn’t charming then either and it it beggars belief that nadine doris

Is still acting as boris’s warm-up man we thought we thought boris had been put out to graze we thought that he was locked up somewhere but no he’s preparing his comeback swinging all over the place boris is back the johnson is out and ready to do business ready to charge for the number 10 and to get back into the seat of power well that very small group not

Very small group of members of the conservative party it’s a very small group it’s not democratic it’s people who paid their 25 pound fee wherever they may be they may be already to vote boris back into power but the parliamentary conservative party they are democratically elected voted him out very very um firmly they voted him out of office and that’s what

Ushered in all this chaos and more than that he’s still under suspicion of having lied intentionally to parliament i don’t see that he can remotely make a comeback or indeed morally that he should but it hasn’t stopped nadine doris from commanding the airways from grabbing a little bit more time from the bbc that presumes she she like um her erstwire successor are

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Determined to close down nadine doris james duchridge michael fabric and he of the hair judd duthridge uh hoping you enjoyed your holiday time to come back time to come back few issues that need addressing paul bristow brendan clark smith they’re just the ones to come out publicly there are plenty of others plenty of others who think that because boris is popular

With the membership of the party he should be brought back in to save the day but boris is soiled goods boris is not the solution and theresa may from her position of of authority says that it’s time for the party to compromise and find an immediate solution yeah she’s right actually she’s absolutely right you know wood that she had given herself that advice but

It is time it is time to sort things out and i think the leadership of the conservative party should be having a quiet word with nadine torres and with the twits that surround her it’s time to silence this nonsense and to get the grown-ups into power to sort out the mess that was created by twits and by people who are too vocal too vocal and they don’t have you

Know there seems to be no pause between the point at which an idea hits them and when it comes out of their mouth that there’s no period for them to digest that idea and consider whether or not it’s a responsible idea or whether it’s some sort of impulse there’s been too much too much politicking on impulsive ideology and idiocy the word idiot instead is a very

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Good word in its original greek it simply means individual idiocy it’s time to come together as a community we need less idiots and more cohesion and not only as a community of conservatives community of those with political responsibility that goes across the political divides it’s time to bury the hatchet and just repair repair the excessive damage to our

Country that has been done by twits by idiots by people who are not acting in the interest of the community by people who have tried to stand out stand up and stand alone and who expect everyone to be grateful to them who cannot take proper responsibility even today in her resignation his trust was was trying her hardest to sound as if it’s us it’s we who have

Not understood her we are at fault we are at fault no she has fouled up from the day she took office and indeed it was predictable

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Nadine dorries should be silent and Boris needs to retire By professor tim wilson