Nature – our trusted ally in climate change fight

This film explains the two solutions IUCN sees to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change – reduction of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), as well as ecosystems based adaptation.

It has very real implications on the grounds and in people’s lives we need to invest money on medical system we need the full and effective observation of indigenous people what we need to do is find solutions at work climate change we are not powerless against it and in our fight to deal with it we have found a new ally in nature itself there’s no time left to

Lose therefore what we need to do is find solutions at work and i ucm believes that there’s two solutions that nature has which are extremely important and need to be used to their maximum ability one is red plus and the other is ecosystem dearest adaptation reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation or red is a global mechanism in discussion that

Would give financial compensation to developing countries willing and able to reduce deforestation at the 2008 iucn congress in barcelona over 250 stakeholders from government ministries to community groups agreed on exactly what rule forests can play in the fight to stop climate change an agreement that led to a more comprehensive more effective form of red red

Is being presented as a mechanism to mitigate climate change but red plus includes conservation of forest a forest singable management and the enhancement of carbon stocks which means basically restoring forest there are concerns however particularly among indigenous people that read could lead to land grabs because of the new value put on standing trees we also

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Think that the full effective participation of indigenous peoples it’s a very much needed a tc stage without their presence without their input in this process of the unfccc we’re not going to have an outcome to make an effective implementation of red provided their rights are recognized indigenous peoples with close ties to the forest stand to benefit from red

Because it will help protect their livelihoods red will also help protect ecosystems from degradation but to accomplish both of these objectives red must be properly set up it is also important for the developed countries that there is a recognition that red needs time for its implementation there’s a proposal for implementing read in anaphase approach so we need

Clarification on how those phases will evolve over time how much time countries need in order to get ready for red so we need to see that happening for copenhagen beyond mitigation what also needs to happen at the united nations conference on climate change in copenhagen this december is for all to bear in mind that ecosystems can also help adapt to the changes

That have already occurred i see and very much hopes on adaptation in copenhagen we see a broad framework agreed which includes provisions suitable provisions for for adaptation for the most vulnerable communities and people and they include recognition that the role that ecosystems can play in helping people to adapt to climate change at the upcoming conference

On climate change in copenhagen it will be crucial for the world to react to one of the biggest threats of our time there’s a few key elements that must not be forgotten in copenhagen the first one is that the poor and most vulnerable will need assistance in being able to adapt to the impacts of climate change but already underway and that they already facing


There’s a need to industrialized countries to reduce their emissions and set targets for that and there needs to be financing technology in place so the developing countries can both adapt and mitigate to the impacts of climate change nature offers solutions to the climate change crisis they are realistic and they are at hand especially for the most vulnerable in

Developing countries what we need to do is to use them now it’s urgent you you

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Nature – our trusted ally in climate change fight By GreenTV