Navy FCU Text Scam for Navy Federal Credit Union, Explained

A Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) text scam alert is going around that claims your account is locked, restricted, or frozen, or something like that, and that you need to contact the bank in order to fix the issue. Scammers will try to get you to click a link or call a phone number in these text messages. Do not click or call because both of those will go to scammers.

Today i’m going to talk very briefly about a navy federal credit union text scam and i also noticed that some people were typing it out into google as nfcu text scam basically you receive a text message that came from scammers not navy federal credit union the scammers pretend to be navy federal credit union the scammers include a link in that text message and if you

Click that link it leads to phishing the official navy federal credit union website is never click links or call phone numbers included with these text messages because they go to scammers these sorts of text messages if you interact with them if you click on the link i mean or call the phone number could lead to theft of your personal information

Financial data credit debit card numbers social security number on and on i found this example here on twitter free message navy federal credit union your account has been restricted due to uncommon activity visit to resolve any issue data rates may apply i plugged this web address into a malicious url scanner on a great website

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For if you want to test whether or not a url is suspicious it gave it a score of 92 very risky is what it says and it said that it detected suspicious activity sometimes these links and phishing text messages go to websites that might resemble an official company website like navy federal credit union in reality the scammers have recreated the official website on

Their own page a look-alike website and it’s a dangerous website you don’t want to fill out any information give them any of your data so again don’t click links in these sorts of text messages don’t call any phone numbers if they include a phone number both of those go to scams if you don’t have an account with navy federal credit union or any other bank where

You receive a text and it claims to be from a bank and it’s a scam then you don’t really have a lot to worry about as long as you didn’t click the link or call a phone number in the text if you did click a link or call a phone number and you’re worried that some of your personal information financial data whatever has been compromised i recommend calling your bank

Whatever it may be make sure it’s an official phone number don’t get it from a text message that might be a scam call that official phone number or go to the website the official website and make sure that you talk to someone about any steps you might need to take and ask them if there’s any reason you might need to enroll in any sort of identity theft protection

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Because if you gave the scammers a lot of your data before you realized it was a scam you might want to enroll in some sort of protection i hope this video was helpful the navy federal credit union website said to also watch out for scam texts that ask you to verify purchases claim issues with your payment information offer prizes or gift cards you know getting

Something for free out of nowhere too good to be true right sending fake package delivery notifications that’s a big one from usps ups fedex dhl scammers impersonate all of them also the bank said to watch out for text messages that warn you of suspicious activity on one of your accounts so if you receive a text message and you believe it’s suspicious never click

The link go instead close out of the text message go to the official website for the bank or the business or whatever it may be talk to someone that you know is officially associated with that business bank whatever it may be don’t click links in these text messages don’t type out that link into your web browser anything like that stay away from following through

On anything in these scam texts go instead to find official contact information from the official website so that you can resolve the situation by figuring out whether or not the text you received is a scam feel free to hit like on my video the little thumbs up button because that might help other people not get scammed thank you so much for watching

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Navy FCU Text Scam for Navy Federal Credit Union, Explained By Jordan Liles