NEW CREDIT CARD: AAA Credit Card Review 2022 (AAA Daily Advantage Visa & AAA Travel Advantage Visa)

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Hey madam jessica from and in this video we are going to review two new aaa credit cards one of which i mistakenly applied for before we do that though i’m going to ask you to please subscribe to this youtube channel if you have not already and if you have already i thank you for doing so so aaa is out with two new credit cards in partnership with comenity

Capital bank there’s a daily advantage visa and the travel advantage visa both of them pretty good looking cards which is good news for me because i mistakenly applied and was approved for one of them and i will tell you all about that let’s look at each one of the cards first though actually we should first talk about the fact that triple a is a federation of auto

Clubs throughout the country so it’s possible you could go looking for one of these cards and end up on a triple a website that actually shows you a different credit card that is issued by u.s bank sort of in partnership with certain of these auto clubs that are under the aaa umbrella so you can get around this as far as i can tell and based on my own experience

Either by being in the right geographic area where you would be directed to one of these cards or you could simply use a zip code that corresponds to one of the auto clubs that actually shows these cards for example you could use zero two two nine three which is a boston area zip code which would take you to aaa northeast where you would see these credit cards and

There are other ones as well and as far as i can tell you don’t need to be a triple a member to get these when i applied i actually was had the option to put in a triple a number i did not and they still you know put the application through and approved me for it so i don’t think you need to be a triple a member to get one of these cards and you don’t necessarily

Have to be in a certain geography even though these different credit card companies obviously have some agreements and some partnerships with these different auto clubs that are under the aaa umbrella sorry for that tortured explanation that said let’s start with the aaa daily advantage visa signature no annual fee five percent cash back on grocery store purchases

Three percent back at gas stations or electric vehicle charging stations three percent back at wholesale clubs three percent back on streaming services three percent back on pharmacy purchases three percent back at triple a one percent back everywhere else now there is a cap of if i understand correctly either ten thousand dollars of purchases or five hundred dollars

Of actual rewards in those five percent and three percent categories combined actually technically it’s the five percent grocery category and the gas or electric vehicle charging category and the wholesale club category so if you go over ten thousand dollars in purchases in those categories combined on an annual basis purchases beyond that would get you one percent

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But for a lot of people that is a pretty high cap and perhaps if you have other credit cards where you can already match that those three percent categories maybe you’d make this only your grocery store category now like many credit cards the way the uh rewards are given is going to be based on based on how it is code from the store so you might buy groceries at

A place that does not code as a grocery store which means you wouldn’t necessarily get the five percent back there so it’s sort of like you know they want supermarkets or at least things that code as supermarkets so that might mean that at walmart it’s not going to code correctly or if you use the card at costco it might be that it codes as a wholesale club even

Though you’re buying groceries there all of that sort of thing so it’s kind of how it always works in these things same thing with gas stations there are gas stations that are just gas stations they’re gas stations that are attached to other things they make code differently anyway this card has a 100 bonus opportunity if you spend at least a thousand dollars with

The card in the first 90 days of having it as no foreign transaction fees which is pretty nice so if you use the card outside of the us you’re not going to get charged anything extra oftentimes especially on annual no annual fee cards there’s going to be a three percent fee on credit card transactions outside of the us and then second there is the triple a travel

Advantage visa signature again no annual fee for this card you’re going to get five percent cash back on gas station or electric vehicle charging station purchases three percent back on grocery store purchases on restaurant purchases on uh travel purchases and on aaa purchases one percent back everywhere else now this card has a cap too but it is a different kind

Of cap you are going to have a seven thousand dollars or three hundred fifty dollars in rewards cap on those gas and electric vehicle purchases so if you go over seven thousand dollars per year in gas or and or electric vehicle purchases well then you would get one percent beyond that as far as i can tell no cap on the three percent categories with this one so

You’ve got three percent grocery stores three percent of restaurants three percent travel uh three percent triple a so those are pretty nice categories to be getting three percent this card has the same bonus opportunity 100 bucks you can get if you spend a thousand dollars with the card in the first 90 days of having it obviously that’s not a huge bonus opportunity

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But these both are pretty nice everyday cards so if you were thinking of them that way you’ve got a nice everyday card and still an okay bonus opportunity going there this card also no foreign transaction fees which is nice now i said earlier that it looks like pretty much anyone could get their hands on these cards regardless of whether you’re a aaa member and

Regardless of where you are in the country or if your local aaa website is showing you a different credit card and the reason i know that is because i went down these sort of path of figuring out how to get on the right website and then started going down the path of applying and i saw that the member number was optional then i started going through the screens to

See if they were going to stop me anywhere along the way and i thought i had one more screen to go before i was actually applying for the daily advantage visa and i actually was already on the last screen which i didn’t realize and so when i hit it i ended up getting approved for the card so now i am going to be have getting the daily advantage visa in 10 to 14.

Business days they did have a shopping pass feature where you could get texted your number right away so you get instant approval and can use the card instantly at least in terms of getting a number that you can use online before you have the physical card in terms of a credit line they gave me a whopping 22 000 credit line which i have to say i’m pretty surprised

About and honestly not even entirely happy about because i have a lot of other uh credit cards open that have pretty high credit limits so i actually wish that was a little lower but you know cry me a river right i know a lot of people don’t have very high credit limits at all and they’d be happy to have it anyway so 22 000 there the apr that they are showing me

The interest rate 16.24 but when i actually went and looked at the terms and conditions on this card you know interest rates are continuing to go up the lowest rate actually was 16.99 it’s a variable rate that can change with the uh federal interest rates so it looks like i’m really at 16.99 you also could be approved at 24.99 or 29.99 so if you went after one of

These cards know that depending on your credit history could have have a pretty crappy interest rate and so if you’re someone that you know ever carries a balance you don’t want to get a card like this and end up paying interest at those high 25 plus percent interest rates because essentially you’re going to pay more interest than you’re going to get rewards blah

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Blah blah you know you should pay your card off in full every month but just in case now like i said earlier in some geographies if you went looking for the aaa credit card you might get directed to your local aaa site and instead see a u.s bank issued aaa card called the cash back visa signature not a bad card it’s got no annual fee you’re getting three percent

Back on uh restaurants on gas stations on grocery store purchases two percent back on travel on aaa and on insurance uh payments one percent everywhere else it’s got a hundred dollar bonus if you spend fifteen hundred dollars in the first 90 days so certainly nothing bad about that card and if you don’t have other cards where you’re kind of hitting those uh three

Percent categories it would be something to consider as well for me the cards that are going to potentially give you five percent on groceries or five percent on gas or electric vehicle purchases are more attractive because i have a lot of other uh credit cards so i’m kind of going after those big five percent categories but certainly nothing bad about that card

Either now i know the first question in the comments is going to be what credit bureau was pulled for the triple a credit card and i have to say as i make this video i do not know i looked at all the places where i could potentially see where i get my alerts when i uh am approved for a new credit card and so far nothing is showing up but i don’t think this is a

Soft poll i think it’s still going to be a hard inquiry i just can’t see it yet and then obviously whether you get a soft puller you get a hard pull once you actually get the card you’re going to have a new account on your credit report which is also going to at least in the short term negatively impact your credit score and then it will bounce back over time when

You make your payments on time but as of now i do not know but if you have other questions or comments or if you just want to ask that question anyway because you didn’t watch this long put those in that comment section below otherwise i thank you for watching and as always please go go to where we do credit card reviews we talk personal finance we

Talk deals on all sorts of other fun stuff too if you’re not going to leave a comment or you’re not going to go to the proud money website i would like it if you would watch this video next

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