North Carolina Land for Sale | No Credit Check!

Looking for affordable land in North Carolina with Owner Financing or Seller financing and no bank requirements, look no further, check out this available property with incredibly low down payments and no credit checks.

Hello land seekers hope you’re doing well if you’re looking for land guess what you are in the right place because tonight we have 36 properties available all with seller financing and that means that the land that you’re gonna see here tonight is all available without having to deal with the bankers the mortgage companies and all the other hassles that you normally

Have to deal with to buy real estate i’m scott from and this channel is about helping you to make your land ownership dreams a reality so you can start living those dreams today now before we get going just a reminder all of the properties that you see here tonight are all available on what is landmoto well simple it’s a land listing

Platform that allows you to connect directly to the sellers who are offering these properties with owner financing now owner financing it’s sometimes called seller financing and very simple here’s what it means it means instead of having to deal with the bank and their credit checks and their mortgages and their all their guidelines and income verifications and all

That stuff you don’t have to do it how does it work simple you find the property you want on you contact the seller directly and they will arrange for the financing not with a bank they will loan you the money basically to to uh begin to buy that property now every seller’s going to be different all the rules are different you got to talk to the sellers

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But you can do that all through we’re going to go to the state of north carolina we’re going to go back east you know what happens out back east don’t you here this is what happens back out east let’s go take a look at it here we go we’ve got a nice property a nice buildable lot in a community because it’s got a gated community with a neighborhood

Lake man you got to love those things asking price on this is uh 25 000 with flexibility all around flexible on the down payment flexible on the monthly payment and everything so the thing is you have to ask yourself okay if you’re looking for a property that you can you know build on well this is this is going to be great because this is a nice buildable you

Know type of a lot and let’s bring up this map here let’s let me show you where we’re even talking about here so uh this is in this area right down here okay so this is where the property is down in this area where it’s like highlighted in green this is caldwell right let’s let’s make that there we go so it’s this is this area right over here okay it’s this area

Now where is this well here’s wilkesboro all right right over here you got the tennessee north carolina border right up right up in this area so you’ve got a very nice beautiful area if i start to zoom out here you’ll see like this is where charlotte is again you start to see where where this area is it’s this big circle right here just to the north of asheville

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Beautiful area there right and what do you get in this beautiful area well in this beautiful area you get communities like this with buildable lots okay with with a uh with a with a um uh community access lake so man if you want more about it use that short code on the bottom one zero eight four two one one zero eight four two one and guess what we’re going

To change states tonight we’re going to go over to the state of texas i appreciate you being here i hope you found a land connection tonight lots of land if you don’t see something on this video that you’re looking for head over to 35 states and over 7 000 properties coming next year in just a couple of weeks guess what i’ve got a new design of the

Website coming you guys are gonna love it you’re gonna love it it’s gonna be fantastic you’re gonna see let me tell you what’s coming this is what’s really really cool i should do another video where i preview what’s coming you’re going to be able to see verified sellers verified by my team they’ll have a little blue check mark next to it ding you’re going to be

Able to write reviews and leave reviews and read reviews on people ding ding ding and you’re going to see a whole new design so if you don’t like the old website i don’t have to tell you it’s going to get better with that have a nice evening and i’ll see you guys next week good night

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