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Now that you’re signed up for Online Banking with Freedom Credit Union, this video will show you how to use many of the self-service banking tools available to you; including Bill Payer, transfer funds, purchase a CD and more!

Hi again in our previous video about online banking we explained how to get logged on and set up in this episode we will show you how to use self-service banking tools bill payer transfer funds purchase a cd and more let’s start with paying bills with bill payer you can set up pays arrange reoccurring payments and automate your bill paying process once in the

Freedom credit union online banking platform go to the navigation bar on the left hand side and click bill payer click on pay bills to open bill payer on the home page you will see a summary view of your account with the funds available and any scheduled payments to make a payment click under make a payment under quick links on the right side or click the bill pay

Tab on the top of the page here you can pay multiple bills or pay a single bill to pay a bill you must first add a payee you can do this with the add payee at the top or under quick links on the right of the screen to add a payee you can select one of the pre-populated frequently paid vendors or add another business or an individual you will need the name of the

Business a nickname for the account the type of business the address the phone number the name on the account and the account number usually all of this information is right on your bill once you submit the information it will be verified and added to your list of peeves to pay a bill in the payment center simply select the payee you want to pay enter the amount

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You want to pay and click the calendar to see the earliest date the payment will be received in some cases you will have the option of expediting your payment for an additional charge when you have entered all of your payments click the continue button at the bottom of the page this will take you to the review screen where you can further edit your payments or hit

Submit to finalize it once submitted you will see your payments appear on the scheduled payments page if you would like to try bill pay before you use it check out the interactive demo next on the navigation menu is transfer funds this allows you to easily and securely move funds from one account to another and pay any loans or credit cards you have from freedom

Simply select from which account then select to which account and enter the amount of the transfer you have an option to transfer now or later if you select later you’ll be prompted to select a date and how often you would like to make this transfer once weekly annually then click next you will have an opportunity to review your transfer for accuracy complete

Your transfer request by clicking submit online banking conveniently allows you to purchase certificates to from the navigation bar select certificates on your first visit you will be required to view and acknowledge a disclosure statement once that is done the system will display a list of certificates minimum deposits and term links you select the certificate

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You would like the next page will allow you to indicate from which account to draw funds for the deposit and the deposit amount the system has a memo field that allows you to add in a personal reference for your records selecting next will complete the transaction freedom credit unions online banking has many other features including stop payment check withdrawal

Reordering checks dividends statement day-to-day banking really couldn’t be easier freedom credit unions online banking can change how and when you manage your money for the better and be sure to download freedom credit unions mobile banking app available for iphone ipad and android devices to manage your finances on the go thanks for watching you you

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Online Banking Features and Instructions – Freedom Credit Union By FreedomCreditUnion