PART 2 – What does the bible say about evolution how we know evolution is true #Short #Bible #Jesus

PART 2 – What does the bible say about evolution how we know evolution is true #Short #Bible #Jesus

You ever wonder what the bible talks about what the bible says about evolution right the the reason they come up with the theory of evolution is they have their parameters mixed up they have their priorities all screwed up because they discover creatures they discover things and they discover the earth it’s much older than what the bible says right so if they’re

Taking that measuring stick based off the bible and comparing it to the actual world then yes there is uh you know some kind of discrepancies right so of course centuries ago people believed that the earth and the animals and plants in it have been created um by a supernatural deity rather as it’s depicted in this illustration from luther’s bible from the from 1530s

A century later archbishop usher from ireland tried to estimate the age of the earth by counting the number of generations of particular people named in the bible he came up with an age of about 6 000 years for the age of the earth but of course there aren’t things in the earth called fossils fossils have always been known they are not new even the ancient greeks

And romans knew about fossils and they explained them as the remains of the giants and monsters from their mythology and that got him to think very seriously for the first time how could an object part of a dead animal like a tooth become embedded in the middle of a rock i mean shark’s tooth was once in the sea well he thought he discovered various things about

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Stratigraphy that is that in places in the earth where the rocks are sedimentary they began as mud or silt and settled in a horizontal fashion at the bottom of the sea or a lake and that any hard objects that fell in that mud would slowly be buried and if more and more sediment accumulates on top eventually those layers become compacted and they become a shale of

Sandstones but one of the important revelations of this work of course is that that means that leo’s settle sequentially on top of each other which means that the lower layers are older and the upper layers are newer and thus it was possible to start to unlock the mysteries of the history of the earth he said that this sort of thing showed that the earth must be

Practically from our perspective eternal it is unimaginably ancient and god called the dry land earth and he gathered together all the waters called he sees and god saw that it was good now notice how god took the water took the water and gathered it in one place and then the earth the dry land appeared otherwise the dry land that was underneath the earth came up

It was it appeared that’s because the earth existed prior to uh the garden of eden god created an earth that was here before adam yep i said it i haven’t lost my mind there was a earth that was a a uh animals and creatures that lived here on the earth that inhabit the earth before adam okay case in points genesis we’re still in creation right genesis 1 and 28.

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Genesis 1 and 28 and god blessed them and said unto them he talked about adam and eve right god blessed them and said send it to them be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth notice how he said and replenish the earth see in order to you can’t replenish something that hasn’t already been filled you know you can only plenish or feel you know let’s look at

The definition of replenish replenish to fill something up again to restore or stop or supply to a former level of condition so why did god say replenish the earth why because at one point the earth was already plenished

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PART 2 – What does the bible say about evolution how we know evolution is true #Short #Bible #Jesus By Freeman Black Innovator