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Want to speak real english from your first lesson sign up for your free lifetime account at hi everybody my name is alicia welcome back to know your verbs in this lesson we’re going to talk about the verb pay let’s go so the basic definition of the verb pay is to give money in exchange for goods or in exchange for services examples i got paid

Today he pays staff on the 20th of every month now let’s look at the conjugations for the verb present pay pays passed paid past participle paid progressive paying now let’s look at some additional meanings for this verb first meaning meaning number one is to give an advantage to someone or something let’s look at some examples crime doesn’t pay it pays to

Have good connections okay so these are examples of the meaning of the verb pay in terms of giving someone something good some kind of advantage or some kind of benefit the first example sentence is negative crime doesn’t pay meaning crime doesn’t give you an advantage your crime doesn’t give you any benefits so that’s a negative example no benefits in the second

Example i said it pays to have good connections so it pays to have them means it provides an advantage it’s a benefit to have good connections so we can say it pays to have maybe like rich family members oh that would be nice i don’t know about that but like it pays to have good connections means there’s some kind of benefit to having good connection so we can

Use pay to refer to advantages okay meaning two for this verb meaning two is quite a broad open meaning so we can use pay to mean to give something but there are kind of a few set expressions that we use like when we want to mean giving something with the verb pay so i’ll introduce a couple of really common examples here first hey pay attention i’m talking we’re

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Here to pay respects to our grandfather okay in these example sentences i used two very common expressions first was pay attention so in this case it’s a command i’m saying pay attention hey pay attention i’m commanding you or it’s like a strong request saying pay attention means essentially give me your attention give me your focus pay attention is the expression

We use for that hey pay attention i’m talking listen to me give me your focus i’m talking so uh in that expression we use pay pay attention in the second example sentence i used the expression pay respects or we also can say pay our respects both are fine but to pay respects means like to give your respect to another person like i’m here to give my respect to my

Grandfather we would say this at like a serious ceremony like a funeral perhaps or some kind of memorial ceremony or i don’t know something that’s very very formal like pay your respects to the emperor perhaps so super super formal situations we would say i’m here to pay my respects to someone usually it’s typically to a person so in this case you are giving your

Respect and also interestingly enough in this expression we tend to use the plural respects here to pay my respects to someone so not the singular respect but respects meaning like there are perhaps many different ways i respect that person so we use pay respects there meaning give our respect okay let’s go to meaning number three for this verb so the third meaning

Is to suffer the consequences of something suffering the consequences means getting punishment essentially let’s look at some examples you shall pay for your crimes against humanity and we drank too much last night and we’re paying for it this morning okay so both of these example sentences show suffering some kind of suffering as punishment for something so in

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The first one i gave a very dramatic sentence you shall pay for your crimes against humanity means you shall suffer the consequences you shall be punished because of your crimes against humanity humanity means all people so someone has done something very bad they are going to receive punishment uh you shall pay it sounds very formal maybe a little old-fashioned

Like you might see in a scary movie or a fantasy movie something like that yeah the second one maybe a more common example for some of you we drank too much last night we’re paying for it this morning so the speaker is speaking this morning in the morning after drinking too much the night before so meaning we’re suffering now uh the punishment for drinking too much

Last night is happening now we’re paying for it we’re suffering in this moment it’s not a good thing so um we can use pay to mean suffering uh because of something bad you did okay so let’s take a look at some variations of this verb and how we can use it first one to pay back to pay back so to pay back means to return money you owe someone sorry it took so long

To pay you back hey you haven’t paid me back for dinner last week so you can hear in these example sentences we can pay someone back we don’t have to say like uh to pay back i need to pay back my friend you can actually put the person you need to give money to between pay and back so i need to pay my friend back is okay or i need to pay back my friend that’s also

Okay you’ll hear native speakers use both of those i think i tend to put it between pay and back i would say i need to pay my friend back for coffee the other day or sorry i forgot to pay you back i would probably separate the phrasal verb in my case so to pay someone back means to give them money you owe them the second variation is to pay off to pay off this means

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To finish making payments on something here are some examples first i finally paid off my house when do you expect to pay off your credit card so to pay off something is something you have been making payments on for a long time not just one payment but a house is a great example maybe for many many years you pay some money each month that’s called a mortgage

Or a loan i suppose but you pay money each month and finally when you finish making those payments we say i’ve paid off that thing i paid off my house or i paid off my car for example so to finish making payments on something we can do the same thing for credit cards like i pay off my credit card every month means i finish um making payments or i i pay the full

Amount every month for my credit card uh in my example sentence when do you expect to pay off your credit card means like how long do you think or at what time do you think you’ll finish paying all the money on your credit card so to pay off means to finish making payments on something all right good so those are a few perhaps new ways of using the verb pay for

You if you have some other ways of using the verb pay or if you want to try to make an example sentence please feel free to do so in the comment section if you have any questions of course please let us know as well thanks very much for watching make sure to like the video subscribe to the channel and check us out at english class 101. thanks very much and we’ll

See you again next time bye you will pay for your crimes you shall pay for your crimes he’s like you perfect you

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