Paying for College 101

Part of the 21st Century Scholars Scholar Success Program, “Paying for College 101” will show students what costs are involved in going to college and how to save and manage money. The 21st Century Scholarship may cover up to four years of tuition, but students must plan for additional expenses.

101,” part of the 21st century scholar success program. learn today is that while college can be expensive, data show that about two-thirds of jobs, especially well-paying jobs, in the us and in the state of indiana need help along the way. the 21st century your peers and counselors will all be there to support you. a requirement of receiving the 21st century the scholar

Pledge includes graduating high diploma for hoosier students who want to attend many four-year schools require a core 40 academic among other requirements, the scholar pledge grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale; a pledge not to use illegal drugs or alcohol, or commit a crime or delinquent act; for college admission and financial aid on-time as a high school

Senior. enrolled in college within one year of high school graduation. each year that will help you prepare for college 21st century scholars not only start college, support and good information along the way, success program is required for scholars, but recommended for all students. eligible colleges can also be categorized as either two-year or four-year. attending an

Eligible indiana college or university. visit to see if the school is a great place to learn more about indiana’s choices. which is the cost of classes. there are also mandatory fees, which are charged to all students these are fees that are not charged to all students, like parking and lab fees. and meals, which is also known as “room

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And board.” and mandatory fees…that’s the traditional at a public school the scholarship will cover at a private school the scholarship will cover equal to the average cost of attending a public college. amount as if the student were to attend ivy tech community college. students are encouraged to seek out other grants and scholarships to cover costs graduation to

Qualify for the full benefit who do not meet income guidelines at high and it’s good to know that you will have that brings us to the final chapter of this aid options other than the 21st century scholarship. are not required to pay back to the provider. that’s free money for college! on your gpa. there are also athletic and arts scholarships, based on personal traits

Such as gender, race, available whose eligibility requirements are most scholarships require an application, essay or letters of recommendation. to be repaid. grants given out by the government “expected family contribution” or “efc.” the efc strength based on the information you provide some colleges and universities may offer you you may also be eligible for

The federal work offers part-time employment on and off campus for a great way to earn money and gain valuable work experience. part-time at a local business. work may also able to use as references for future jobs or scholarships. back with interest. if you are going to take when considering loan options for college, considering private education loans. federal since

The cost of college can vary for every the net price of those colleges. the net price now let’s take a look at how to apply for financial aid. it comes to federal and state of indiana aid. (including your 21st century scholarship), your senior year and each year thereafter until you graduate. aid that may be earlier than april 15th, so more information on the fafsa,

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Including the and finally, we’ll leave you with some helpful tips and resources. up, make sure you are taking rigorous high the sat and act. and if you need help, be sure to ask. that can be used for college savings. you investigate a collegechoice 529 college savings plan, or explore other options. but don’t worry! there are resources available to help you from

Start to finish. just remember that great things are in store for you!

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