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Thank you hey guys so today is a little bit of a different video from me um you guys know simon you know him really well by now he is the most generous giving thoughtful person that i’ve ever met and honestly i’m so so lucky and so thankful to know him and have him in my life and get to marry him soon he goes above and beyond in every aspect he’s he’s paid for

My he bought me a car he paid for my university tuition he’s helped me out when i’ve needed it and honestly he never ever asks for anything in return he doesn’t even expect anything in return he just he does it out of the kindness of his heart and that’s just it’s one of the reasons why i love him so much he’s just so giving and the thing that just really touched

My heart yesterday he went ahead and he paid for our entire wedding all of the cards he paid for the dresses he paid for hair and makeup photographer just all of it he he went ahead and paid for all of it and we had initially agreed to split it 50 50 and he just went out of his way and and did that which is just he’s just the best and i think it’s time that i do

Something to show him how much he means to me and support him and make him feel as loved as he makes me feel every single day so this morning i went ahead and i paid for the next 10 years of his mortgage um i’m able to do this because of slayman because i’ve been able to save money because he’s helped me out so much so i think it’s only it’s it’s just it’s the right

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Thing to do for him and i’m i’m really thankful that i’m able to do this for him and show him how much he means to me so i’m being a bit quick because he’s going to be back in the car anytime soon but when he comes in i’m i’m gonna let him know and can’t wait to see his face oh sorry hey uh just before we go can you check your email and see if you got anything

From the florist because she said she was going to email today and i haven’t had anything so just i wonder if she sent it to you and said um yeah okay what what there’s something wrong um what’s sorry let me just check something’s watch what what i just got an email from my bank saying that my deposit was made today i didn’t make a deposit today and half my

Home loans gone really what what i did not make that what could someone accidentally put money into my home loan can you just hold up where the hell did that come from what oh okay i don’t know what’s going on what is me what i paid for it why because you deserve it and you do so much for me what time every day and yeah oh hey what no dude why did you do

That because i love you baby no that’s too much okay no it’s not it’s lit it’s not even enough i don’t get that hey how did you do that kade i called my bank and only entertainment don’t no i don’t want that change hey hey hey no look at me look at me look at me you do like why did you do that because i love you and you’re gonna be my husband and you just have

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Every single good thing in this world okay that’s way too much pain it’s not even enough oh i love you again okay i don’t want to do that kate it’s done it’s done and it’s happened and it’s staying done okay you deserve it honestly you just said a good thing on this planet and if i can give you one good thing i’m gonna do it okay thank you so much okay i don’t want it nice foreign

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