PLAYDOH KITCHEN CREATIONS Sizzlin Stovetop (Rois Toy Review)

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Liz wow what’s up youtube today we’re going to play with some play-doh if you haven’t heard the news recently there’s this youtuber his name is ryan he does toy reviews and apparently he makes eleven million dollars a year this goes out to you ryan alright so this is my version of ryan’s dollar bills welcome to roy’s toy review hi welcome to ride his toy biz today

We’re going to play with some play-doh we have ourselves a stove it’s currently one two three four o clock yeah different pluto we have green we have orange red purple and magenta violet these are our colors where we can do our food stuff your snow let’s check out the utilities oh did i say utilities i meant utensils welcome the rois bad news so we have here our

Tom that’s a bad word scale it our pot and then we have a shovel a pitchfork come in we have a frisbee and then we have a tomato long tomato we have starfish coconut a blue burger a mushroom and then we have aconite yeah make sure you know how to read first if you don’t know how to read then you don’t know how this play-doh works okay nice pan to activate sizzle

Wow wow yo guys check it out it literally says create pretend foods ha ha so we’re gonna create some pretend food so let’s start with the starfish we have our starfish the color of a starfish is yeller so let’s get our yeller plate are you gonna do really simple if you’ve never made play-doh before i got dough is make it flat look it’s a mango but we’re not making

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Mangoes today guys this is roy’s pattern is flatten it open it up and you got yourself a cute little starfish laughter you made her fish you want to put it in the skrillex nice and then i gotta says the lid yeah oh it’s simply here wow remember you gotta flip her fish make sure you evenly cook it alright so we got that let’s put it on our frisbee i’m officially

Ready to go wanna grab your mushroom here also known as stink and you know stakes color right usually red if you like your steak rare flats in the play-doh grab your mold smash it down get all the excess out good extremely rare steak put it back on your skrillex baby now just grab your shovel flip this thing yeah okay once this side is cooked really nicely flip

It back now what you want to do is just add some tough bruce if she nicely coated and now just a dash of salt all right cool once again right put it on your tomato like this look at that next up you want to grab your butterfly also known as the egg you have to be a little bit creative you know eggs they’re white and yellow you want to grab your base color which

Is white watson it out grab your mold put it down like this then you have yourself your egg whites perfect now grab your yellow make it into a small circle and then just put on top look it’s an egg grab your pot we’re gonna cook our eggs in the pot today good just let it sizzle if you gotta put your egg to just cook the other side now if you want some salt to

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Sprinkle a little bit of salt there you go yeah you have yourself a mighty good breakfast lunch and dinner breakfast you have eggs for lunch got the starfish and then for dinner you got the really really healthy state do not eat this by the way do not eat the play-doh i’m going to eat it because it’s funny do not whatsoever imitate me no it’s bad you’re gonna get

In trouble no all right anyways you want to grab your fish let’s see how delicious this is welcome to roy stories next up we have the egg next up we have our extremely rare steak here all right well i hope you enjoyed today’s roy stories if you want me to do some more toy reviews let me know comment down below not eat the play-doh is bad for you alright i’m gonna

Go eat a lobster now i’ll see you guys later bye

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PLAYDOH KITCHEN CREATIONS Sizzlin' Stovetop (Roi's Toy Review) By Guava Juice