Do take note that even though we are only discussing a few Kronos Relics, I am sharing the concept behind picking Relics and not necessarily specifically only for War Machine, Wind Walker and Master Grove!

Hey free to play gang welcome back to another video so in the previous video where i talked about the chronos relics and what to keep and what to sell some of you guys felt that that was not enough information and i can fully understand where you’re coming from because i can understand it from a newbies perspective wow i got so many different kinds of relics and

Yes you did mention for me to keep this specific relic set but what about the substance right so that’s a really big question and there’s also a reason why i didn’t want to squeeze it into the same video because that would drag the video to about 30 minutes or something like that so anyway i will just dedicate this video to discussing a little bit more about

The subsets that you want to aim for what are the main steps that you want to keep as well so let’s try to be as comprehensive as possible over here so maybe you can start by using more machine and then i can discuss what sort of relics that i would personally keep and what are some of the relics that i would sell but do take note that you know i’m coming from a

Very end game approach where i want everything to be perfect so you may not be able to always see something that is rather attainable for you but without further ado let’s get right on with it so we’re going to start off with war machine which is the first una set for chronos and let’s take a look at what are some of the relics that i will personally keep so as

You can see here this is the first one uh this is going to be crit damage attack attack percentage history percentage so basically what i’m aiming for here is a little bit more crit damage and a little bit more attack percentage and this is solely because of one expert that i have called linsell who does not need any crit rate but we are not going to talk about

Niche characters like that okay so let’s take a look at like let’s say my chloe right so she has like 20 crit damage on this and 10 crit rate so this is something that i will keep okay so something that has both crit rate and crit damage is going to be an excellent relic piece to keep especially in the long term so do take note that crit rate and crit damage are

Excellent substance to have and they far outshine attack percentage as a substance so for example another example here that would be my chalmers he’s using a lot of crit damage without any create because he has creep break from other relics so that works as well and then for example my drew he has attack percentage here he has crit rate as well so these are some

Of the stuff that i am looking for on my first and second slots okay so let’s take a look at the third slot here oh rather let’s take a look at the second slot this is actually the second slot okay so drew he has crit damage as a mean this is something that is very very important i think for the second slot you want to aim for something with crit damage or maybe

If you are starting out crit rate works better for the start and some of the subsets that are quite important is going to be of course crit rate and speed and as for charmers as you can see crit damage here crit rate over here and attack percentage and for chloe quick damage quick rate quick damage attack so it’s kind of like the same thing right except for like

If you see like lin cell she has something completely different so it’s just pure crit damage and attack so that works out very well for her so some of the other ranks that i keep like i said is going to be more crit rate so crit rate can be quite useful for specific situations and especially if you’re a newer player but let’s take a look at slot 4 over here so

For example my drew he’s using an attack percentage i would definitely only keep attack percentage okay do they know that we are talking about one machine over here so if you are talking about what machine what are we interested in we are interested in attack percentage so some of the other relics that may work in place of attack percentage could be hp percentage

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Now this is a very special situation where you want to keep hp percentage relics because sometimes you want your dps experts to be a little bit more tanky to kind of like surprise the enemy in point wall so to speak but h3 percentage can be quite useful in like some contents like temporal tower where you know your damage is already really maxed out like crazy so

You just want to have a little bit more hp that gives you a little bit better coverage so hp percentage is still fine but for most cases especially for early gamers i think what you want to aim for is just going to be attack percentage and sell off anything that is an attack percentage so if you get stuff like flat attack flat hp hp uh defense percentage and all

That kind of stuff i think you can just go ahead and just sell it immediately so just bulk sell it in the relic market hey free to play again sorry for the plug but if you find that this video has been helpful for you thus far do consider subscribing as subscribing is free and you can always change your mind this is also the best way to support my channel for free

And it tells me that you find my content useful it is also just a button away so have a good day and enjoy the rest of the video okay next on the discuss is going to be wind walker this is slightly less obvious i would say because wind walker benefits not just dps as but but we are also taking a look at some support experts at the same time because everyone kind

Of benefits from wind walker right so this is going to be a little bit more complicated so let’s start off with my sender who is a dps as well and is using my wind walker set as well as you can see nothing new here crit rate speed attack crit damage basically the perfect subs for a sender right or like basically a perfect sub for any dps asper however if you take

A look at my gabriel here this is going to be slightly more different so as you can see she has hp percentage and she has a lot of speed and this is what i want to focus on for wind walker relic so basically if you are aiming for your wind walker relics for your support i would highly recommend that you try to aim for speed sub stats because this is going to be

Super important for all kinds of support okay not just your healers not just your buffers but seriously all kinds of supports even your controllers at the same time so my recommendation for you is if you are finding wind walker relic sets for your support for healers for controllers make sure that it does come with a speed sub okay this is very important this is

Something that you need to aim for make sure that it comes with a speed sub actually to be honest if you’re using wind walker for your dps experts as well it doesn’t hurt to go for speed subs as well okay so let’s say for example this ready set over here that i’m looking at uh it has create damage and crit rate and it doesn’t have speeds up but i’m still going to

Keep it because it could potentially be quite useful for specific situations where you know you may not necessarily need all that speed but you might want a little bit more crit rate and crit damage to make up for it so this relic piece over here is going to be perfect for content such as fafnir because you may not need like a whole ton of speed on your dps s bus

But you still want that relic set effect but yeah as you can see over here right general rule of thumb all my relic pieces have some kind of speed attached to it right so speed here so that i think there should be more speed here right so generally yeah speed across the board that’s very important for wind walker relic so like for number for this one right so even

If it’s a flawless relic set um it seems good on paper right because like whoa it has four means it’s four subsets and it can potentially be upgraded to something really much bigger than like let’s say an elite rally for example but i’m just gonna sell it because it doesn’t have speed subs and it doesn’t have some of the subs that i’ve talked about previously which

Is like dps subs like crit rate quick damage and all that kind of good stuff it doesn’t have any of those so it’s going to be an instant sell for me same as this as well it’s an instant cell it doesn’t matter if it’s a flawless as long as you do not have the subs that you need i think it’s not that relevant anymore so as you can see over here i did try to push some

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Of my relics up to plus three or plus six to see whether it goes into something that i need but unfortunately they did not but here’s the catch right so for example if you do have superior relics and like let’s say let’s say for example this one okay okay so this one has some pretty decent subs right he has attack percentage he has quick rate percentage i would

Not sell it immediately if let’s say i needed speed on it okay i will not sell immediately what i’ll do is i will unlock the fourth slot and if it goes to speed then it’s an instant keep for me or if let’s say it goes into quick damage that still works fine i guess and okay so you went into defense flat which is not something that i desperately need right now so

In my opinion attack percentage and create representation is not super good it’s not good enough for me but it could be good enough for you if that’s the case you may keep this i’m just going to keep it and see where it goes afterwards but if it goes into flat hp or flat defense i’m probably going to sell it and then of course we need to talk about the other two

Slot 2 and slot 4 over here this is going to be like i said a bit more complicated because this fits supports and dps experts so let’s take a look at a support for example okay no let’s let’s not take a look at genuine okay let’s take a look at gabrielle okay so she has hp over here i think hp percentage is going to be very important for most support experts

However there are some support experts that do a little bit better with defense percentage instead so you should go and take a look at your s max hp and max defense and see which one has like arguably higher ranking as compared to other aspers and and usually as far as with a little bit more defense and less hp they would do better with defense percentage over here

So this is pretty obvious we have more speed subs and accuracy subs as well i think accuracy subs can be quite important for some of your supports now let’s take a look at dps as per like for example my low e he has a lot of quick way over here that’s 63 crit rate in one relic and then he has 20 quid damage which is okay so this is kind of like a an early game

Dps build where you are not able to max out your crit rate so you go with a crit rate rally instead of a crit damage really so let’s take a look at sender this is crit damage and crate rate and speed and accuracy basically everything that a sender really needs so i think very importantly you need to think a lot about what your expert needs and then try to give him

The relic sets and give him the relic sub stats and main steps that really fit his niche so yeah generally the the relics that i have is all like hp percentage here and hp percentage there on my on my bareness okay i think finally let’s just take a look at one specific set for your movie pieces okay so we’re gonna take a look at master growth just because it’s like

The first on my list um okay so as you can see master growth is going to be a little bit more flexible because it gives you hp percentage but in the early game you know you only have master growth you have stone vein and you have apollo basically your dps as well as have to pick one of these right so i would say that muscle growth is probably going to be the better

Pick in most cases if not apollo can be pretty decent for early gamers as well so as you can see this is like a perfect dps relic and uh yeah another dps rally over here and this one is also more towards dps but it has a little bit of speed and that’s why my hungry is using it i don’t even know why my henry is using it but so be it this is another dps one so as you

Can see i do not really have a lot of support uh master growth relax over here and the reason is very simple because i think most supports benefit not from kronos relics they benefit a lot more from apac relics which is something that i’ll get into in a separate video so i think for this video we are just going to stick to chronos so yeah generally what you want

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Okay so it is this basically the same as a wind walker right you want your relic for your support or you want your relic for your dps and then you pick exactly what you need that way so this one has like speed on its substance which is something that i would absolutely keep and not only that is a flawless relic so it has a potential to go to like i think 24 speed

Is that the maximum i think it could potentially go to 24 so let’s take a look at how this works out to be okay so after two upgrades i initially wanted to go up to uh plus nine however it went into some speed at some quick rate which makes it pretty decent in my opinion but because it went into crit rate um it’s not gonna like give me a whole ton of speed anymore

So it’s not gonna be super useful for like let’s say my support as pers it could still be quite useful for my dps but to be honest right i will need a little bit more than just hp flat and resist percentage i’ll need something more like crit damage i need something more like attack percentage or maybe even hp percentage so i’m just gonna hold on to it and i’m not

Gonna like work on it for now but maybe we can revisit this into the future and hopefully it goes into a lot more speed and then it becomes a really good support as per relic and we shall end off with the movie 2 relic so let’s take a look at what we have here so so first on this is going to be a dps relic as you can see it’s an attack percentage relic over here

Oh by the way um if you did not already know you can actually see what are the main attributes and sub-attributes for this specific slot by clicking onto the attribute button over here you can see basically whatever that you can get and as you can see it has like good crit rate it has good speed and good attack percentage so this is actually not bad so i decided

To keep it even though i don’t really use it anymore i prefer apec relics for not just my supports but my dps experts as well uh and then following up with that this is going to be this works for both dps and support as well as okay so speed as a main and speed as a sub that’s going to be super good for a lot of different aspers so there is already 57 speed over

Here which is like it’s quite a big deal and then hp percentage that works as well and defense percentage this makes for a very good support relic so i think that’s basically it i think this answers some of your questions especially some of the guys who were a little bit concerned about how my previous video was not comprehensive enough i hope this video while long

Gives you a better idea of saw the relics that you want to keep depending on the relic set so okay so a quick summary for you guys who are a little bit lost so for a wall machine it’s basically a strictly attack percentage relic set and therefore naturally you want to have more attack percentage on your like your slot 2 slot 4 and your slot 2 here as well and for

War machine what you want to aim for is going to be crit rate on the second slot here and attack percentage on the fourth slot and more attack percentage on the sixth slot or rather the second slot on muni as well and as for wind walker which is a little bit more complicated you can definitely keep either dps relics or support relics and that will work out perfectly

So with that said i guess this is a good time to end the video i’ve talked about i talked for like way too long i even completed my entire multi run but anyway i hope this was informative for you if it was don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel if you have not already done so anyway this has been daddy free to play and as always i will see you in the next video

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