PNC Infra Commences Operations On Bareilly-Almora Section – Oct 19

PNC Infra commences operations on Bareilly-Almora Section…Yogesh Kumar Jain, MD, PNC Infratech joins in to discuss this

Seen in the mid cap index of about half a percent now good gain seen in irb in front deck which is sorry ib infra which is surged about two odd percent in the last five minutes also a good gain seen in pyramid enterprises that once spiked a bit in the last 15 odd seconds as well but but yet talking to our corporate guest pnc infra has commenced operations in on the

Braley or morra section yogesh kumar jain who’s the md joins us on the line from dehradun but afternoon miss jen thanks a lot for joining in first up could you give us a sense of what’s the kind of revenue you’re expecting from the total collections on this segment and when do they come on stream already yeah but what return plc has commenced all operation with the

Effect of from 19 october 2016 on veridian mana section of city state so we are expecting the venue of this around if 17 to 18 lakh rupees per day mr. jain what would be the margins that you’ll enjoy yet we are expecting margin around 19 to 24 20 percent irr okay so the irr will be 19 to 20 percent yeah all right now miss jen in you lost cotter you saw revenues going

To just about 14% while you indicated that you are expecting a 516 revenues to grow by about 25 percent so do you still hold on to that guidance or do you better it or change it you know last year we last year we delayed our the venue around 14% that that is a beta margin so we are expecting same margin in this way also when i am talking about your revenue growth

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For fy 16 yeah we will usually grow in absolute amount not in percentage much okay any other project which will come on stream in the coming few months which could contribute to your revenues yes we we have to just this is i’ve already got four we are the scum that abs i’ve arranged on procedure we are expecting to complete this project we going this financial

Year okay which project is this could you repeat the voice track how big is it driver it is john paul the total project cost is 840 kurata peace outro we are we are expecting to complete this for the vintage within this financial year alright could you also give us a sense of what your total order backlog is right now and at the same time how many projects are

You l1 in currently the power order backlog is around 4000 crore rupees so we are we are l1 in one project on business and what’s the value of that project as well of this project is around 160 kurata p alright and what is the executable period of your water or anything i want to say we have we have total 8 bo t over t forea out of sabeena seven beautiful decks

Are operational all right thanks a lot mr. jane for joining in and those architects garments results flashing for you then

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PNC Infra Commences Operations On Bareilly-Almora Section – Oct 19 By CNBC-TV18