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Michael must give a presentation he didn’t have time to prepare for due to his second job leaving Ryan less than impressed.

Okay michael why don’t you start us off um that wasn’t much of an introduction ladies and gentlemen your boss michael scott oh still lame okay all right um thank you ryan for that wonderful introduction okay um today we’re going to be talking about powerpoint powerpoint powerpoint powerpoint yes i forgot about ryan’s presentation and yes it would have been

Nice to do well with the first presentation that he’d given me but you know what else would have been nice winning the lottery and the best way to start is to hit start and up comes the tool bar that’s what she said what we have to do here is go to run and then you look up to powerpoint and we are in we are going to register you hit register updates are ready i

Should update um estimated time 12 minutes so this should take about 5 or 10 minutes this is the first time you’ve opened powerpoint why you didn’t prepare a presentation at all didn’t you you know what i had a really rough night and my boss can back me up on that i’m your boss my other boss mr figaro you have another job what i do between 5 30 p.m and 1 a.m is

Nobody’s business but mine and my other businesses are collecting waitress you cannot have a second job if it affects your work here it won’t it did already okay honestly it is unlikely that i was going to figure this out anyway it’s so funny why is daryl here he works in the warehouse i invited him it’s not a party daryl back downstairs this isn’t information

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You need this information here yeah you’re right i don’t need this um see you later tonight we got plans later okay bye honey how long until you actually get this presentation ready why don’t you do this presentation because i don’t know how to do it what i really want honestly michael is for you to know it so that you can communicate it to the people here to

Your clients to whomever oh okay what it’s whoever not whomever that’s whomever no whomever is never actually right well sometimes it’s right michael is right it’s a made-up word used to trick students no actually whomever is the formal version of the word obviously it’s a real word but i don’t know when to use it correctly not a native speaker i know what’s right

But i’m not gonna say because you’re all jerks who didn’t come see my band last night do you really know which one is correct i don’t know it’s whom when it’s the object of the sentence and who when is the subject that sounds right well it sounds right but is it how did ryan use it as an object as an object ryan is me as an object is he right about that how did

He use it again it was ryan wanted michael the subject to uh explain the computer system the object to whomever meaning us the indirect object which is the the correct usage of the work no one uh asked you anything ever so whomever’s name is toby why don’t you take a letter opener and stick it in your skull hey this doesn’t matter and i don’t even care michael

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You quit the other job you’re fired here uh

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