President Ruto explains the governments plan on climate change during Mashujaa Day Celebrations

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Sustainable development as we do that ladies and gentlemen we are equally concerned about climate change and its impact on kenya generally and our arid and semi-arid regions in particular we will address the effects of this phenomenon as its ravaging effects at home and abroad our pastoralist communities have experienced scarcity of pasture due to prolonged

Drought the worst in 40 years and three years of absolute brain failure as a result we have lost 2.5 million heads of livestock owing to these very severe drought rising food prices have made an already bad situation was elsewhere communities in rural and urban areas across the country are eager equally struggling under the weight of high food prices and shortage

Of water without a doubt climate change is complicating our roadmap towards socio-economic transformation and achievement of sustainable development goals as we seek shorter measures to respond to the evolving situation i have directed that a long-term unsustainable solution to the planetary challenges be put in place the ultimate solution includes greening our

Country to more than 30 percent of tree cover by 2032. the central role forests play in addressing the effects of climate change has become more prominent now than ever thanks to their unparalleled capacity to absorb store carbon and regulate climate of the 59.2 million hectares land in kenya only 5.2 hectares are under forest cover the remaining 54 million hectares

Are largely in arid and semi-arid areas the 10 counties with the highest forest cover are nieri lamu vehica on the rivers the ten counties with the lowest tree cover are marsabit mandera migori busia machacos and was in gishu i call upon the council of governance to facilitate more discussion to achieve clarity in tree cover by using peer-to-peer learning and

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Exchange of information the government will champion the transformation of forestry and landline restoration to support the greening of kenya so as to combat climate change we are at the final stages of designing a special presidential forestry and rangeland restoration program this effort is spearheaded by the ministry of environment and forestry various experts

And partners in government un organizations ngos and the academia the objective is to grow 5 billion trees in the next five years and an additional 10 billion trees by 2032. this will eventually lead to the rehabilitation and restoration of 10 million hectares in our 290 constituencies as well as some specially selected ecosystems and water towers threatened by

Degradation and destruction to achieve this ambitious plan the government will continue to support efforts by the kenya forestry research institute carefree in high quality seed production in their 18 seeds centers across the country agroforestry and farming of avocados mangoes and macadamia will also open new value chains for our export market creating green jobs

In those sectors i therefore urge all kenyans to support this government’s call to grow at least 15 billion trees in 10 years to achieve this target simple calculation shows that every kenyan need to grow at least 300 trees the 50 million of us we will be able to grow 15 billion trees and i will tell the ministry concern the ministry of environment to issue a small

Certificate for every kenyan who completes his round of 300 trees restoration in the presidential program will be undertaken by youth and women groups civil society communities and religious organizations leveraging on private sector and government financing to ensure sustainable funding kenya is developing policies and strategies to tap into the global carbon

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Market opportunities accessed through carbon trading additionally the government will secure and protect public forests rehabilitate and restore all degraded water towers and other forest ecosystems across the country we will work towards fencing all fragile water towers and other ecosystems to protect them from encroachment to resolve the capacity constraints

At the kenya forest service i have directed the immediate recruitment of an additional 2700 forest ranges and 600 forest officers to augment our interventions in this sector shortly i will also be inaugurating the climate change council that will steer kenya’s climate action through stakeholder engagement coordinated in the presidency as required by the climate

Change act of 2016. another program we will start mobilizing finance from public and private including multilateral sources to fund the proposed activities this is anchored on the united nations goals and backed by the tree growing and sustainable forest finance management program supported by un and other international institutions the program also responds

To kenya’s commitment to help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions articulated in various multilateral environmental agreements and the united nations decade of action on ecosystem restoration kenya will rally the globe towards more ambitious climate change action in next month’s 27th u.n climate change conference at jamal sheikh in egypt in an increasingly

Interconnected world ladies and gentlemen our well-being depends on engagements with our neighbors continental fraternity and international partnerships in all these areas kenya has continued to be a dependable ally faithful friend and effective partner ever committed to a win with

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President Ruto explains the government’s plan on climate change during Mashujaa Day Celebrations By Citizen TV Kenya