Probably the NICEST mobile home on YouTube! NEW next level triple wide! Home Tour

I don’t believe you will find anything cooler than this home on YouTube! I’m super excited about revealing this triple wide modular home to you all! Hey friends, this is Chance with Chance’s mobile home world and we have a very crazy mobile home video tour video for you. Be sure to subscribe and like this video if you enjoy please!

Okay i’m trying to come up with words how to describe this home and i just nothing i’m drawing a blank right now y’all this thing is so crazy like ah man i have huge hopes for this video on the channel i think this is gonna be one of the ones that y’all absolutely love let’s quickly talk about the exterior we’re gonna head in we’ve got so much to see you see

They went with the board and bat in here and they went with the hardy as well under that on this side and on that side as well looks really really good i am in nampa idaho this is a united family homes uh so grateful to let me come video some of their amazing inventory this is this home is manufactured by kit custom home builders they basically all their homes

Here are kit custom but they’re all really really unique and so i think y’all are absolutely going to love some of these houses but look at this this thing is massive like the kitchen and the living room setup is is like nothing nothing you’ve ever seen here on the channel it’s nothing like i’ve ever been able to video so i’m absolutely just ecstatic about it so

We even got the hardy here on the side and then even on the back as well and i love the back sides of these home a lot of times you’re like don’t need to show the back side hurry up and get in but look at this i’m gonna be honest when i first pulled up and saw that i was like where’s the front door at uh cause this house is facing away from the office or whatever

I thought this was the right oh don’t do nobody i’ll touch that that house right there’s another triple wide it’s gonna be on the channel as well y’all definitely be sure to subscribe to the notification bell so you know we post new future content look at the size of these windows let me make sure we’re going to definitely get looked at them from the inside as well

But those windows are just very very large so this is full three halves crazy and uh we have two doors down here we’ve got a door right here that’s like off of your dining room uh full glass with the blinds in it and then we have another one down here quickly show you give you a peek of that window over the kitchen and another door down there that’s gonna i think

That’s the youtube room right all right all right let’s head to the front all right so y’all keep in mind this is a show model you can basically order off of this home kind of customize some things if you’d like to do that as well check out the little entrance that we have right here got you a nice covering if it’s raining and you’re fumbling with your keys oh no

Don’t want all that half class beveled front door and then we got this window right here it’s showtime ladies and gentlemen i don’t know how to walk in this house and not just be like just show you everything it’s very it’s very wowing i’m being wild right now but i do want to circle around here so there is basically is nice kind of like a little foyer area that

You have in a sense and then right here we have this nice little wet bar uh i was corrected the other day i did not know but it’s not considered a wet bar unless it has a sink and i appreciate you dropping that comment because i was looking like an idiot i didn’t have a clue but this right this is a wet bar 100 look at the size of that cat okay we got several

Rooms to see but let’s go ahead and get into this living room and i’m gonna also show you the kitchen as well before we start looking at anything else but i wanted to come down here and i wanted to show you these windows again how massive they are every one of their uh ceilings in these homes is very cool very nice really nice flooring all the way in the living

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Room kitchen dining room are you ready for a shot of that kitchen just a quick little pan in there with this being three halves this home is just matt like this area right in here the square footage is just crazy i’m gonna make a bold clamp this may be the number one video on the channel in a few months i just feel like the you know the ones that get shared the

Most the ones that get light you know that you like the most which by the way if you have not liked this video plug that really encourage you to do that really helps them out but those are the ones that get uh pushed the most by youtube far as i know and so i feel like this is going to be one of them because it’s just it’s crazy so let’s just keep on going with

The flow we’ve got some more really nice windows down here as well there is that first door that we seen on the exterior shot remember i was telling you comes into the dining area i love this backsplash that they have all right let’s go on in here to the kitchen we’ll start with our island that we have now this is the first for me seeing this uh cooktop here in

The island this is something i’ve never seen in a home that i’ve toured i thought that was really cool may not want this you didn’t necessarily have to have this but for me to see it in a house i thought i thought it was great to be able to get on video and there is that window i gave you a little bit of a glimpse of on the exterior shot it’s crazy then over

This way we’ve got the really nice farm sink built-in oven and microwave above that as well look how high those cabinets go um i’m going to show you that room first but i just want you to look at all the other cabinets in this home this is like that gunmetal stainless steel appliances even got some cabinets under the island right there the only thing that i’m

Not seeing is a pantry that would be really nice to see in this home but other than that i mean you can’t have everything let’s just look at one more wait hold on who goes there man sorry i can get the light on for y’all i honestly when i i took a glimpse at this and i seen i’ve seen this set up i was like that’s a pantry that’s a pantry but i hadn’t been

In here i didn’t know how big it was going to be but my gosh y’all my goodness like you got to know when i started videoing these homes i hadn’t really sat down and looked at the floor plan that in depth so i i you probably already have and he was like it’s got a huge pantry but i haven’t had the time to record my gosh this reminds me you could have like that

You know walmart you got the chip owl you could have like that in here which would be a major problem for me i love chip like oh my gosh just when y’all thought this house was a killer had to go and do that we were way into this video we got a lot more to see come on so we come into here this is the utility room we’ve got a little half bath in here there’s that

Other door that i showed you on the exterior let’s see what’s going to be behind here this is going to be your furnace and your hot water heater all right everyone i’m trying to speed up a little bit so we got us a really nice nice half bath there and then i mean let’s just take one little second to talk about the size of this room this is a very big room spot

For your washer and dryer got all these cabinets around i mean there’s some kitchens i’ve toured they don’t even have this many cabinets get you nice sink like countertop space wow because so we come up out of there this is one of the houses you mess around get lost in if you’re not careful so be extremely careful let’s go ahead and start with this room i wanted

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To start the tour soon as i walked in with this frame i was like no let’s go ahead and get into the other but i’ll be real brief this is a four bedroom right yeah four bedroom really cool looking closet well i’ll come back and shut all that uh this is a bit so that’d be like perfect for like office or something maybe if you wanted to set it up that way so we

Come down here like i mean this is like a maze like i don’t know which way which which way do i go let’s go this way it’s gonna be oh wow this is cool this this is a storage closet right here pantry 2.0 i don’t know i mean should i no we ain’t got that much time so here’s another bedroom hey since you’re still with me let me i just thought about it encourage

You to stay to see the main bedroom there’s two closets they’re both crazy big and then that tile shower is definitely something as well so as we step out of there let’s go ahead and get this other bedroom kind of the same setup here in this closet okay so we’ve looked at these rooms what have we know okay so we haven’t looked at anything down here wow double

Sinks in here i like the backsplash design that we have and then we have this really nice shower tube combo that we’ve been seeing in some of the homes here these are by max in case you were wondering i’ve been kind of wondering because it’s definitely like something i’ve never seen okay i’ll check you later bud all right so check this out we’ve got two more

Little storage closets right here got one there and then i think this one’s got more rags made got her shelves i’m sorry is this another page okay now i was not messing with y’all when i was talking about these closets in here i don’t even know which one to do first let’s just first get a shot of the room itself this is this room is not like as wide as some of

The main bedrooms that i’ve seen but it’s very very long let’s start with this closet right here so here’s one of the two that we have and i just love the built-ins that we have um i mean i hadn’t seen a white rack since i’ve been here uh and i mean that’s just that’s just great to see i believe and i know y’all like that as well but this right here is a closet

That i think if this is all you had i mean that’s big but then right down here we have another one ladies here’s your second closet and this one’s set up completely different but we’ve got more shelves and built-ins okay i know this has been a long one i’m trying to be as fast okay here we go fast as i can we got double sinks in here got a different like uh

More like a subway type tile in here on the backsplash really big cabinets i mean like look at the size of my hand wow i like this these these faucets look really good man i gotta tell y’all i just got a text um i’m gonna be dropping some merch real soon and man i just got to see what the store looked like maybe by the time this video is coming out i’ve got some

Of it and y’all are able to check it out but i’m super excited about like i’ve been wanting to have some merchandise for for a while like some clothing and cups coffee cups and all that and i just i just got a text from the guy that’s setting it all up and it looks so cool all right we’re going to finish it up with this tile shower this right here definitely

Completes this home wow my voice sounds i can see hi i love they went with the towel i mean this this shower is completely tiled out you got the nice even little spot for you soap and everything there you shampoo your conditioner bold claim y’all make sure i get one final shot of that bold claim y’all but i’m telling you i will not be surprised if this becomes

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The number one uh video on the channel simply because of this magnificent home be sure to subscribe to the notification bell if you have not i’m like this is what i do i travel all over i’m 1400 miles away from home but i got to get the content i’m going to continue to do that for y’all lord willing and so be sure to subscribe don’t forget to share this video with

Someone that you think would like to see this amazing home and if you have not liked this video by now i mean what you doing yeah if you will i really if you would i really really would appreciate it thank you oh yeah that’s a beauty you guys the merch is dropping saturday night look i know this video has been really long so i’m gonna get right into everything

But yes let me say stay tuned saturday night big video because it’s a lot of family stuff it’s the late trip that i told you i went on and plus the merch is dropping i’ll have the link in the description to the merch website saturday and saturday night’s video we got shirts hoodies caps we got utility clothes we got the pantry dent a lot of stuff i’ll talk about it

More next video all right so as usual in the description of this video i’m gonna try to have some resourceful information for you guys that home is crazy like i hope this becomes one of the top videos on the channel is what i’m hoping for but in the description i’ll have that also in the description we’re going to have our website link now the website link is for

Those of you that are watching maybe you want some more information i’m going to give you some ballpark figure as far as pricing but maybe you’re watching on down the road pricing could have changed and maybe you want more exact pricing for exactly where you’re at some finance options all that kind of stuff like maybe if you’re looking to purchase this the best

Thing we recommend is our website link that’ll be in the description below basically we’re able to help get you in contact with someone in your area that has this home or something like it so highly recommend if you want more information website link in the description i feel like when i got this shirt on i just feel like i’m on another level i mean i’m not saying

It’s going to do that for y’all but for me it’s like it just fits perfectly all right as we talk about pricing you guys like i just said these are ballpark figures there can be a lot of factors that i can’t begin to account for depending on where you are there could be freight charges that i can’t account for there’s county rep there’s different county regulations

In every county and depending on where you’re getting the home set there could be other things required you know the setup can require more things just a lot of stuff that i can’t begin to account for but i don’t want to leave you hanging i want to give you some type of idea on pricing so that’s what this is i like to call it average general pricing just what’s

Been provided to me so you guys can have some idea you’re going to be seeing this price right here up above us and like i said ballpark figures so just keep that in mind as well so my goal is to keep this video under 20 minutes so i gotta go but hey i’m telling you for sure even if you’re not interested in the merchandise that’s okay but you gotta come back and

See saturday night’s video it’s it’s something so unique that i had never done so y’all come back 6 45 central time is when will come out videos come out tuesday thursday and saturday night hope every one of you have a blessed evening blessed morning whenever you’re watching and i’ll see you saturday night see you hey you got this in a medium make my muscles look

Bigger okay perfect

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Probably the NICEST mobile home on YouTube! NEW next level triple wide! Home Tour By Chance’s Home World