Pros & Cons.. 2022 Lexus RX 350 Premium Package

This quick buyer’s guide for the 2022 Lexus RX covers the pros & cons of the final V6 powered RX 350. The model featured in this video is a Premium Package that stickers for around $55K. See my full detailed review on the 2022 NX 450h+ Plug-in Hybrid:

The first pro with this lexus rx 350 is going to be that engine everybody loves this three and a half liter naturally aspirated v6 producing 295 horsepower and 267 pounds feet of torque it is much quicker than what the numbers suggest but most importantly it has character it has soul it actually sounds pretty good and it is genuinely effortless to drive it does a

Great job around town i never have an issue with it the 8-speed transmission that’s also a pro it shifts down when i needed to even in the regular comfort mode i don’t need to drive into the sport mode i don’t have to get on the paddles in fact it’s a total waste of time just driving it in the comfort that’s the best way to enjoy this car so engine and transmission

Performance is great much better than what the mainstream reviewers would say or suggest one con driving this will be the brakes feels a little bit soft granted it’s a pretty easy fix you can just upgrade the brake pads it’s not necessary i just thought i would bring it up for everyday driving it’s totally fine but there is a little bit more brake travel necessary

To bring this to a halt but for the most part it’s not terrible just wanted to bring it up the next pro is obviously going to be with this interior space i love how solid lexus interiors are but most importantly much like the driving the interior also has character there’s real design here i love the various material choices the design language the stitching

The padding is such a plush place to spend time the seats are nice and soft the steering wheel everything has a softness to it that most german cars lack don’t get me wrong i like the solidness of a european car interior especially like an audi or a bmw but the lexus interiors they have the solidity while being shrouded in this kind of leather material everywhere

Including your knees where your knees touch that is also nicely padded and soft this headlining material is soft i forgot to mention in my full review actually but the trunk is also carpeted so that also helps to make this car quieter when you drive it and that’s going to be the next pro is going to be how quiet this machine is we have double pane glass in the front

Around town it is very quiet up to like 55 miles an hour once you get at the highway speeds around 80 miles an hour that’s when you start to get a bit of wind noise certainly and you start to get a bit of a tire hum but it’s totally natural it doesn’t bother you it’s not a big deal one of the cons is going to be the pricing of the option so you know around fully

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Loaded this can be around 65 000 if you load it up to the gills more commonly these are going to go for around 62 63 000 for fully loaded luxury models or fully loaded f-sport models that’s a lot of money especially since these things start at around 46 grand for the front wheel drive models and around 48 grand for the all-wheel drive models i definitely recommend

Getting the all-wheel drive models mind you you don’t have to get a fully loaded model but the fully loaded cars they are very nice and i usually don’t say this but you know it is almost worth it to get a luxury trim level of the rx with the 20 inch wheels with the mark levinson or even a fully loaded f-sport they’re very nice and they look much cooler than what

We have here this is a 55 000 rx 350 all-wheel drive it looks kind of playing with the 18 inch wheels they don’t look terrible but it’s just you know once you get it loaded up to around 60 grand that’s when you get the full ambiance of the rx right with the triple beam headlights which cost almost two grand and uh the ml audio system that’s going to add some money

20 inch wheels luxury trim level all that yeah it’s very expensive packages other pros is going to be with the handling of it you’d be surprised but this rx handles great and that’s one of the biggest upgrades for the 2020 models and up they have pretty much stiffened up the suspension they have actually hollowed out the front and rear sway bars to lighten them

Up and they upgraded the bushings made the suspension stiffer like i already stated and you would think that that would ruin the ride quality but actually they’ve done a phenomenal job here they haven’t sacrificed the ride quality it still rides like butter but they’ve made it so that they have reduced the body roll body roll is super annoying on an everyday drive

I’ve driven vehicles where when you just take casual left-hand turns right hand turns the vehicle feels like it’s going to flip over onto itself the occupants they start getting like carsick almost they’re just being swayed around too much so a comfortable car is easy to make a lot of vehicles are comfortable freaking toyota corolla is comfortable but this has an

Excellent handling demeanor it’s confidence inspiring you can actually take it a little bit quicker around turns and the vehicle feels rigid it feels planted it feels sure-footed that is a great quality to pull off here it pretty much rivals the audi q5 that i recently tested in terms of its handling characteristic so people don’t give these lexus products enough

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Credit honestly in the way that it drives the way that it feels in fact the feeling of it this actually communicates with you way more than most european cars would like the audi q5 it does not talk to you at all whereas this rx does with the engine with the chassis the steering everything feels great natural and communicative so i really appreciate that other

Pros include the amount of storage space inside the leg room is great there’s no center transmission tunnel to get in the way so you can fit five adults in here comfortably plenty of space in the trunk there is a spare tire back there as well it’s even carpeted back there like i already mentioned that’s what makes it so quiet i mean one of the things if they want

To improve this they could add free maintenance well they do have free maintenance offered with the warranty it’s like one year 10 000 miles which equates to one free oil change which is like a hundred dollars worth of value whatever they could add like three years of free service so they can compete with bmw’s maintenance plan other things the fuel economy is not

Really a pro oricon this is nowhere near as good in terms of the turbocharged four cylinders from audi in terms of fuel economy or even bmw those four-cylinder turbos will get almost 10 mpg better in the city and the highway than this lexus but this isn’t bad it’s rated to do 19 city 26 highway i actually get around 20 in the city with this all-wheel drive model but

I do get around 25 to 26 out of the highway which isn’t great but it’s not that bad either for many people the infotainment is actually a con it isn’t for me because i actually like using this 12.3 inch screen along with this touchpad but almost everybody hates it so i will count it as a con but in my opinion this is one of my most favorite infotainments i’ve used

In just about any car it comes so easily to me i don’t really see what everyone’s complaint is it’s even a touch screen now for the 2020s and up but using it i don’t have a single issue with it however actually i do have one major con with this and that’s going to be with the apple carplay and the android auto it does come with it however it is not wireless apple

Carplay and android auto so you have the silly wire dangling out of your armrest and that’s very key to note if you want to use your apple carplay and android auto in this car you have to have the wire plugged into the armrest and not in the front two ports here very important to keep that in mind don’t plug in your phone from the front that’s only for charging if

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You want to use your apple carplay and android auto plug it in from the armrest very important and because you made it to the end of this video i wanted to share with you all a way to take some money off of msrp when you go to order a new 2022 lexus rx i have partnered up with a company known as auto companion they are located in the washington dc area they have

Partnered up with four of the largest dealerships in the area to help give you the best deals possible these deals will change month after month because that’s just how dealerships and manufacturers work if you didn’t know so the deals i’m showing you here it’s for october of 2022 you can get between seven to eight percent off msrp on a rx 350 the regular model

But if you wanted a rx450h hybrid you can only take between two to three percent off msrp on those so i don’t really recommend going with the hybrid model because the mpg benefits aren’t really that much greater than the regular rx 350 plus the discount isn’t quite as large either so i’d rather just get the regular rx 350 get the bigger discount and also if you

Choose to lease the car you can also get fifteen hundred dollars in lease cash if you do a one pay lease or if you do it by payment so that’s another extra discount that you get on top of the eight percent and also the rx 350l you can also qualify for a eight percent discount and that’s something else to look into because i believe the rx350l is produced in japan

So if you want a made in japan rx i think the l might be something to look into because the regular rx’s are made in ontario canada so if that matters to you well that’s something you might want to ask them about and they’ll also get eight percent off but you’ll only get a thousand dollars worth of lease cash so obviously these are some of the best deals that you

Can possibly get for a new luxury suv and as i already mentioned they’re in washington dc but you can also have the vehicle shipped to you at your own expense or you can just go pick it up at washington dc there’s also a broker fee of 500 but if you sign up with my link you can get 50 off of that which i’m sure nobody minds paying because you’re taking like over

Five grand off msrp on a 2022 rx this is pretty much the best luxury car deal i’ve seen so if you want to take advantage of it and you want the last v6 powered rx all the information will be in the description box below thank you again for watching take care and goodbye

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Pros & Cons.. 2022 Lexus RX 350 Premium Package By Exhaust Sports Auto