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Business Analytics has become a very popular course for Master’s aspirants in the UK in the past few years. And if you’re looking to Pursue Business Analytics in the UK without a relevant degree then this video is for you!

In the last two years or so five in ten students i talked to are wanting to study or switch their field of study to business analytics no wonder business analytics is slowly becoming a top choice for students and in many cases i have seen students opting for msc business analytics rather than an mba well why is that happening the demand for graduates is through the

Roof and the money as well i have co-created a course with sarika from your knowledge buddy a uk job market expert and business analyst herself along with an international student graduate in business analytics from warwick and currently working as a data analyst in the uk to help aspiring students who intend to study in the uk and want to know everything about the

Job market salaries companies cvs cover letters universities programs and visas all included at an affordable price it comes with lifetime validity and has 60 minutes of recorded sessions with a number of free resources dropping the link in the description box below go check it out and let us begin end with today’s video and discuss a few top universities in the uk

Where you can get into a business analytics program even without a relevant background number one we have ucl this world top 10 university in london accepts students for an msc business analytics degree from a variety of backgrounds including management mathematics engineering computer science economics and psychology provided they possess strong quantitative skills

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Ucl accepts students with a 60 depending on the level of institution where you studied for your bachelor’s degree next up we have queen mary university of london qmul is another russell group university based in london that accepts students with an undergraduate degree in any subject provided the degree has good levels of math and statistics components students

From mathematics sciences engineering economics finance accounting management and even politics have been accepted into this course next we have the warwick business school on this list i’m pretty much sure you’ll be surprised to know that warwick also accepts students into the msc business analytics program without a relevant background but yes it’s true you can be

From economics business engineering geography sociology and politics backgrounds and still study business analytics provided you possess strong numeracy and quantitative skills if you’re planning to study for a business analytics program at universities like ucl queen mary and warwick check out the link in the description box below for a curated course for all the

Aspiring students wherein you get all the info you need for a very very affordable price it’s super informative and great value for money now over to the next university on my list next up we have university of nottingham this world top 100 university makes it very clear that the student should not have studied business analytics before and will accept you with

Any degree in which you studied for a quantitative module you will ideally need 60 to 70 percent for this program and ielts of 6.5 with 6 in each over to university of edinburgh so this world top 20 university located in scotland will accept you with a degree in management science operational research statistics econometrics mathematics physics computer science

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Engineering or business and management the best part even if you don’t have relevant degree but relevant work experience you can get in next up university of exeter exeter is also a part of prestigious russell group universities and will accept you with any degree with at least 60 to 65 percent in your bachelor’s and ielts of 6.5 with 6. the school is also triple

Crown accredited and is ranked amongst top 100 b schools in europe by financial times i hope you found today’s video pretty informative and before you leave check out the course i have co-created with an international student just like you and a uk job market expert and business analyst to make a journey easier it is super affordable and trust me it is immensely

Beneficial the link is in the description box below foreign

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