Sacha Baron Cohen MIGHT Be Selling Vaccines to Celebrities

During Sacha’s interview we discover that he is definitely running a side business selling vaccines to celebrities, and things suddenly take a turn for the worse for him and his wife Isla Fisher.

You know i have to say i i watch and you know i love the first borat movie i love the second borap movie and it while it does look scary at times is it fun to be borat jimmy i’m not here to talk about fun it was important to make this film and i i really wanted to expose the hypocrisy those those using power to get ahead criminality hey man what’s up yup i’ve

Got uh astrazeneca i’ve got some fuzzer what do you want yeah okay yeah yeah yeah yeah then fenmo is fine yeah okay great did i hear you did i hear you correctly was that bono no no it’s a different bono it’s chad’s bonner the movie exemplifies that those using power to get ahead use their criminality using their positions right the self enrichment wow uh

Tom who which ones hanks or holland a crew oh it’s time for us you don’t need me mate you’re old enough to get it legally what i thought the fencings were immune uh wait hold up what’s up can i i don’t mean to pry but are you selling vaccines stay out of this kimmel right look after that face of yours there’s no vaccine for broken legs oh okay all right well um

Anyway anyway where were we the the challenge with you know the satire right the satire of the of the home because we have a corrupt hello hello yeah kanye yo yo yo i can get you johnson johnson no no not dakota and dog what do you mean you only need one hour got you down for six look sick oh sorry i hadn’t heard oh sorry all and right drive for six hours if

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Only tiger had listened to me okay oh well you know i have to say i mean i i i don’t want to jump to conclusions but it seems like you’re selling vaccines to celebrities sasha jimmy jimmy keep it moving if you want to keep your legs moving all right oh all right the challenge the challenge with satire oh we’re back from the target of one honey ruffalo’s outside

I am here’s the cash all right okay what does he want two fizers a madonna and an oatmeal he wants an only what do you think i am sasha baron postmates all right what is happening are you selling with you said ruffle are you selling vaccines to mark ruffalo leave it jimmy i’m sorry you look higher than don jr if you’ve been you’ve been drinking any vaccines how

Many of you have two i’ve had two how many 15 oh my god you know this is well besides i think this is illegal but it also seems like you should be focusing on like your you know oscar campaign you’re nominated for awards you’re nominated for a sag awards it seems like you should be focused on the oscars right now right this is my oscar campaign jimmy put it this

Way none of the hollywood foreign press are catching covered any time soon all right what’s going on nice fun fun it’s fine all right hold on we got it we’re good we’re good all right that’s quite a bit of money this is right so uh you know the thing is they’re just such wonderful actors there you know we have joshua where are you going what’s happening it’s

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Just you know eddie redmayne you know he’s won an oscar it’s just such a privilege yeah he was very good in the in that film did you and eddie get on i mean uh yuck sure i mean aaron’s silk in every every word it’s a mouthful eric the cdc have got a tank uh-huh are you driving right now yeah yeah yeah you’re right it’s fine it’s fine uh-huh yeah i mean everything

About saw kim’s master of language he’s the modern day shakespeare and hedgehog yeah yeah yeah are the it looks to me like you’re being chased by the police sasha seems i don’t know it didn’t so right now absolutely fine i mean it’s really about inhabiting the character and just so many wonderful track like jealous stars of stage and strength yeah uh it’s you’re

On the local news also i don’t know if you’re aware of this oh wonderful are they talking about the cards no they’re not talking about the globes they’re actually following your car with a helicopter right now the police are um it looks like you’re pulling oh no oh my god are you satra are you okay well everything is you know flame teeth oh my god tell wesley

Snipes he owes me 5g or he can forget the second dose of pfizer i i should probably let you go it looks like you’re real busy there right now sasha baron cohen thank you to the hollywood foreign president the trial of chicago seven is on netflix borat is on amazon front we have wesley snipes will be with us when we come back thank you sasha thanks for watching

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Sacha Baron Cohen MIGHT Be Selling Vaccines to Celebrities By Jimmy Kimmel Live