SAGITTARIUS – Changing the Way You Were Taught OCTOBER 24TH – 30TH


Sagittarius high so this is going to be a reading for october 24th through the 30th and i’ll take a look into a recent past your current priorities and your immediate future and then i’ll close it off with a couple of cards from the universe for you and these are general readings so they may not resonate for all of you if they do there’s an extended at the end

Of the video you can check out all the info about that in the description box below if you want let’s see saggy thank you all right the overall energy for the reading the knight of cups okay well your heart seems to be open okay yeah there’s indication here that you’re pretty open um ace and pads the seven of stars the death card the ten of pentacles i

Don’t know why i see this the minute i leave the cards down i saw it almost like someone stepping away from their family almost um and not you know in the traditional way i’m going off to college and bye bye family or you know who knows what um yeah it doesn’t have to be family it’s the notion of there’s a little bit of a closed door when it comes to something

That was stable in your life it appears that way um i’m not sure if that was that door was shut completely but that was the intent here anyways in the current situation the high priestess the eight of pentacles the two of wands you’re um you’re working a lot with your intuition basically you’re very internal by the looks of it and you have been for a while

And you’re gonna be for a little while longer there’s definitely almost like taking a break from the world and just kind of dealing with you at this time um and it’s working out some things something’s looking quite good here for you as we do this in the immediate future the justice card the six of wands the knight of pentacles trying to straighten something out

Here trying to balance something out maybe to fix something i don’t know it looks like it’s something that’s gonna take a little while and it’s it’s looking like it’s working out so i don’t know what this energy is for some reason i’m going back to the past there but it doesn’t have to be that same situation but let’s see let’s clarify let me see the knight of cups

Foreign car the five of cups the ace of pentacles okay uh kind of coming through as this energy of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and there’s definitely something tied up to that energy there that you’re showing me it’s kind of like because of that as painful as it was i managed to kind of pull myself out and rediscover myself like find out who i truly

Am or things something to that extent where it’s like you’re feeling good about it now but you do recognize the pain from the past that the situation caused um like the fact that there was this detachment of some sort um open up opened up the door to a brand new beginning for you and you recognize that and you feel good about that by the looks of it um let’s

Do the seven of swords in the recent past the wheel of fortune the seven of swords the nine of swords because this was a painful process that’s why that’s why i wasn’t seeing this as being done done like completely caught off um because i see you trying several times before you actually got to the point of okay that’s it uh trying because every time you tried

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Pain comes came through and because pink came through you probably went back to the situation you know to not feel that pain anymore but i feel like you were dealing with a different kind of pain while you were in it it was just something you’ve gotten used to this new pain it was like ah okay let’s not deal with this because i don’t know what this is um let’s

Do the death card snowed a little bit today a little bit too much it’s not time yet for too much uh for the death card you get the two of wands the hermit the six of cups yeah possibly possibly waiting for a better time a time when you were actually ready to end something here oh this this is painful this this doesn’t feel good this whole situation but there it

Is showing up with your own growth your own healing around this and then as you do that you come more and more to this i gotta put an end to this it is a soul connection it could be a soul family kind of a situation i don’t know what it is but i see it really close to home for you let’s do the ten of pentacles page of cups five of swords the magician uh whatever

This was possibly still is in your life but it was definitely for quite a while i see it as your foundation your development you’re you th kids i don’t know what i’m saying here but just that initial part of your life i see it tied up to that there’s a distorted energy of love in there almost like it taught you what love was but not in the greatest way in a very

Distorted way and you’ve been manifesting love for yourself the way you learned it looks quite distorted um but almost like that’s all you knew and i don’t know if it’s you know related to your first years of life or things like that it could be even later in life it’s just the way i’m getting it as your foundation somehow uh that taught you what love was but love

When it’s shown up here it’s not showing up in the greatest way and that i see you manifesting up to this point basically throughout all your relationships that kind of love requesting from the universe that kind of love that you knew it’s looking again it’s looking a little bit distorted let’s do the high priestess in the current situation the four of swords

The ace of wands the ten of swords okay you’re shutting everything down you’re almost like in a very reconstructive kind of an energy like shutting everything down everything you’ve ever wanted shut down because at this point if that’s the case there and you had that aha moment over it you might be like you know everything i want i don’t even know if i want like

Truly want me me or was i taught to want that just like i was taught love which yeah i don’t trust the love that i was taught so why would i trust anything else that i want so it’s kind of coming through a little bit like that where i see you kind of shutting things down but again almost like an internal kind of an energy like i need to discover me i need to be


With me so whatever comes from the outside it’s a little bit of a pass on on your side kind of like stay there i’ll take care of you when i come back out yeah but for right now like a shutdown she doesn’t feel bad um there is a lot of healing that’s going on actively on your side so whatever you feel shouldn’t interfere you know your choice for the eight of

Pentacles you get the two of swords the nine of pentacles the ace of swords yeah coming out with new energy with a new sense of view well this is the new me what does new me want now you know because up until this point i wanted this i’m not sure about it so what is it that i want now when i’m actually grasping me for who i am this is quite interesting the growth

The evolution and the standing in your power it seems to be slow but it’s slow because you have times when you overthink it you know you kind of go on those rabbit holes and you get lost there but for the most part it’s happening and you are coming through with an energy that belongs to you truly not distorted how you were taught not this and that and the other

Let’s do the two of wands in the current situation the queen of swords the eight of wands the nine of wands somebody’s waiting for you almost that’s what it’s kind of looking like like we’re waiting for you to come out of wherever you are here um it looks like it could be a friend or a i don’t see them as cheering you on necessarily in terms of oh they’re your

Support system although they could be i see them more as let’s say you’re this and you’re standing still here because you’re busy with yourself and they’re right here i don’t see love i don’t see them interfering being like hey saji let’s take you out of here let’s go no they’re just standing there and waiting for what who the hell knows they are sending some sort

Of an energy it’s a very straightforward kind of uh energy they bring in trying to figure out what this is because it’s it seems like it’s quite important it’s right there by your side this energy um and at times you keep on rejecting it for some reason i’m going to like spirit guys or something like that that surround you and it’s like ah i don’t want to hear

You today or you know because it’s right there you move to the right they move to the right you move to the left they move to the left constantly there it’s not a bad energy again it’s not but it’s not the kind of a friend warming like ah let’s hug it out because you’re gonna be fine you know not that kind of uh come on let’s do the justice card in your immediate

Future eight of pentacles five of wands three of pentacles there seems to be a uh some some form of let’s patch things up let’s try to fix something i don’t know if it’s coming from you or if it’s an energy coming your way uh it could belong to some sort of a friendship or a bond you have to someone and there’s a whole lot of conflict in there so it’s kind of like

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The whole energy around it is kind of like let’s try to work on it um i feel like it’s coming from the both of you but i don’t know who’s initiating it in all honesty it doesn’t even matter let’s do the six of wands in the immediate future six of swords the justice card the three of swords salmon’s flaky here someone’s like yeah let’s do it let’s work on things

Okay and then they don’t show up or something they do but they don’t they’re like okay let’s do this and then nothing and then again yeah you know sorry about last time but let’s try again and then again nothing this is interesting i don’t know if this is you or somebody you’re dealing with but uh there definitely seems to be like it’s it’s a little bit of a roller

Coaster so even though the intention is let’s work on this and it’s pretty clear and you know kind of straight up the path towards doing that towards fixing things here or balancing them out is kind of like this so it’s not linear at all it has some bumps in the road let’s do the knight of pentacles in the immediate future ten of pentacles eight of swords queen

Of wands you’re um you’re definitely coming into a more there’s more clarity that’s being gained here on your side slowly but surely because i i feel like this is you the one that’s yeah let’s do this and then no it’s not and then yeah let’s do it again or no you know like you’re not necessarily showing up constantly in this one for some reason but when you do it

Does feel good and when you don’t you don’t because it hurts so whatever happened here left a mark um however you’re starting to gain a little more clarity when it comes to this one and from that point on you get to decide what’s going to happen here basically but um i’m glad that you’re um falling more into this place of clarity with it let’s see what the universe

Has to close it off ace of pentacles the tower the ace of wands pretty much the same thing you know when the intention is there the let’s go let’s do this it’s definitely work out and then something happens where everything drops in its head and then okay let’s do it again so just expect whatever this is that is looking for um some sort of balance whatever the

Situation is tied up to you it’s going to be a little bit roller coastery so it’s not going to be smooth um but eventually at least i see you gaining clarity over it so that’s gonna help but that’s it that’s what i have for you hope this helped and i’ll see you next time bye

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SAGITTARIUS – "Changing the Way You Were Taught" OCTOBER 24TH – 30TH By ALI’s Tarot