SAGITTARIUS – THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING… Time to Go For It! October 24th – 20th Tarot Reading

This is a general tarot reading for the sign of Sagittarius for the week of October 24th – 30th, 2022.

Hello sagittarius welcome to this reading we’re  going to be taking a look at the current energy   of october 24th now do keep in mind this   as they resonate drop the ones that do not   i’m using the tarot muka the after tarot  and the prism oracle deck there are links   let’s go and make sure we’re  all set up here

And in view do make sure you are subscribed to the channel  if you want to get regular content from me   all right let’s see what we have here all right  go and put this right here and then we’ll also   put take a couple of these oracle cards as well i  think we’re also going to take that one all right   and i think we’re just

About looking good enough  to me all right energy on the bottom you have the   nine of swords so nine of swords you know this  can indicate that some of you here at this time   or maybe even depression i always like to say   professional you know i can’t diagnose i’m   me like the mental health card okay and so  

For some of you here there’s something that you’re  maybe in your mind about i do have to say you know   you do have let’s see here you have an interesting  reading this is a big reading we have very   strong cards here with yeah we have very strong  cards but the fool the the death card the world   four five major arcana

Which means that that is  the majority of the uh nine cards here and so   some of you are dealing with like a monumental  change okay you’re dealing with a monumental   change here you’re going through a monumental  change and part of i think what goes along with   there are multiple types of stress eustress   words

You know when we when we decide to   that we decide to go ahead and go for that   you know higher paying job that comes with more  responsibilities that’s a good thing right it’s   good that we’re doing that but it does come along  with some some normal eustress and so if anything   you’re going through some monumental

Changes   here in your life could be job connected but it  could also be in other areas of life here um for   very many of you this could be connected to career  in some respects let’s just go ahead and dive in   page of wands here page of wands is really about   offers opportunities pages are kind of invitations  from

The universe or messengers from the universe   one that’s associated with with job offers or   job opportunities when you get that card okay  i do actually think that there is a  uh seeing what’s out there in your  career and whether you’re self-employed   or you work for somebody which some of you do  because you have this

Hero font card i think   many of you do but some of you it doesn’t matter  whatever you do for your career um some of you i   think are seeing what’s out there that’s kind  of the message that’s coming into my mind here   you know you’re maybe you know firing off some  applications you’re dusting off that resume if  

You’re self-employed you’re you’re maybe thinking  about a new element or a new sort of um direction   different or something new into your career uh   these sorts of things i think are coming in for  you at this time i do want to say you probably   already know because of the thumbnail but you know  this is the week that we we’re

Looking at this   week that’s that has the uh solar eclipse okay and  so the energies this week are high these are high   energies right there are there’s lots of activity  going on astrologically and the thing about   eclipses is they bring about broad changes into  our life well okay they’re correlated i should say  

Astrology is not causation it’s correlation so  eclipses are correlated with big changes all right   so these are changes that you know might take  a might determine the next six to 12 months in   our life versus something like just a traditional  moon cycle is maybe a little bit different right   now in the past you have the three

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Of cups you  have the world card and you also have the nine   of wands here so the three of cups connects to  your your social circle or the people that you   spend time with the people that you engage with  um on a daily basis this can also just simply   refer to other people in your life right like  groups of people people

Outside of you people   enjoyment you know kind of letting your hair   down you know whatever it is that you like to do  you know going out with your your mates or your   um you love to see it here because this  do have the devil but look uh the three  of cups when it’s surrounded by positive   be a time of celebration and

Enjoyment truly  in one’s life and so you know in the past year   there has been something for you maybe connected  to friendships like i’m getting 11 11th house   vibes if you if you’re really into astrology like  the 11th house here is really coming into my mind   um and also yeah yeah also the 12th house three  plus nine

Plus 21 flip 21 rounds the world’s 21.   hidden things 11th house is like your the   collective maybe your friends anyway those kind of  upper end houses here are coming into my mind you   may want to just research what those mean for you  there could be a message for some of you there but   world card is a completion it’s

The end  um it is a card of victory as well though okay  and it says that you’ve kind of taken a long   march towards uh down a road and you’ve gotten to  the end of the road you’ve completed the journey   when you get the world card it’s saturn energy  it is certainty as well being certain that   and then you have this nine

Of wands here   of things a lot of things like the best way   it says do not give up because essentially   journey of the wands and you definitely are   completing something here pretty heavily i do  think that this has required you to sort of   people groups maybe social media in some ways  and uh friendships all

Those sorts of things   full you have the page of wands and you   um solar eclipse new moon scorpio energy here um  and so not surprised for me to see this card come   in uh with the death card and you know really  what the death card does is it brings about   you can see the uh can you see it here the   hero fonts

In the background right you see the  hero font in the background of this death card   well here’s the hero font and to me when you get  something like a combination of the death card and   certainly the combination of the devil and hero  font this is an energy of being a non-conformist   this is an energy of you doing something

That i  think is different than what everybody else does   obviously you know and you know taking a different  route in life but it’s something that you feel   that you should do the death card doesn’t have to  be scary change the thing about the the death card   that’s scary is that change is scary fundamentally  change

Is scary right going back to the initial   example here which is like okay i’m gonna apply  for a job that comes with more money but also   comes with more responsibility it’s scary to leave  what is comfortable for you right but ultimately   that gives you an opportunity to improve you’re  standing you know you’re showing up

For yourself   type of vibe here i definitely don’t think  that this is bad i think that subconsciously   what you don’t see coming it’s also  the way that you talk to yourself um i’d pay attention to your dreams at this time  it’s interesting that the challenges in this   reading are all in the lower row nine of wands the 

Death card and the devil these are all you could   say maybe challenges here and it’s interesting  that they’re in the subconscious so you know   um what’s going on the below the surface for you  is my question at this time sagittarius here’s   the thing you have the full card you have the  world in the pat in the background or

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In sorry   yeah in the background in the past whatever you  want to call it in the full card in the current   situation in the present so after the world it  resets the major arcana resets so the next card   would be the full it would start from zero once  you get to the world you start from zero and you   start a new

Journey the fool represents starting  a new journey in your life but it’s a powerful new   journey right it’s it’s knowing that you’re going  somewhere but not knowing where you’re going yet   and with the page of wands this could be connected  to an invitation from the universe it could be   connected to an invitation from you

Know career  related or job related or anything like that   have the four of pentacles and you also have   at the hero font and harifon and the devil   um and so some of you like i can  um i don’t know if you can relate to this but like  for some people like working in an office just   um and that’s just an example right

But  they you know they go to a job they work  in an office you know so forth and so on   um some of you could be doing something like this  okay like it you know but but on the other end of   that by the way but on the other end of that there  are some people who love to work in the office and   who love to go to a nine to

Five and so for some  of you there is like this offer connected to work   career business it just depends i’m not sure who  i’m talking to some of you i think i am working to   people i am talking to people who like to like  work for an organization because the hero font   does refer to your organizations okay like the the 

Place that you go to your nine to five potentially   what’s interesting here and and then i think   also think that some of you are like wait no   in to the office like that’s not what i do   devil’s influence here plus like this big   for you you have this four of pentacles which   you can look at the four of

Pentacles being  hesitant which does not jive well with the   somebody who’s really kind of planning preparing  uh financially getting ready for something   let’s go ahead and let’s start to get some more  yeah so okay you have growth  comfort anger and frustration   i mean can you even make this up what i’ve been  talking

About this whole time sagittarius growth   go well together okay growth is not comfortable   and but it’s important and i think some of you  are like all right i’m getting out of my comfort   zone here i think this is the key combination  um it is possible that somebody is frustrating   can indicate frustration in the tarot

But   i also think if it’s it’s probably if it’s not it  could be because it’s three of pentacles or sorry   three of cups could be a person but i also think  this could be something about work like just like   okay i don’t want to go in and and be the nine to  five person that could also just be be frustrating   to you as

Well uh so those sorts of things are  coming in at this time let’s go ahead and let’s   start to clarify this situation even more now if  you are enjoying this video so far hit that like   button and subscribe i really do appreciate you  being here thank you for spending your time with   me so you have the four of swords you have

The  all right so wow um i really like what happened  here what’s been going on here in the past for   you you know the temperance card is sagittarius  it’s the sagittarius card it’s a major energy   of healing of balance it’s the it’s probably the  biggest card um like like or what i should say is   the most important part

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From my perspective with  the temperance card is to balance something out   in your life in your life and um you know with  the nine of wands the anger and the frustration   there’s something here that’s maybe been brewing  under the surface that you need to that you need   to work through and some i’m not telling you that 

I’m saying that some of you recognize that you   need to work through it is what i think some of  you recognize that you need to work through it   there’s something here under the surface that you  need to balance out or smooth out or edge out in   in the world wow i mean both cards indicate   completion um you know both

You know the temp the  the the abundance card is a major energy of sorry   it’s one of the most abundant cards in the   some of you may have received an inheritance   everybody but i think that some of you have   um here and i think you’re using it to better  yourself in some ways maybe even start a business  

You deal with this four of swords with the three  of cups four of swords is rest and recovery   in here i’m not really sure what’s what’s   all right so there’s clearly been some  has come in here for you with the  and this is been something that you recognize is  going to be a transition in your life or this this   you might

Even just feel divinely inspired like  this might be an invitation from the universe   you recognize that this is sort of like a rite of  passage for you like you’re going to a new place   or you you know even just i’m talking like maybe  not physically i’m talking like maybe just like   in your career path like you’re maybe going

To a  new place this feels like wow like i’m shifting   directions i’m shifting i’m transitioning i’m  going somewhere new and the thing about the six   of swords is it’s an idea it’s this idea of being  guided with the fool the fool is guided right the   fool i mean they’re taking the first step but  they have no idea where

They’re going so with   the five of pentacles don’t be afraid to take the  first step but the full and the five pentacles do   not hold back don’t resist right this is time this  is time for you to really be guided and go for it   you have the five swords you have the death card  what i will say is make sure that you are 

Providing value and whatever it is that   six of pentacles and the devil card okay   it’s like it doesn’t mean that this new like you  might feel excited about this new transition but   it but it means but it also means that you have  to continue providing value to the world in some   self-employed or you know you’re taking

On a   new role somewhere you have to continue providing  value okay um and i think that that is going to be   a very important situation here for some of you  uh you have the four of pentacles and the death   card it’s time to stop being hesitant because you  can’t swim it’s like this is this idea of like you   can’t

Swim upstream here okay this is some of you  are really just not doing the traditional route   involves like a connection to what work what   of the deck you do have the three of cups   it’s like for you you’ll be very happy in this  new transition that you’re making or this new   direction that you’re making so i would say

Trust  and let yourself be guided so thank you so much   for being here if you enjoyed this hit that like  button subscribe i’ll see you in the next reading

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SAGITTARIUS – THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING… Time to Go For It! October 24th – 20th Tarot Reading By Zane Intuitive Guidance