Selena Gomez Shares Her Go-To Evening Routine, Met Gala Memories, and Going Blonde | Beauty Secrets

Selena Gomez on going-out makeup, her drugstore trick for battling breakouts, how she uses lip liner and lip gloss, and why she’s not done with being blonde just yet.

Hey guys it’s selena and i’m here making my second video with my beauty secrets and i’m gonna show you what i do for an evening look i love to light candles it’s just like super i don’t know romantic if that makes sense gets me in the mood um one of my favorite essential oils is the patchouli oil it’s super calming and usually i put some right here on my wrist

I’m gonna use the sephora cucumber eye mask my sister has like 18 of these she’s probably more of the beauty guru now and she’s eight years old she’s kind of cooler than me i like to start with a nice eye patch to get rid of any inflammation while i’m doing that i’m going to use my tatcha dewy serum it’s one of my favorites i have to wash my face before i apply

Makeup it’s just it bothers me i guess like i just need to have a clean you know canvas to start canvas what am i like fancy first i’m going to start with my poor diffusing primer one of the most important things like i i can’t go like a day without listening to some of my favorite music and i have to say that’s a big part of it so we’re gonna have a dance

Break really quick i think the most important part of you know my beauty and my routine is working out i think it’s just um as as miserable as it can be for me i think it helps me mentally it helps me physically of course but just keeps me in a good head space that’s something that i think is a part of a beauty routine and it should be i’m going to move on to my

Foundation so a little goes a long way and i like to do a circular motion when i’m putting on my foundation i don’t know why it’s like soothing but also for me it’s in every corner little crevice when i was younger i loved playing with intense makeup like colors and even my um foundation i used to put on a lot and it would be it would be fun and of course like it

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Was it was like just what i was into but the older i’ve gotten the more i realized that less is more and that it makes me feel sexier when i don’t have as much makeup on you don’t need it to look beautiful because you already are beautiful i’m gonna go back in and touch up a little bit more when i have any sort of breakouts i’m not gonna lie i love the toothpaste

For some reason that’s what i used when i was like 17 and it’s just a trick that works all right i’m gonna move on to my concealer this is one of my favorite products as well because i can just use my concealer if i feel like it going into the problem areas doing a little light coverage or like i’m gonna do today we’re gonna have tons of coverage because i’m

Going out i’m so so excited to share this with you guys this has a powder kind of wax material as you can see when you pull out you have the brush when you take that off you have a little brush isn’t it so cute i’m so excited i’m gonna take a little bit of that um darker color for a long time this was actually the only way i knew how to do my brows i’m going

To move on to my liquid shadow this is one of my favorite colors i like how the mod looks um my eye color my brown eyes and i think it makes them pop when i am just every day going to the studio hanging out i’m usually just wearing concealer and a little blush but when i go out this is the time when i can try new things i can use my my eyeliner my colors sparkles

And it’s just fun to add a little bit of that when you’re getting ready to go out and have a fun night i’m gonna go for my perfect strokes matte liquid eyeliner it is a staple for me to try and do the wing look now i am good at it but sometimes i just i just can’t do it the cat eye look for me happened when i got a little older i love the way that it shapes my

Eyes when i wear my hair up it also really kind of gives me the snatch look if you will nothing completes the eye look of course without mascara we spent so much time on this because we considered every flash type so whether it’s straight down really curly very thin after i put mascara on i curl them it’s such a bad habit to do it after but right before it dries

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I kind of like to give it a good curl blush and mob one time i was in the mall and i had my mask on and i went to sephora love spora and these two girls were walking past me and they were like you know rare beauty their liner is just so good and affordable and i like sat over there and i was like oh my gosh yes because it’s like the most honest you can you

Know they have no idea i was there but i i got so excited to hear them talk about the brand before i apply bronzer i want to tell you a funny story about a little self-tanner for the met gala i was i was getting ready and we wanted to add some color so put on some of this like canning lotion and it you know looked really beautiful and very even um as the

Evening kept going on it was getting a little darker and darker and i didn’t notice it and i’m at the back gala basically one of the most prestige beautiful you know events and i’m walking trying to look all beautiful and i look at a photo of myself when i sit down and i’m completely orange and i was like this is gonna be terrible because i’m gonna get eaten

Alive about this so i had my security take a video of me because my first reaction was just to get the hell out of there and so i’m running to my car and i’m literally just like hauling gas to get to my car and then um and i put it on online and i was saying this is my reaction after seeing my met gala photos okay with that said i’m not gonna apply too much of

This and go over it a little i think it’s always like a nice sunkissed feeling i don’t like to be in the sun a lot um kind of move well two reasons i have lupus so getting a lot of sun exposure you know isn’t necessarily the best so i live by a good bronzer positive light liquid luminizer this one is my favorite color it’s mesmerized um i end up using this one

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Just because of the tint of little pink and i love that it has a touch of gold as well when i’m doing a music video i have opportunities to create an eye look that you know could be so cool and futuristic and and like bright neon and then when i’m on the red carpet i’ll do maybe a nice soft smokey brown color and then at night if i want to go out with my friends

I’ll do the wing look and apply some color it just depends but i have so much fun with it and me and my friends when we’re together all we do is just play we also just love to make sure that we all feel good before anything else you know that’s what’s important as long as you feel good about you i’m going to go in with my concealer and just reapply just so that

It’s extra coverage matte lip cream this is in wave i think i’m going to add a little more color to my eyes so recently i went blonde and i had the best time i think i’m definitely more of a character when i’m blonde um i felt like i could do crazy looks with my hair i could you know try new things with my makeup and it was just so much fun i think that for

A little bit it was hard to keep up with but um yeah i don’t know i felt so cool and edgy and it was just a whole phase that i went through i’m honestly missing it not gonna lie blonde selena is not gone forever i will tell you that four in one optimus all right guys that is my look for the night i wish i had a date but i don’t um so until then i will see you

Guys for the next beauty secrets hope you enjoyed this one and have a great day

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Selena Gomez Shares Her Go-To Evening Routine, Met Gala Memories, and Going Blonde | Beauty Secrets By Vogue