Share Google Doc on Zoom (& Edit Them Afterwards)

You can share a Google doc over Zoom.

To show you how i like to share documents in zoom  using google docs and so i’m first of all i’m   logged in to zoom. i’m going to host a meeting and  ordinarily i would have somebody else on the other   end of the call. and so what i do i there whatever  do you notice that i did have a google doc open   doc and then so i’m

Going to share-we’ll call   this a road map. it doesn’t really matter what the  document is about. so that’s automatically saving.   so what i do in a zoom meeting is i will go back  to zoom. let me get better soon and then i will   share my screen. so this is for all participants  and then i will go over and select this google

Doc   here. share. and in fact i’ll click on the google  doc and now both participants can see this screen   because i’m sharing it on my screen, so outline  of the project, purpose of the project, etc.,   whatever it is that i’m going to be sharing.   now i’m doing this by sharing my screen in zoom.  however what i

Will really want to do is give them   access to this exact same document so i click  on share and then i will type in the name of   the other person who i’m sharing it with okay i’ll  share it with a different person that’s my other   email address so it’s hint and then what i do by  sending that document and then that other

Person   can actually go in and edit this same document  as me at the same time now so keep in mind what’s   happening here is that we are both looking at this  one screen because i have shared that through zoom   i’m gonna stop the share now but they both of  us have access to read and write the document   and you can

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Do this with google docs you can do  this with google sheets and what this does is it   means that they both of you can keep editing the  same document after the meeting so it’s a great   way of keeping a record of what it is that you’ve  done so just once again i open a google doc or it   could be a google form or a google i

Could open  a google sheet google spreadsheet but i’m opening   just the document here under google docs and then  i am going to into zoom and i share my screen so   i opened that google doc on that page share my  screen so i share this one and then we can both   document is so this is a great way of keeping   keeping

Notes from your meeting keeping a record  of what it is that you whatever your project is   and and then you can stop sharing the screen but  but people will still they’ll both you’ll both   still have access to to that same document so  and as you can see the google doc is still there

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Share Google Doc on Zoom (& Edit Them Afterwards) By Anthony English