Should I Transfer My Credit Card Balance To A 0% Interest Account?

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Jaison’s with us in los angeles hi jason welcome to the dave ramsey show hey thanks for taking my call sure what’s up well my wife and i just got married about ten months ago and we signed up for financial peace next month and we have about twelve thousand dollars on four different credit cards in debt no student loans and we’re trying to pay that off and i know your

Debt snowball has a really helped us a lot good but our interest rates on those cards go from 6% to about 15% and i wanted to know your opinion on a 18 month zero interest balance transfer to have all those cards on one card making one payment what’s your household income about seventy-five thousand and how much other debt do you have other than this twelve thousand

I have a car note that all about 11000 m okay so you should be debt-free in about a year okay that’s $22,000 in a year right making seventy five you ought to be able to do that so what we’re discussing here then is out of $22,000 in debt if you move this credit card ten thousand dollars or so twelve thousand dollars this credit card debt to zero and the average

Card was about you said six to fifteen so let’s say ten interest then that means you’re going to save about twelve hundred dollars right okay and twelve hundred ollars is nice if you send it to me i’ll keep it but twelve hundred dollars does not fix the twenty two thousand dollar problem right so the moral of the story is this when people do debt consolidation

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Or balance transfers the danger is you feel like you did something and you didn’t twelve hundred dollars doesn’t fix this problem you following it so ninety percent of you getting out of debt is you getting on a plan you guys getting in this class you’re getting fired up and wired up and getting in attack mode ten percent of you getting out of debt is adjusting

Interest rates so the answer to your question is yeah move it to an on to a zero balance or a zero interest transfer you want but the danger jason is is that in your emotions you feel like you somehow did something no you just you just nicked it you haven’t cut it yet watch it i want you whale on this thing okay do i need to ask them if what percent interest

Would be at the end if it’s not paid up and also you got to get everybody you got to get it paid off right it’s got to be gone in the year right if it’s 18 months zero interest you want to worry about it you can move it it’s fine it’s because the interest is not the problem even if they go back to charging you interest if they go back to charging you interest cuz

You don’t get this paid off then you didn’t hear anything or talking about cuz you can get there so no you you’ve got to say okay i moved it but that is really not the problem we’re going to get really mad at this debt we’re going to cut our lifestyle we’re going to get on a written plan that gets you out of debt not saving on the interest interest rates not your

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Problem your problem is you’ve been spending more than you make and you’re not been attacking it now you’re ready to attack it you’re going to do it and stick with it that’s what i would do this is the dave ramsey show hey guys thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video click the subscribe button to get the latest content and check out these other great clips

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