Smallwood Wealth Management Introduction

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Hello this is john smallwood certified financial planner senior wealth adviser at smallwood wealth management author of the five ways to wealth is under attack book your financial strategy is a unique set of dynamics that are brought about by you your unique and everything that you’ve ever done in your life is unique to you our job as a wealth advisor is to

Understand those dynamics and understand the coordination and understand what’s going on and help you devise a short term and long term wealth strategy the financial success is about understanding those dynamics coordinating all of these financial decisions and then implementing the right products and the right strategies for your individual plan every financial

Product is going to change it’s going to perform well at certain times it’s going to underperform at other times but it’s that mix it’s that coordination of how the financial products come together to work with your unique dynamics and i really believe that over time that the mix and the strategy is much more important than the product if you think about it for

A second think about all the variables that are consistent in your plan you have income you have taxes you have savings rate you have planned obsolescence you have technological change you have kids you have parents you have family members you have things that are in your control you have things that are out of your control every one of those dynamics every one

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Of those variables that we discussed is a moving target it’s going to change and when you change one variable you’re going to get a different outcome in the plan if you change two or three or four variables it may not even look like the same plan one of the things that i believe in okay is that when you’re looking at a financial strategy when you’re looking at a

Wealth plan the most important part of it is to kind of get a current set and the current assessment a current snapshot of where it is and you really want to look at it without the history that you have with it okay you really want to get away from you know i’ve made a decision for this reason two three four five ten years ago and you that was good bad or ugly

Okay so what we really want to focus on is that i kind of want to look at the plan as if we’re looking at it for the first time and that’s really a hard thing to do especially when you created the plan or to your plan but the idea is that by looking at it fresh looking at with the fresh sort of eyes we want to pick on it we want to look at it what’s good what’s

Bad and how can we improve upon it going forward in every single quarter every single six months every year you want to come back revise that plan and make sure the plan is still the right plan for you it smallwood we believe in looking at the big picture we want to continually focus on that big picture and work with you to develop the right plan for today and into tomorrow

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Smallwood Wealth Management Introduction By Smallwood Wealth Management