Special Report: Indias Digital Economy | 16 October, 2022

India is at the cusp of a digital revolution powered by increasing broadband and internet penetration, exponential data uptake, the Government’s focus on digitalisation and increasing trend of technology adoption across industries. This revolution is likely to generate new growth avenues, boost industrial productivity and has the potential to transform the socio-economic fabric of the country. Surely, this decade will be ‘India’s techade.

Foreign hello everyone welcome viewers you’re watching our special presentation on india’s digital economy india is at the cusp of a digital revolution powered by the increasing broadband and internet penetration exponential data uptake and the government’s focus on digitalization an increasing trend of technology adoption across industries this revolution

Is likely to generate new growth avenues boost industrial productivity and has the potential to transform the socio-economic fabric of the country surely this decade will be india’s ticket foreign economy has been surprisingly resilient to external shocks posed by russia’s war on ukraine and interest rate tightening by the u.s federal reserve despite higher

Energy prices and a stronger u.s dollar while major economies like the us and china are expected to show extremely slow growth in 2023 the indian economy is expected to grow by 6.1 percent if the trend holds true india is currently enroute to becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world by next year the growth is propelled forward by economic

Policy reforms a young workforce and infrastructure investments by the government and private sector the reserve bank of india remains positive on the country’s growth outlook and expects inflation to cool as well as a liftoff in the economy from both domestic demand and foreign investment as global investors diversify india can create up to 1 trillion dollars

Of economic value from the digital economy in 2025 with half of the opportunity originating in new digital ecosystems india is the second largest online market in the world just behind china india has pioneered uniquely innovative digital projects implemented population scale transformational projects and in short digital inclusion with an objective of providing

Affordable access to digital services to all citizens india’s digital transformation journey has left an indelible mark in all walks of life and is ensuring digital access digital delivery of services and digital inclusion of all based on technology that is sustainable affordable and transformative today india boasts of the world’s third highest number of startups

With new unicorns sprouting almost every week during the last couple of years digital india has played a significant role in the nation’s resilient response to the deadly pandemic digital technologies have enabled the government to reach remote parts of the country at the click of a button pause the pandemic india has emerged as the preeminent nation in the use

Of technology for a resilient economy and for people-centric governance at present there are total of 692 million active internet users in india including 351 million from rural india and 341 from urban india there will be 900 million internet users in india by 2025. around 346 million indians are engaged in online transactions including e-commerce and digital

Payments india is expected to have about 1 billion smartphone users by 2026. india currently has about 750 million smartphone users and the country is expected to be the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the next five years india’s information technology sector is set to become a 227 billion dollar industry registering a 15.5 growth which is the highest

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In over a decade the industry added 4.5 lakh new jobs to take the overall direct employees to 50 lakh people indian digital economy has the potential to reach 1 trillion dollars by the year 2025 with 5g being the key catalyst that will fuel this growth bringing a new era in technology prime minister narendra modi launched the 5g telecom services in india the

Technology seeks to provide seamless coverage high data rate low latency and highly reliable communication system 5g services are also expected to play a major role to achieve the economic goal of making india a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024-25 the indian economy will be greatly impacted by the investments made by telecom service providers who will launch

5g services in major cities and expand them throughout the entire nation in the following years foreign 3g 4g semi bharat technologically a doosri like in five years telecom technology 5g promises high data speeds over 4g at its peak internet speeds on 5g could touch 10 gbps compared to 100 mbps peak of 4g 5g will also assure in the era of technology

Advances in the country such as virtual reality augmented reality and much more these technologies will have end-to-end effect on multiple sectors healthcare agriculture education disaster management and others 5g will also enable new services and products part by internet of things and technology the advanced abilities offered by 5g networks will also drive new

Business models the arrival of 5g will also transform the transportation and mobility sector using 5g a network of electric vehicles and charging stations can be established to help maximize the cost effectiveness of the ev ecosystem 5g technology will give a boost to the industrial revolution 4.0 next generation 5d technology will also have an impact on the

Way of production and distribution of goods applications of 5g in the manufacturing sector include reduced costs low down time minimum wastage and improved productivity the com technology stack is today available infrastructure is today practically available all across the country in our thought process we put 700 megahertz for 5g rollout because 700 megahertz

Has a very long reach very wide reach if you are having only millimeter wave based 5g rollout then the amount of infrastructure that you need will probably be almost 50 x 50 times what we have today with 700 megahertz rollout we would be able to leverage the existing infrastructure the towers which are already set up in the country which are practically covering

A very large part of the country already those same towers that same infrastructure can be used for a better technology now right so that’s why we are very confident that in a very short period of time we should be able to cover the entire country the launch of 5g is going to have a positive impact on the businesses and economy in general in india which is one of

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The largest digital economies in the world by having nearly ubiquitous access to high bandwidth in almost every part of the country this will not only improve the consumer experience in entertainment gaming or retail but also help the industries by share availability of high bandwidth and also allowing them to have this feature of private networks that will make it

Easier for implementation of internet of things that brings higher automation and allows the devices to talk to each other within the enterprise or the large factory setting foreign from 13 to 14 at present we believe 5g will play a important role in reshaping the logistic industry 5g will provide new ecosystem to the startups and companies in kick-starting

Logistics 4.0 it will bring transparency and visibility of material flow throughout the supply chain i will take you to an example where 5g benefit different stakeholders in the supply chain if we install our camera in a truck and store their data on a server on a cloud then logistic companies lower their insurance premium government can identify black spots and

Can reduce mortality on roads transport company can evaluate the driver’s behavior and reward good drivers drivers who knows that they are continuously being monitored will drive as per rules and regulation finally the customers they are assured their material is in safe hands 5g will also have a big impact in the safety and surveillance sector 5g technology

And its applications will enable remote control over disaster hit areas live 4k fee from hd cameras installed in public spaces and much more it will also help in minimizing the role of humans and dangerous industrial operations such as deep sea mines and offshore activities 5g will offer a channel for automation to aid billions of people and industries with their

Wireless connectivity to develop creative solutions at scale the startup ecosystem is rich in unicorns focused on fintech healthcare education technology logistics e-commerce online marketplaces gaming and software as a service based tools which all stand to benefit from the 5g rollout foreign startups in multiple domain auto tech live streaming edu tech gaming

Etc to offer significantly better consumer experience from an auto tech point of view with 5g rollout indian cities will be able to implement smart ai-led traffic management solutions smart passing systems faster accidental reporting and live tracking of highways leading to safer indian routes despite rising adoption of digital technologies at the it industry

India’s digital divide is deep and creating economic disparities between those who can afford technology and those who cannot thereby affecting the country’s overall digital growths to bridge this divide the government introduced the digital india initiative covering various programs such as e-governance mobile e-health services and digital finance for digital

Inclusiveness in recent years governments digital india initiative has helped millions plug into new digital technologies as internet access expands to distant areas one of them is a payment base that is transforming the way retail business is transacted in vast rural areas and small towns there are more than two-thirds of population lives the public and private

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Sectors are both propelling digital consumption growth the government has enrolled more than 1.2 billion indians in its biometric digital identity program aadhar and brought more than 10 million businesses onto a common digital platform through goods and services tax competitive offerings by telecommunication firms have turbocharged internet subscriptions and

Data consumption which quadrupled both in 2017 and 2018 and help rich a digital divide india’s lower income states are growing faster than higher income bonds in internet infrastructure and subscriptions during the code with 19 onslaught when vast wards of even traditional industries were forced to digitize as the physical movement of people and goods became

A challenge indian id again rose to the challenge even as their workforce was scattered and did jobs remotely the second shot that global economy kept moving and did not grind to a halt economies around the world were disrupted due to the covid-19 pandemic however these challenges provided an opportunity for enterprises to thrive by adopting to a new reality

Becoming contactless and digital digitalization has taken a new meaning and it will continue to affect a growing number of sectors during the code 19 period when people thought that life and economy would nearly stop india provided much needed support with the needy on one click of the buck two doctors use telemedicine to treat patients and internet reached

Out to the remotest corners for enabling education and to support work from home for the office girls foreign consultation or video consultation has saved millions of likes across india even globally by providing 5g telecom services will help help sector in many ways number one by providing seamless video or teleconsultation to the patient who lives in the

Rural area and we all know that 70 percent of our population of india resides in rural area and they are lacking primary and second wicket treatments number two it will also help in providing tele reporting for x-ray ct mri to tier 2 and tier 3 cities it will help in early diagnosis and early treatment of the patients india’s digital vision is based on citizen

Centric services where transparency and accountability are ensured as it envisions a kind of digital transformation that allows everyone whether in rural or urban areas and irrespective of their economic or social status to take ample benefits however to stay ahead in the race we need to bring in changes in our approach to education and training by placing more

Emphasis on science technology and during maths soft skills resilience skilling and reskilling and upskilling of people in general are 5g foreign foreign foreign to become a five trillion dollar economy and beyond the it industry can play a key role in ensuring that the country is able to realize its dream of being an economic superpower house well

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