Stop all cooperation in the United States! Nationwide strikes break out in Europe!

French President Emmanuel Macron is currently facing his most serious challenge since his re-election. On Oct. 18, a large number of people took to the streets of Paris to protest against high inflation, with about 140,000 people participating. At the same time, the leader of the left-wing party “Indefatigable France”, Melenchon, called for a nationwide general strike, which may cause chaos in important areas such as transportation and energy in France, and may lead to a series of social shutdowns once it spreads to more industries.

Welcome to channel d pin moments today’s topic stop all cooperation in the united states national strikes break out in europe french president emmanuel macron is currently facing his most serious challenge since his re-election on october 18th a large number of people took to the streets of paris to protest against high inflation with about 140 000 people

Participating at the same time the leader of the left-wing party into fatigable france melancon called for a nationwide general strike which may cause chaos in important areas such as transportation and energy in france and may lead to a series of social shutdowns once it spreads to more industries a large number of people took to the streets of paris the french

Capital to protest against high inflation the protesters were dissatisfied with soaring prices and oil prices and demanded higher wages melanchon angrily criticized the french government for its ineffective response to inflation which has plunged the country into chaos demanding higher wages and opposing the government’s initiation of compulsory expropriation

Orders against strikers at some refineries or oil depots reports said the strike action is nationwide with the one in paris set to begin at 12 pm local time on the 18th several transport and public sector unions have said they will respond to the strike the strike on october 18 caused chaos in french transportation including eurostar paris metro and suburban

Trains were affected french transport minister clement bonnet warned of disruptions to transport operations at france’s state-run railroad company sncf with half of train schedules expected to be canceled on october 18 reuters reported that strikes at french refineries have disrupted fuel rationing in the country disrupting supplies at more than 30 percent to

French gas stations and having a ripple effect on the economic sector the french government started a compulsory requisition order against some refinery strikers on october 11 to secure fuel supplies but the move has angered unions with individual unions saying they will not obey government orders what worries the french government even more is that the strike

Has spread to the most dangerous energy sector with nuclear energy giant edf also set to be affected and the company’s routine maintenance work will be delayed while the maintenance of nuclear power plants is crucial to the stable supply of electricity in europe representatives of the largest union in the french energy industry said the strike has affected the

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Operations of the country’s 10 nuclear power plants with maintenance of 13 reactors further delayed and a total reduction of 2.2 gigawatts in french power generation capacity pal from last year to this year has been chattering about the u.s economy to soft road i think think left and right in combination with the old head of the current situation vaguely feel

That the soft road refers to fear not only the economy the cpi of the united states in september came out once again verified my previous judgment the interest rate hike scaled down from the beginning cannot completely suppress inflation perhaps inflation will slowly top back down but want to return to the original two percent in the short term is absolutely

Impossible this round of inflation due to the two-way channel of the dollar outflow commodities and oil did not appear as in 2007 a synchronous outbreak resulting in a lot of dollars circulating in the united states pushing up u.s stocks u.s housing and even basic prices note that this is very critical the flow of dollars out equivalent to the use of paper money

To exchange back a large number of materials to reduce inflation at the same time and excessive monetary easing may bring inflation to together to dump out and vice versa on the united states today the channel of commodities broken liquidity cannot go out completely many people feel that the fed a rate hike and tapering the united states demand is suppressed

Inflation will have to come down the fact is not entirely true the first impact of the rate hike and tapering is the financial assets the rise and fall of financial and human expectations response a large number of withdrawals financial assets fell at the same time liquidity will also flow to the real market as liquidity is not a release tightening the natural

Will not be completed at once superimposed on the epidemic factors caused by the human short-term prices wages rents will affect each other into the spiral climb one is to rely on time as long as the united states can carry a certain period of time no longer start the dollar flood continued contraction the production of large countries in in order to ensure the

Operation of their own economies a few years down the road the production of goods enough to solely offset the excess liquidity is indirectly to achieve a balance between supply and demand the other is to take back the excess liquidity if necessary even to do before the expansion of the six trillion full recovery although doing so will certainly trigger interest

Rates the first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into but as long as you’re paying off a lot of debt before you finish replacing the high and low interest rates you can theoretically suppress inflation and the debt crisis won’t break out the problem is that the risk of doing so is too great volker’s year will interest rates to

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21 completely suppressing the decade-long stagflation in the united states is that there are several premises such as stagflation all the long americans are still living a relatively good life at the time due to the existence of the soviet union in order to reflect the advantages of the capital world capitalists are relatively friendly to workers so that a large

Number of americans have a savings balance this group is also lee to the middle class so the volcker rate although fierce before and after only one year americans rely on savings enough to carry through the depression reagan went up and then immediately after the opening of the dollar flood the economy u.s stocks boom for a few years just want to step into recession

And the outbreak of the internet revolution this time directly prospers to the year 2000. now the united states does not have these conditions the hawk and rabbit has been in gradually the gap between rich and poor has also reached the degree of 1929 the great depression in the year led the united states almost change color if not for the world war ii sky demand

Force the united states back even roosevelt is unlikely to pull the united states out of the deflationary quagmire in looking at today 4.5 percent interest rates have not been inflationary down and then double to nine percent or even higher inflation may be down but deflation will certainly come housing stocks bonds and foreign exchange it is estimated that there

Is no four kill also have to three kill wall street that bunch of old men the bottom of the month no balance how to survive and who will come to the rescue of the united states so out of a replica volcker is not to think the old head of worship also did not have the guts as long as the hawk and the rabbit two countries back to the past the united states even if

The inflation temporarily down as long as the great flood opened again a permitted to fly to the sky but the united states for the day-to-day chatter to reduce inflation but also said with great enthusiasm to pull inflation back to two percent and what is it pal was honest at first saying that supply-based inflation is relatively limited by contracting demand

But unfortunately the united states now wants to get out of the mud is ultimately a fantasy in line with the united states is the mainstream of knowledgeable people can be sent so many years of debt eat so much welfare the united states has long been unable to withstand the toss even if the toss is only a superficial effort cannot so there is a goose and ukraine

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Conflict this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone before i have a vague feeling that this conflict from beginning to end is full of elaborate flavor the other day a so-called rand think tank leaked documents to be fully confirmed this the document opens with the mention of unrestricted quantitative easing in 2020 and 2021 resulting in a sharp increase

In the dollar foreign debt such as inflation contracted liquidity will inevitably lead to economic deterioration which will affect the 2022 election light donkey party buttocks under the constraints of the seat the next two years nothing heavy old head of worship eclipsed down donkey party stumbled the elephant party take this resurgence this this is not nonsense

Chuan bought top four years the first three years to pull the burst market the fourth year suffered an epidemic directly lost the big position this lesson cannot be described as not profound moreover the donkey and elephant fight has turned from dark to clear the old head of worship even copied the family such a desperate means are made out do not expect chuan

Bao and the people behind him once up will not reverse liquidation so in order to prevent the worst case in order to alleviate the liquidity scarcity brought about by tightening at the expense of europe strengthened the united states has become the optimal choice germany although it is a defeated country in world war ii a country with limited sovereignty but

Like japan the economic overdrive so that it is increasingly dissatisfied with the economy is not commensurate with the international political g status for decades has been trying to untie these restrictions towards a fully independent direction although the process is slow but the united states believes that of its own social and economic problems escalate

Germany is likely to speed up that pace and with britain’s withdrawal from the eu lending britain’s hand the ability to intervene in european affairs was greatly weakened leaving the two giants of germany and france if a full consensus is reached one day not only in the economy will corrupt u.s economic interests but also internationally will become its strong

Opponents here it can also be seen again europe and the united states is not a piece of iron the two-way demand internationally politically ji and economically makes the u.s believe that germany has every need to go through a controlled economic crisis and the next is the most important part of this article the foundation of the german economy is built on cheap

Energy from the big goose and nuclear power from france as soon as these two are pinched off german industry will be completely destroyed which in turn will affect all of europe

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