STOP SPENDING MONEY: The FED Just Broke The Economy and Started A Recession

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Signs that a deep recession is coming and i want to walk you guys through what those three warning signs are and why i’m already starting to hoard my cash now i’m not telling you to hoard your cash what i am telling you is you better start looking at what’s going on around you in our economy and your best option in my opinion is to watch what you’re spending your

Money on here are the three things that tell me we are headed into a recession number one the ultra rich are starting to keep their cash got a call from my local ferrari dealership here in town and they were telling me hey we got uh two ferrari f8 tributors available do you want one of them right there that was a red flag because three months ago you couldn’t

Find one now all of a sudden you’re calling me and you got two available that tells me one thing the ultra rich are starting to cut back they’re starting to hoard their cash they’re not buying toys anymore and you might say to yourself why are they not buying toys if they’re rich well see the ultra rich are smart they’re gonna take those dollars and start buying

Cheap assets not cheap assets in the point that the asset itself is no good when i say cheap i’m just talking about their own sale right they’re discounted so instead of going out and buying a four hundred thousand dollar ferrari a lot of these one percenters are starting to say well wait let’s take that four hundred thousand dollars and buy these discounted assets

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And then once we make our money on these discounted assets down the road then we’ll go buy that ferrari also you see a lot of your institutional investors right see 75 percent of the investment in the stock market is by institutional investors what we’re starting to see is institutional investors taking their money out of the market that’s why the stock market is

Going down guys and where are they taking that money and putting it they’re putting it in u.s treasury bonds why because they can get a four percent yield on those u.s treasury bonds until they wait and figure out what our economy is going to do when our economy is going to rebound again from this recession now let’s move on to the second reason why i believe we’re

In a recession and that is going to be the housing market if you’ve been paying attention guys the housing market is starting to cool off around the country right we already know that sales have cooled off months ago sales started cooling off right we also know that the demand has cooled off and the reason demand in the housing market is cooled off is because

Of what increased 30-year fixed rate mortgage rates a year ago they were around three percent in today’s environment they’re in that mid six to seven percent range that has cool demand so you got sales slowing down you got demand slowing down and now the third thing that’s slowing down in the housing market is what prices that’s right prices are starting to come

Down guys in a lot of markets here in the united states and the reason prices are starting to come down is because both first two things that i mentioned increased interest rates and lower demand so when any time you have interest rates skyrocketed high and low demand the supply that you currently have in the market does what it stays out there too long and when

It stays out there too long in order for sellers to sell their property they got to do what reduce the price so those three things are happening in the housing market and that’s a telltale sign that we’re in a recession now the third thing that tells me we’re in a recession is the labor market so i’m looking at some statistics from last month and it looks like

1.1 million less job openings in a one month period right from august to september guys that’s not a good sign because you know we have been in a overheated labor market where there was more right job openings than there were people to fill those jobs now that’s starting to slow down also month over month we’ve seen wages come down by 0.1 percent so now we got

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What less openings we have wages coming down telling you guys that’s a telltale sign that the labor market is going to be softening which is exactly what the federal reserve wants to happen because the federal reserve understands if the labor market softens unemployment goes up then people start feeling the pain right people start feeling the pain because a

Lot more people will be unemployed and won’t be able to just spend money won’t be able to just borrow money either because the federal reserve is continuing to increase short-term interest rates which affects people’s ability to borrow money cheaply right so those are the three things that i’m seeing in our economy that signals to me we’re in a recession and

It could be going to a deep recession so i’m hoarding my cash guys i’m not buying any more luxury watches i’m not buying any more luxury cars matter of fact i’m gonna be selling hopefully some of these cars just to put myself in a position to buy assets man that are discounted that are cheap that i can i can get below their true value and then what i’m gonna do

With those assets i’m just gonna hold them i’ma hold them through this recession which will last a couple of years and then when i get on the other side of this recession and we start the economy starts going back up we get inflation down to two percent which will probably be in late 2023 it could go all the way out to 2025 guys before we get inflation back down

To two percent right but i’m gonna hold those assets until we do that once we get back to a healthy economy inflation at two percent the stock market starts rebounding then at that point i’ll go ahead and sell those assets and hopefully have a nice gain i believe i’ll have a great game because i’m buying these assets right now historically low values right so

I’m telling you man protect your cash don’t be spending your money on things man that are not going to increase in value over the next two to three years don’t be buying cars don’t be buying luxury items luxury bags don’t be taking these luxury vacations don’t do it guys don’t be enticed by these automobile manufacturers giving you all of these incentives to buy

New cars oh we’re gonna give you zero interest rate for five years oh we’re gonna give you twenty five hundred dollars cash back don’t do it guys i’m telling you it’s a trap save your money put it in investments investments that will appreciate in value over the next two to three years that’s what you should be doing right and i tell you what we’ve seen it in

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2008 guys i’m telling you this is going to be right up there with 2008 not from a housing market collapse but from just the from the economy collapsing right just from the economy collapsing because what’s going to happen is when when when these one percenters pull their money out of the market and when these one percenters stop spending that’s when things are

Going to go downhill fast for our economy see right now the one percenters are you know up until you know this month they that’s why inflation normal everyday folk have kind of cut back some but but the one percenters are the one that’s been really spending and keep keeping inflation high but now the one percenters are going to start pulling their money out of

The market and hoarding their cash and buying investments right so all i’m telling you to do is if they’re doing it you got to make sure you’re watching out for why they’re doing it because you got to understand guys the one percenters control what 99 of the wealth in this country they do so if the one percenters are starting to pull their money out why in the

World would i keep my money in why would i keep spending money on things i wouldn’t so be smart guys with your money protect your money drop me some comments down in the comment box and let me know what you think about the three recession indicators i just mentioned right hoarding cash housing market decline labor market decline if you want up to 12 free stocks

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STOP SPENDING MONEY: The FED Just Broke The Economy and Started A Recession By Richard Fain