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Hi everybody my name is richard mcmunn from the interview training company past my interview calm and in this tutorial i am going to teach you how to pass a strength-based interview now strength-based interviews are being used by many many interviewers nowadays they are becoming more and more common therefore we need to make sure you know what they are and more

Importantly be prepared for the questions that are going to follow so during this tutorial i’m gonna tell you what a strength-based interview is i will also give you a number of sample questions and as usual i’m going to give you high scoring answers now before i get into those tips and the questions that answers a very warm welcome to this interview training tutorial

My name is richard mcmunn i’m a former fire officer and i’ve been helping people for about 20 years now to pass their interviews through this channel and through my website pass my interview , and i always focus on creating for you top scoring unique answers that you can’t find anywhere else so please do subscribe to the channel by clicking that red button below

The video and then you won’t miss out on any of the tutorials that i’m uploading virtually every day now and i’d also very much appreciate it if you gave the video a like that always motivates me to do more for you thank you very much so what are strengths based interviews well strength based questions are becoming more common during interviews and they are used as

A way to assess and this is important how your core qualities and abilities are a match for the job you are being interviewed for that’s the sole purpose of a strength-based interview now on the surface the questions appear to be really easy to answer however they are in fact quite difficult to respond to simply because the interviewer is looking for a specific

Answer there is a match for the person specification so i have essentially done all of the hard work for you giving you right now some questions that are coming up and i’m going to explain the question itself and how you can answer it to gain the highest scores possible so the first one we are going to look at through a strength-based interview question tutorial

Is what you do in your spare time so this is a pretty common in question especially being used during strength based questions now a lot of people who go to interviews are mistaken that they think that this is just a friendly interviewing question where the interviewer or the hiring manager just wants to get to know you but how you respond to it demonstrates what

You like as a person when you get into work so it shows what you are like so what you don’t want to be doing is saying well i like going out to the pub with my friends yes we all like to do that however that has no value to the employer or the hiring manager so some positive things to say to the question what you do in your spare time include anything related to

Fitness or outdoor activities if you are part of a group or you undertake team activities then that’s really good to say as well perhaps you learn a new or different skill now that might be undertaking online training courses or let’s assume that you play a musical instrument that demonstrates an ability to to learn something new pick up something new and learning

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And also concentrate for a long period of time so that is positive as well and also anything related to self-development so ever that’s undertaking online courses or even reading self-development books those four things are really good to say so here is my sample answer to the strengths based interview question what do you do in your spare time here we go i like

To keep myself fit and active and i spend about 20 minutes at the gym three times a week i also where possible enjoy walking and try to do about 10,000 steps every day i spent time reading and i take my personal development quite seriously now apart from reading nonfiction self-development books i also sometimes undertake online training courses via the website

Udemy comm now when i’m not keeping fit or reading i like to spend quality time with my family i would say outside of work i am a happy and positive person but we always like to make good use of the time i have available so if you were a hiring manager and i said that to you you would think okay that person makes good use of their time and they are always looking

To maintain their fitness and improve their self development and that can only be a good thing let’s take a look at another strengths based interview question what energizes you know sometimes this question is posed in the way of what motivates you so it’s the same kind of thing but what energizes you so what we need to do here is make sure we give an answer that

Is specific to a work scenario now what you don’t want to do and i’ve heard this before in interviews when i’ve asked this question what energizes you somebody said when someone brings cakes into the office and even though that’s really funny you know that’s yeah we don’t want to be saying that during the interview or when it’s 5 p.m. on a friday afternoon so

Here’s my suggestive answer to the question what energizes you the thing that energizes me the most is when i’m the first person to be given a new and important task and it’s there my responsibility to take it to the next step before the rest of the team take it over and use it as part of their working day i get a real buzz from being the person who’s responsible

For starting off tasks or projects as i feel privileged to be entrusted to do a good job for the team and also my manager so that’s great because you feel like yeah i want to be that person i want to volunteer to start new tasks up and then i’ll do a really good job because that shows that you’ve got high standards and professionalism and the rest of the team can

Then take that forward for you so and by the way i hope you’re enjoying these and these answers don’t forget to give the video a like and subscribe and you can either take notes and write down the answers or i will tell you at some stage in a minute where you can get a copy of these and in total 17 strength-based interview questions and high scoring answers let’s

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Move on to the next one so give me an example of a successful day at work what’s a successful day and at work so we need to think carefully about how we respond to this now some positive things that you might say are the completion of important tasks or projects so that would be a successful day to me so you know we managed to finish a project after we’ve been

Working on for a long time or when you help someone within your team so say somebody approaches you and they’re struggling and you help them then that’s successful perhaps when the team you are working for wins an important sale or an important contract because that shows that you care and also when you solve a customer problem if a customer rings up and complains

Then that’s a good thing if you can solve it for them so you would identify that it’s been successful so here’s my suggested answer to the interview question a strength-based interview question give me an example of a successful day at work here we go a successful day to me at work is when i get to complete all tasks that i have set myself at the start of the day

Now i get great job satisfaction when i complete tasks properly and i feel i am contributing to the objectives of the team i am work i am a part of now another example of a successful day at work is when we all achieve one of the company’s predetermined objectives now this might be an important sale or even managing to win a large contract when we successfully meet

One of our objectives there is a great buzz and atmosphere in the office due to the collective success we have just managed to achieve so you’re giving two examples there what i like about that is that you are focusing on the team part so the first example is when you complete tasks but the second one is working as part of a team and for any hiring manager that’s

A good thing to hear that you are focused on achieving goals that the team has to work collectively to achieve now i’ve got two more to run through so please do stick around because they are tough ones to answer and i’ve got some great responses to them but if you want to download the full set of 17 strength-based interview questions and high score announcers is

A link that’s appeared in the top right hand corner of that video if you click that it will take you through to my website and you can take a look at that guide that you can download next one here’s a tricky question do you find there are enough hours in the day to get your work done now a lot of people will respond to this by saying something like this not always

It’s hard sometimes to get everything my boss wants me to do complete it on time don’t say that don’t say it you should respond to this by saying yes always there’s always enough hours in the day so what you have to do when you’re answering this question is you have to be creative with your problem-solving skills to make make sure you get everything done within the

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Time that’s allocated now i know you know we all have to work hard and the reality is you know is there enough hours in the day there’s not but you can make enough hours and this is how you do it with this answer yes i always find there are enough hours in the day to get things done if i’m working on a task and i need to work harder to achieve the end goal i will

Ever get other people within the team or the organization to help me out or i’ll get in early or stay at work late to make sure things are completed there are always enough hours in the day to get things done if you are creative with your problem-solving abilities that’s a great answer to that question let’s have a look at another one what’s your greatest strength

So this on the surface appears to be an easy question so you can’t really go wrong with it you could say i’m great with customers you could say i’m a really really good communicator however what we need to do is think about what is the one thing all hiring managers and bosses want from their employees what’s the one thing they want and the answer is for them to

Finish their jobs properly to a high standard and on top if you do that like if i give you a job and you go away and you do it quickly to the right standard and you don’t cause any problems brilliant that is the one thing people want now that kind of person that’s skill that attribute is called a completer finisher somebody who completes things they get them finished

On time that is the one thing all hiring managers want from somebody they don’t cause any problems they got on with it and that is a massive asset to have as an employee so here’s my answer to the question what’s your greatest strength and it will work for everybody my greatest strength is the fact that i am a complete a finisher i am someone who if you give me

An important task or job i will complete it quickly and to a very high standard i would like to think that my strength is that you can rely on me to carry out important time-sensitive sensitive tasks when needed so that that is a great a great strength to have somebody if you’re a complete a finisher you get things done so if you would like all of my seventeen to

Strength-based interview questions and answers click the link either in the top right hand corner of the video or the link that i’ve put in the description below the video well go to my website pass my eucom and you can get all of those i’ve just gone through in your inbox in two minutes time plus another well this 17 in total and you can also find on that website

Loads of other guides to help you pass your interview so i hope you’ve enjoyed that and thank you very much for watching please don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the content and i sincerely hope you pass your interview thank you very much for watching have a brilliant day

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