Stuff the Bus in 2022 with Mr. Rooter Plumbing

It’s the 7th Annual AZTV 7 🚌 #StuffTheBus 🚌 back-to-school drive! πŸ˜ƒ Mr. Rooter plumbing πŸ˜ƒ is a proud supporter so 🎀 Brad Perry 🎀 is talking with Cris Erickson about the importance of this year’s campaign!

Hi hey welcome back to arizona daily mix you know you can find all the information on today’s show after the show on and don’t forget to go behind the scenes and check out what’s happening on our instagram and facebook at arizona daily mix all right we are continuing with our back to school uh stuff the bus uh big campaign and mr rooter’s here with us

How you doing chris doing good how about yourself i’m doing great and it’s always nice to have mr rooter because you know i do the jingle but still they haven’t said anything if that’s the new jingle yet and so what do you think mr rooter plumbing let’s talk about of course the uh the stuff the bus uh program that you guys have been a part of of all these years

And we appreciate you um because what’s really neat is that um customers and non-customers call you because you’re one of the places that people can have donations dropped off to that’s correct yes sir yeah and so and you guys go out and it’s really nice that um i remember uh one time talking that you guys have gone out on calls and all of a sudden you’re coming

Back with all this school stuff how important is that to you guys to make sure the kids have those supplies uh that’s that’s very important uh you know anything that we can do to try to help the uh you know the kids out in helping get the school supplies that they need especially to you know low income and and uh you know communities that need the help yes i mean

Because you guys you guys are kind of like the front people out there seeing what’s going on especially when you’re doing their plumbing and into the local communities or different areas yes and that’s why the supplies are so important for them to have it and we’re so happy that you’re part of this and we thank you for all you guys do so yeah nice let’s switch

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Gears now okay let’s talk which is something important and that is of course our plumbing um and it’s kind of interesting that you know the kids are home during the summer time but it’s a time when people forget about taking care of the plumbing it’s it’s very interesting i think people just look at their plumbing when maybe you know they have a holiday coming up

Some people are coming over but right they need to always be looking at it because we’re looking at a crisis right now that is happening in the north valley uh with pipes breaking and so that’s something that you guys go out to check and people need to give you a call right that’s correct yes sir um a big part of of what uh our neighbors need to be concerned about

Is they need to be concerned about of course the age of the home and and uh how long those pipes have been under that ground because over the years that pipe starts to generate and then it starts to create problems yeah so it’s the main i did see a pipe once and and it was so incredible that you know it was just full of just right guck and junk in there and if

Someone’s not cleaned that out that’s where the backup happens and they break too right correct yes so uh a lot of the older homes built uh before 1975 um you know the houses are going to have cast iron underneath the homes and those pipes were really the lifespan is about 50 years if they’re lucky yeah but again it also depends upon the the amount of usage and

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How long they’ve been you know in service so and it’s good times actually those who are remodeling to oh and have those pipes changed out and stuff right yes it’s a it’s a good idea to just have those pipes inspected just for a piece of mind you know get it get a good eye on those make a determination as to what the condition of those pipes are uh and and kind of

Get an idea of how much longer you’re going to have those pipes and still in service and um you know that it’s it’s very important the the worst time to have anything happen obviously is like you said during the holidays and during those seasons so the best time to have those inspected and checked is going to be during the summer time when there’s you know less

Traffic less family members coming in things of that nature so that’s that’s a good time to check that out and i know i was uh talking with uh you guys before and that was one thing they said to have your pipes checked especially if you’re buying a house from a family that have kids because the kids stick stuff down that mom and dad don’t know and then someone buys

The house and the pipe breaks and also they find toys they find all kinds of so that’s something that you guys suggest people to do like if you are looking at a house and it’s a family nothing against the family but you know mr rooter have them come take a look at them absolutely so especially in this market with the real estate as it is um as many homes that are

Flying off the market a lot of people are taking a lot older homes um in in areas that have not been uh you know repaired and upgraded and and they’re they’re doing remodels but they’re not paying attention to the piping that’s underneath and so you know you get a lot of homes that have had a lot of money invested into them doing the remodel and then they end up

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Finding after they have purchased the home that now all of the pipes underneath the home have to be replaced and that can be pretty invasive wow all right i know we’re wrapping up here and i got to ask this one question okay if you can if you want to answer or not but i always love to ask this question what is the most unusual thing that you’ve ever had to find

Someone’s pipes wow look at chris goes wow can i say on tv or not be interesting um i i would have to say the the most unusual thing was a very large rat oh my gosh really that actually ran right up to the camera oh my god so it it’ll it’ll spook you yeah all right chris tell them where they can find of course uh mr rooter and the team to come out and help out

With plumbing and everything they need oh absolutely you can reach us at uh mr rooter phoenix um and that’s it right there that’s it that’s it you get there you go thank you chris for coming in thank you for what you guys are doing with stuff the buzz thank you so and we’ll talk to them about the rack because i would totally that would be crazy that’s

Incredible so all right i think that’s one of the things he wants to say but we’ll see all right right we got more of the daily mix coming up right after this

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