Tell Me About Yourself | Best Answer (from former CEO)

In this video, I give the best answer to the job interview question “tell me about yourself”. This is the best way I’ve ever seen to answer the “tell me about yourself” interview question. I also give a sample example answer to this question. This is applicable to both a fresh graduate, as well as a professional with years of experience.

Okay everyone so tell me about yourself the most common job interview question of all time usually the thing that they ask you first as an icebreaker when you first sit down at your job interview now there are a million ways to answer this open-ended question and there’s also about a million youtube videos out there giving you various ways to answer it but today

I’m gonna give you the quickest simplest best way i’ve seen to answer this question okay let’s look at this thing from the other side of the fence let’s look at it from the perspective of the recruiter or hiring manager usually when you post the position you get a lot of responses and you may well end up with especially these days with over a hundred candidates

Applying for the position so for you this is an elimination game your job is to go from a hundred applications down to one candidate that you select now from the perspective of the job seeker who is being interviewed you don’t know the criteria they use to eliminate people oh sure there’s posted requirements for the position but the problem is more than one person


May meet all posts and requirements so there’s often a hidden criteria that they don’t tell you of what will get you eliminated or hired for example something i’ve seen in the past is a hiring manager who’s a fan of a particular sports team and if you happen to volunteer that you’re a fan of the opposing sports team that may be grounds to eliminate you on the fact

That you might not be a good fit and this does happen now we’re gonna make one assumption here and that is that they’ve actually read your resume if you apply for a position and you send in your resume and then they later receive it and then call you in for an interview usually that means that they’ve read your resume not always i have seen cases where that hasn’t

Actually occurred but in the vast majority of cases we can assume this to be true so what does this mean this means that the content on your resume is safe everything you’ve written on there did not result in you getting eliminated so it’s safe content to use and we’re going to be coming back to that now when you get asked tell me about yourself in a job interview

This is what you do start off by saying well as you can see from my resume that’s the first thing you say then go down your resume in chronological order starting with the oldest material and then getting closer to the present and finally talking about your most recent experience this should take about 45 seconds no more than a minute then end with the phrase and

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That’s what brings me here today and why i’m excited to learn more about this opportunity you see your purpose in a job interview is to communicate to the person interviewing you how you’re the person for the job how you meet all the qualifications that’s your purpose in the interview you don’t want to waste your time talking about something you did 15 years ago

That has absolutely nothing to do with this position and is just taking up time that’s why you want to summarize your resume in 45 seconds to a minute no more than that really see it’s a well-known fact that people absorb and retain only a small proportion of what they hear it’s like a very small percentage of what you hear that you actually understand and retain

And can recall later so that’s why you want to mention more than once how you meet all the qualifications you want to make sure it registers so when you get the question tell me about yourself all you have to do is say well as you can see from my resume and then you summarize your resume in about 45 seconds to a minute maybe start with your education start with

Your oldest experience and then come up chronologically to the present where you end with your most recent experience and then you end with the phrase and that’s what brings me here today and why i’m excited to learn more about this opportunity see you want to spend as much time as possible talking about this opportunity not stuff you’ve done in the past that’s

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Why it’s very important to try and steer the conversation from something you’ve done years ago to get them to talk about this position so you can explain how you meet the requirements so this is actually part of a new youtube series i’m doing i’m gonna go through all the common job interview questions and we’re going to talk about the hiring process in general i

Actually teach this at a postgraduate level and i’ve been on both sides of it hiring and being hired so hopefully that’ll be useful for you please take a moment now to click the like subscribe and bell buttons and also be sure to check out my patreon site for some extra content and consider supporting me there too so once again i’m bill the company’s expert thank

You so much for being here and watching my videos you’re awesome you

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Tell Me About Yourself | Best Answer (from former CEO) By The Companies Expert