The 2023 Stock Market Crash – A 100 Year Stock Market Crash

The US economy has lost $9 Trillion of asset value, $7 Trillion form the stock market and $2 Trillion from the Cryptocurrency markets. This is just the beginning of the 2023 100 Year Stock Market Crash.

Between march of 2020 and december of 2020 the federal government pumped nine trillion dollars into our economy in our coveted relief program in the last year the stock market has lost 7 trillion dollars in cryptocurrency has lost two trillion dollars is it a coincidence that adds up to 9 trillion i don’t think so i think we created some false assets and what really

Has me worried is our national debt is actually 31 trillion so i think there is there a possibility that there’s another 22 trillion that’s got to be flushed out of the economy that’s what i want to look at in this video and that’s what i want to find out where did this 9 trillion that our economy lost in the last year go best of us investors presents carrie greek

Meyer it’s estimated between 2020 and 2022 there were two million new millionaires made bringing the total in the united states to 14.6 million millionaires but wait nine trillion dollars came out of cryptocurrency in the stock market in the last year so what happened to those new 2 million millionaires and how did this happen and what are their consequences

Whenever you have something unusual happen there are going to be unintended consequences and i don’t think the market has faced them yet and i want to first of all show you how this happened and then i want to talk to you about what’s going to happen next i want you to see this is the um the s p 500 index fund and you can see that it is moved up it’s right now uh

Just under the 200-day or over the 200-day moving average but it’s down uh 26 percent from from its high and that high was reached in um december of uh 2022. now i want to show you some interesting things again this is a weekly chart now i’ve added to this arkham vest and i want you to see what has happened this compares or confessed again back to january of 2017.

And look how arc and vest took off um and and achieved a basically from here to here a 600 percent return on investment outstanding they’re just magnificent um a lot of people made money but i also want you to recognize that our confess started to collapse before the s p 500 did why is that keep that in mind why is that now what i’ve done is i’ve added bitcoin to

This chart and i want you to see how it compares to the s p 500 and what i’m suggesting has happened along here is there are some people who bought this at very low prices four hundred dollars four thousand dollars whatever and it moved up what happened in here is they started leveraging they’re they’re ten thousand dollars the the broker would allow them to take

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It up to 15. the 15 took went up to 30. so they leveraged again and it went up to 45. and then it went up to uh 40 from 45 000 they leveraged up again and uh they took it up to 60 000. and then it happened it started to tip and as it tipped they got margin calls recovered came back same thing happened got up to 65 a share tipped over and now jerome powell came

Into the question and he started raising interest rates and this time it got down to where it was had a little bit of a rally and then collapsed this is the margin being called on it these are newly made millionaires 10 million dollars that roughly 66 percent of it went away let me show you this what i’ve added here is tesla multi-millionaires made off of tesla

And as you can see went through the same rigmarole that bitcoin went through if you if you look at their movements they’re almost identical just different proportion different levels of ups and downs this is the leverage coming out this is the day of reckoning these show you how over exuberance of the market makes very wealthy people and then turns them into very

Poor people not maybe poor but puts them in jeopardy and that’s what i believe is happening and when i ask who’s on the hook for all this these are the people who have built the big homes these are the people who bought the condos at the beach at the ski slopes the penthouses in new york city the boats the mclaren the ferraris and this all has to be reckoned this

All has to be brought down my fear is the banks got involved in it as well lent them the money particularly in the real estate market thinking it would never it would never go back down like it did in uh 2010 2009 but i believe it’s happening again i’d be interested in your opinion do you know any of the two million newly made millionaires from cryptocurrency in

A soaring stock market particularly particularly tesla and arc invest do you know any of these people i do i do know some of them and i’ve watched them over the past two years acquire condos down at the beach buy a boat go on exorbitant vacations by their kids their teenagers new mercedes and bmws and land rovers i’ve seen it i know what it is and what they have

Done is leverage themselves into tremendous debt that car is going to be repossessed that condo is going to be foreclosed on who’s on the hook for all this is it the individual is it the guy who’s building a 3.5 million dollar house down here and it’s just been framed out and he’s already put it on sale yeah that’s him he’s driving to mclaren do you think maybe

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That mclaren might be repossessed who’s on the hook for that it’s the banks you know yeah they’ll they’ll go down i i got in this friday’s wall street journal here we see oh ski slopes are going up getting a real lift here’s a house for sale for 5.75 million dollars why are they selling it why are they selling it now here’s one for 8 85 million dollars why are they

Selling now because they are the new millionaires maybe even the new billionaires we created we had so much money we have a debt right now a a national debt the u.s debt is at 31 trillion dollars in 2000 it was four in in the 09 in in 2020 they’ve threw nine trillion we just took that back from the stock market and from crypto what about the other 23 trillion what’s

Going to happen there how is that going to measure out who’s holding that debt it’s our banks and our banks are going to go down i just saw an executive from goldman sachs on on uh tv this morning and he was talking about the effect of interest rates that’s not your problem your problem is the debt that you’ve put out there on condos have you where do they make

Their money they make their money on specs and ipos how many of those have you seen in the last year these banks are going down and i’m shorting them here’s a list of all the shorts i’m in right now i’m moving out of this market i’m going to cash and i’m going to shorts because we have created a 30 trillion dollar problem that our government is unwilling to face

Oh they’re trying to pull interest rates down uh uh up and pull down inflation which is hurting the small guy but i’m not really worried about the small guy the small guy’s been through the before it’s these new millionaires that are going to bring our economy down we actually in the last three years produced assets that had no value we had so much money and

We had nothing to spend it on it on so we created a cryptocurrency and if that wasn’t enough we created some nfts a video of lebron james dunking a basketball that was selling for how many thousands of dollars a lot in virtual land sitting next to stoop snoop dogs a lot that we then auctioned off this is insane there is so much money out there where manufacturing

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Assets to buy because we’ve brought the value of real assets up so high we wanted something else to create so we created cryptocurrencies we’ve created dodge coin we made all kinds of them to throw our 30 trillion dollars at this is insane and this is a bubble and it’s about to burst and cash is not trash oh i know you think that that dollar is overvalued look at

It it was i remember when it was in parity with with the euro i remember when i went to to italy and i had to pay up because my dollar wasn’t as much worth as much as a euro now it’s worth a dollar 13 cents it’s a 13 premium why because nobody wants a chinese you want nobody wants a russian ruble nobody wants a euro no one wants a british pound they want a u.s

Dollar and nobody’s going to want cryptocurrency in the very near future because it has no value what the us dollars has no no value carry it is the only way i can go to the grocery store and buy an orange i can give her a ten dollar bill and she’ll give me nine dollars back and then i can go down the mall and and get a cheap haircut for the other nine dollars i

Cannot do that with crypto i cannot do it with gold i can’t do it with silver this is not that difficult you just need to look at what happened 14.6 billion millionaires 2 million of them came on in the last year and 2 million of them are going away because they bought funny assets and their houses are going to be repressed their their ferraris are going to be

Repossessed they’re going they’re they’re beach cottage their ski loft their their their their penthouse in new york and then who’s going to hold the bag they’re going to walk away who’s going to hold the bag you know i know here’s who i’m shorting okay i hope you don’t get caught up in this mess i i just i’ve seen it before i saw it in bubble i saw it

In the subprime crisis and and really who created the subprime crisis the people you trust the most your banks and your government and god damn it they’re going to do it to us again so wise up subscribe come to our tribe i’m going to talk about this this afternoon in our stock talk ah i i just i just i i can’t believe how out of hand it’s gotten i’ve got to

Go talk to you again tomorrow thank you

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The 2023 Stock Market Crash – A 100 Year Stock Market Crash By Best of Us Investors