The Audi RSQ8 is the ultimate RS car! REVIEW.

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This is the new audi rs q8 and it’s the most expensive all rest model audi does and in this video i’m gonna review it let’s start this video by talking about the rs q8 party piece and is of course its engine which is hidden underneath this big plastic cover i just have red on it though didn’t know town sporty it is so it’s a 4 liter twin-turbo v8 with 600 horsepower

And 800 and newton metres of torque it’s got mild hybrid technology as well it can actually coast without the engine on for 40 seconds it can drive an electric power load up to 13 miles an hour plus he’s got cylinder deactivation you don’t care about that now it’s just economy stuff which is pointless in a car like this what you care about is the performance only

Says this car will do nought to 60 in 3.8 seconds but i want to check it for sure so i’ve got my specialist timing gear here i’m gonna put into launch control mode so dynamic for the engine for the gearbox into sport the stability control into sport as well and then just left foot on the brake for the throttle launch it oh blimey that’s it that felt real good but

What does my specialist tell me you say oh my god nought to sixty three point six seconds this suv is rather heavy thankfully though it has some very strong brakes at the back you have 370 millimeter discs at the front there for 20 and they gripped by 10 piston calipers this one’s actually on the optional carbon ceramic s– for even more stopping power now i want

To see just how strong these brakes are so i’m going to do a full emergency stop from 70 miles an hour see how long it takes me to come to a standstill here we go braking now good news my specialist timing gear again to measure the distance and it says i stopped in forty six point four meters interestingly the highway code says that braking from 70 miles an hour

Will take 96 meters so this did it in half the distance underneath the skin the audi rs q8 is basically a lamborghini but in a less showy outfit they’ve actually widened the track the front and the back to make it handle sharper than the standard q8 the rs qaid gets adaptive air suspension as standard and it’s actually set up slightly stiffer than on the normal

Car and you can raise and lower it depending on whether you want to be going off-road or in normal driving the quattro all-wheel drive system sends 40% of the power to the front wheels and 60% to the back wheels but it can send a maximum is 75% in the front or 85% of the rear yeah it’s slightly rear drive bias this audi it’s unusual the car also gets rear-wheel

Steering as standard so when you’re going at high speed the rear wheels move in the same direction as the front to improve your stability then at lower speeds the rears can move in the opposite direction of the front like on a forklift truck to make the car more maneuverable so when you try to park it you don’t look like a complete nutter dick it you can get

Something called active roll stabilization on the options list and it basically stiffens up the anti-roll bars when you’re going into a corner to make it corner flutter does that make you feel seasick sorry the car also gets a quattro sport rear differential and what that will do is send power to the rear wheel with the most grip to help power you out of a turn

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And it can help you do some skids too now let’s test it okay so i’ll turn the stability control all the way off on the c field do some skids power come on it’s get it going so i’m getting cover to dust but it will sort of go sideways not the best but okay for a big suv now let’s see what this big beast is like on a twisty road so i’ll put the stability control

Into its port settings so there is some degree of safety i’ve got the gearbox in manual see how it goes let me know that engine it’s so strong wow it really turns into the corners brilliantly and it stays super flat those accidental roll bars really doing their job the rear-wheel steering is really helping as well just makes it feel more i dropped blimey i’ve got

Air there the steering’s nice whoa whoa slidin so predictable and so easy it’s so safe and the way that the stability control just managed that i enjoyed that i had fun going crazy fast on a twisty road and a big thing like this never felt unsafe and it felt playful i don’t think it’s quite sharp though it’s a bmw x6m competition that just feels even more sporty

In fact you want to see my in-depth video review of that car click on the papaya banner up there but still that was awesome now let’s talk about the price so the new audi rs q8 starts from one hundred and four thousand pounds which means it’s the most expensive vehicle to ever wear the rs badge now if you want to see how much money you can save on this or any new

Car for that matter click on the pop-out banner up there to go to car wire where you can compare different reviews of cars prices offers delivery times and all that sort of stuff and on average you can save 3600 pounds on new car there are some key styling upgrades over the normal qa the auris model obviously gets rs badging you get a black grille black audi badges

And lower front splitter as well to make it look more aggressive and sporty down the side you get 22 inch alloy wheels as standard though this cause on 23 there’s some side skirts to improve the aerodynamics you also get a lemon cut a dormer as though this one has the black upgrade at the back there’s an extended roof spoiler once again for improved aerodynamics

Your rsq a budgeting there as well a redesigned rear bumper with this weird kind of texture you got tripper phobia you ain’t gonna like that if you don’t know what i’m on about look it up on google then this posted meme it could diffuse it’s not a real diffuser it’s just for show classic irs oval exhaust pipes you can fit your foot in there but actually the real

Exhausted just two pipes inside each of one of those quite like the rear end of this i think it’s a really good looking back side turn oh i love it maybe it’s something to do with the fact that this car is called an ass sorry here on the inside upgrades include an rs steering wheel with a flat bottom obligatory in an irs car also rs sport seats which are covered in

Stuff that kind of leather that was to have a horace embossed into them you get rs on the sills some sporty aluminium pedals you also get some aura specific dolls and various trip information relating to sport in us you can measure things like lap times acceleration measurements and you also have different sports displays then on the cars main screen you have what’s

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Known as the horse monitor which is really handy means you don’t have to go and get a regular colonoscopy with that you can measure your tilt angle there’s also functionality to measure stuff such as your g meter see how much of a g you are then you can get some design packs for this car one actually includes red stitching here and here and here and obviously on the

Seats as well it also includes a nice alcantara topping for the gear selector and bold rs floor mats are aligned in the back of the rs q weight you get the same slide ii a recline ii rear seats as the standard car and course loads of room however the rear seats themselves are slightly sporty-er like in the front and look at this there’s alcantara there which when

You’re feeling a little bit stressed out you can stroke it to help calm you down it’s better the rs curator is exactly the same 605 litre boot capacity as the normal q8 so easily big enough for most people but if you do need a few more liters then you might want a porsche cayenne turbo because it has 645 liters in fact if you click on the pop-up and up there you

Can see my full in-depth video review of that car being the rs model you did get some extra kit of the standard q8 that includes some aura specific hd matrix led headlights which can blank out part of their beam and they’ll sound this kind of cool animation which works when you turn the car on same with the indicators as well if you have a bit of a carbon-fiber

Fetish there’s the carbon black edition so it has various bits of exterior trim such as the door mirrors and carbon fiber however if you want your or sq8 fully loaded you’re going to want the vosburgh model so he gets adaptive cruise control a panoramic glass sunroof a bang & olufsen stereo 360-degree view camera massage seats and powered dual clothes so look

You just have to push the door – like that and then it electrically shut itself which is kind of pointless but also very cool until it breaks then it’s massively frustrating but if you’re looking to borrowing these cars which versions should you get the standard one the common black or the voss sprung while actually i’ve gone and configured my id or rs q8 on the

Car by website if you click on the pop-up banner up there you can see which version i think is the best value and the saving you can get on it from our trusted dealers now then it’s time for the car y5 annoying things about this car if you want the rs q 8 to 10 as good as it can then you have to pay extra for the sports exhaust and the annoying thing about it is

You still have a soft limiter save your station and you want to rev it to explain to viewers what it sounds like we weren’t really rev past 4000 rpm fill out my pose this cost top speed is restricted to 155 miles an hour but it’s actually capable of 190 miles an hour now you can pay extra to have the limiter removed the only problem is it comes as part of a

Option pack which also includes the ceramic brakes and the quattro rear sport differential and that means that it costs 10000 pounds while you can get snazzy red edging to the rear seatbelts for some reason just enter one doesn’t have it this car cost 100,000 pounds yet the paddle shifters are made out of plastic and feel about as cheap as the packaging that my

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Curry came in last night classic audi couldn’t resist had to put some fake vin someone the cost of the hair at the back now i know why they’ve done it from a design point of view it helps make the car look wider at the rear but maybe if you know about car design you could comment in the box below another way they could have achieved this without having to do

That it’s not all negative though here’s 5 good things about this car you can get rs specific doors in the heads-up display the mild hybrid stop-start system uses the camera to tell in the car ahead of you is putting away a tow junction to restart the engine so you’re always good to go there’s a special iris mode button here on the steering wheel and you can use

It to switch between two different pre configurable or s modes so you can set the cop exactly as you want it hit that quickly when you’re driving along and have the settings just as you want them the audi rs q8 is the quickest production suv ever round the nurburgring it did a time of 7 minutes 42 seconds which is pretty plumbing good the graphic of the car on the

Infotainment screen has a little horus logo on it then you need to see it that’s attention to detail in it finally let’s see what the audi rs q8 is like to drive when you’re not needing all that or s in us all the systems into comfort and it is exactly that super comfy the lane keeping assist if you’ve got it fit to the car is really really good as well you can just

Put the cruise control on and let the car do all the work it will stay to keep you in leh as you drive at the motorway it’s also quite quiet it has got big wheels so you get a bit more road noise than you do on the standard qa but it’s not bad no wind noise at all very very quiet the air suspension when you go in comfort setting super good i mean really design out

The bumps it feels more comfortable than a bmw x6m when you’re just cruising around maybe it’s an everyday car this is better and when you put your foot down it will respond yeah it will definitely respond with loads and loads of punch once i complain maybe it’s a gearbox it’s generally pretty smooth but it’s not the fastest to change it when you press the pedal

So i’ll just show you now press change press change press change there’s a minor delay which just takes the edge off the sport in us but really that is a small complaint i am mightily impressed with how this drives so then what’s my final verdict on the audi rs q8 should you avoid it should you consider it should a short list it or should you just go right ahead

And buy it well i reckon you should shortlist it it’s a really good-looking comfy suv that has bonkers performance don’t know something really interesting about the nurburgring time so the guy who actually did the time said that he didn’t actually do particularly well he reckons the car could go a lot faster however i’ve also been speaking to the engineers behind

The vid of it x6m and they have time their car around the nurburgring them didn’t official but they have done it and when i asked why there are fast in the audi they gave me a slightly smug grin

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