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Mark Cuban says one deal he regrets not doing was with John Tabis’ Bouqs Company.

Sure take talking about a lot of the big hits now it was time to talk about the companies that you missed regret the regrets the things you wished you’d invest it always comes to this we wouldn’t admit it do you not admit it when you do something you don’t want to be a loser why cry over spilt milk when you know there’s another great deal coming through the shark

Tank one deal that should really hurt involved a company called doorbot a video doorbell system introducing the door bot the first ever video doorbell built for the smartphone the sharks went out one by one it’s really not an internet play it’s a consumer device i just don’t think it’s for me this company’s still being worth 7 million could be worth 80 million

90 million i just don’t see that progression and for that reason i’m out but ceo jaime siminoff walked out of the tank and straight to the bank doorbot now renamed ring is reported to be valued at 460 million dollars the most of any company to appear on shark tank over 100 million in sales over a thousand team members now in the company coming from where we were

At in the garage the garage neil’s daughter it’s a two-car office it has been a crazy i mean beyond crazy ride one of the quote-unquote misses of shark tank was copa de vino for somebody in the sense that he made a huge i’ll believe it when i see it groans from the sharks because copa de vino and its owner james martin is probably the most infamous entrepreneur

Ever to enter the tank america’s first premium wine by the glass his product a single serve cup of wine was a hit with the sharks wow that’s never been done in wine before and i grant him that was a good move i really like your patent his personality not so much you could feel the antipathy through the tv set guys yeah i mean it was you guys didn’t like we didn’t

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Respect him either you guys all try to get into i mean a lying business the problem with him he tried to sell me on a winery that is a bad business time and when the sharks began to circle why are we even in the wine business why aren’t we licensing this to all the wineries martin began to sweat he was sweaty i’ll buy 51% of it for $600,000 martin rejected the offer

Angering all the sharks i am going to go buy a thousand-dollar bottle of wine tonight and i’m gonna drink it because i’m weeping for the opportunity lost this was your moment turn around it’s gone but in a shark take first martin returned the following year this time uncorking some juicy sales figures we went from 600,000 in sales to five million in sales in one

Year i was right we were building a brand and ready to rub the sharks noses in it we kicked you to the curb jane you’re still dead to me i had a hate for kevin o’leary a level that wasn’t healthy at all and my opportunity to come back was also my chance to get the last word in and say look you blew it but i’m also gracious enough to give you a second chance with

Your investment will drink these together and we’ll toast to the millions we’ll continue to roll in you’ve tortured me so long i’m gonna put an offer out anyways the second time he came on he stood out there and he knew we all were interested and he was trying to be too cool too smart it’s a million dollar bottle of wine he was up there thinking he’s like he’s the

Man instead of just taking the deal martin kept taking sips of his wine playing coy it was it was a lot of money we were negotiating like i’m gonna take a sip and what did i do i’m out right i don’t need you that much you screw it around you’re playing games and there’s nothing i hate more than playing games and you came in and created drama i’m i’m really out i


Mean i think we all know the sharks blew it and missed out on the biggest opportunity they ever had which was me but with kobe divino nobody regrets to date copa de vino says it has sold 38 million cups of wine in places ranging from convenience stores to madison square garden reportedly earning 12 million dollars a year cheers i didn’t need the sharks they needed

Me the sharks needed me they needed a really really successful brand that went everywhere and they didn’t get it because they got greedy i think in the second one he forgot his place he is not the shark where are the sharks and then there was the dating app coffee meets bagel coffee meets bagel is here too profoundly change how people discover and fall in love the

Three king sisters came into the tank looking to find a match if i offered you thirty million dollars for the company would you take it no we got so many emails particularly how do you crazy you sisters are so crazy what happens when you could turn down coffee meets bagel 30 million dollars no no no that was a dumb deal for you okay so first of all thank goodness

I stopped sisters walking window i sat there and i said hypothetically speaking right if i offered you thirty million dollars right would you take it and then they went out and started doing interviews and telling everybody mark cuban offered them thirty million dollars and we turned them down so yeah we there was no i was there was no chance one of the near misses

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For you robert was books a flower delivery service that you passed on we all passed on it the books company disrupts the flower delivery system by selling directly to consumers cutting layers of middlemen in the process its founder john chavez had a really hard time in the tank all the sharks seemed to hate the product it’s a flower business i think it’s a terrible

Name it is six days of delivery whoa i’m in my defense i think they did a bad job of doing the presentation and they had astronomical numbers they were doing two million a year and they said next year will be twelve and then we’ll be thirty and we hate stuff like that were like i’ll never happen if i want to send flowers to your grave i have to wait six days and

I think and i think you died here today i thought i did pretty well you know i a b-plus brutal we did a million dollars two days ago in the day so we did in 24 hours more than we had done in the entire year leading up to the shark tank fast forward three years later i’m getting married and i get a quote for the flowers i’m like this is not suck and flowers cost so

Much and i call him up i say john roberts from shark tank huck and flowers cost so much he said come and see me i’ll explain the flower business to you draws it out for me shows them what they’re doing i’m like i love it so i took part of their last round we just raised twenty four million dollars so you did get in with a nest of what i regret not doing because

That’s the deal i would have loved you you that’s one of everyone and most importantly i saved a ton of money on my flowers

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