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McCoy and Southerlyn realise they’re trying the wrong man.

When was the last time you saw kelly september 11th was tuesday we had coffee monday morning how many times a week would you say you saw each other depended on work hers are yours hers mostly but however busy we were we tried to have breakfast at a coffee shop that’s near both our offices actually that’s where we first met on the morning of september 11th did you

And kelly have breakfast together no why not she didn’t show up so you don’t know if she went to work that morning do you no was that the first time kelly didn’t show up for breakfast mr husband no sometimes her boss wanted her in early so you didn’t think twice about it when she didn’t show no not really i’ll show you what i’ll call defendants exhibit four oh my

God approach let me have that no way your honor this is only meant to outrage the jury my client’s defense is that the deceased died when the towers came down this is evidence evidence to make the jury throw up rule of thumb in my court that’s inadmissible we’ll call this defendants five do you recognize it mr houseman yes it’s kelly’s purse once you guys with

Her every morning when you have breakfast before work nice that’s right so this would be kelly’s lipstick then yes this would be kelly’s driver’s license objection for compact your honor her keys enough counselor go ahead mr houseman take it could you read what’s printed on the yellow tag attached to the strap found 112 yards northeast of church in vesey

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Thank you mr houseman terrible thing happened to this country on september 11th it affected some of us more than others you have my heartfelt sympathy the statute requires notice what can i do the witness just came forward and how does your mr paulson enlighten this proceeding he saw kelly summers in the lobby at the trade center on the morning of the 11th the

Dna evidence proves that’s impossible everyone in this room knows mr paulson must be mistaken fortunately everyone in this room doesn’t count unfortunately he’s right i’ll give you a day to talk to this mr pulse i worked at the newsstand in the lobby of tower one i was there over ten years that’s a lot of people you saw there on a daily basis you don’t know but

Miss summers that one i remember always with the smile always with the exact change and hi how are you arnold and you’d swear on your life you saw her on the morning of 9 11. all my life but i’m pretty sure that’s funny mr paulson because most people remember every little detail about that morning jack i think we can let mr paulson go now thank you mr paulson

Serena i’m sure about this jack it’s been a pleasure kelly’s purse it had a compact a lipstick a driver’s license it didn’t have any change maybe she did pay for a newspaper i don’t think so the bag they found at the trade center was an evening bag a bag a woman takes to work it has a phone book a date book a pen the rescue workers found the bag she took to

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Dinner the night before not the one she usually took to work in the morning which i saw in her sister’s closet the thing is her fiance testified under oath that the evening bag is the one that she takes to work every day he’s lying jack i don’t suppose he has any more right to privacy than hagin but make my day get a warrant this guy’s good he designs software for

A living well he’s got me stumped i’m into the company databank but because of his firewall i’m gonna need a password to hit his personal file try son of a no try booboo like a yogi just try it it’s her pet name for oh yeah he’s good print them all out hope i was okay on the stand you were fine i told you honey i asked you to come down here because i wanted

To ask you to search your memory for anything that might help prove hagin’s affair with kelly i’d tell you if i remembered anything even if it hurt of course because your fiance cheating on you that would certainly hurt a lot i still don’t believe she would that’s interesting because it appears you read all about it where did you get that the question should be

Where did you get it i don’t know what you’re talking about we took this off your computer you knew all about kelly’s affair with bradley hagen this is my email donald loves to surf the net somehow he keeps ending up in his lover’s email let me ask you mr houseman the money you received is compensation for kelly’s death what did you do with it i gave it to the

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Police and fireman’s relief fund that’s interesting because they have no record of it i mean don’t you think that someone would record a 43 000 donation that’s a nice ring leah mr husband give it to you let me guess he gave it to you in mid-march how did you know it might have something to do with the timing of the check mr houseman received as reparations for

The loss of his fiancee oh my god she cheated she said she’d marry me but she cheated she tried to deny but no i knew i knew he had money but i loved her you have an attorney mr husband so you

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