The MOST USEFUL College Degrees For 2022 (HIGH Pay, HIGH Demand)

The dilemma every college student faces is “What should I major in college?”, “what are the best college degrees”, “is my college degree worth it?.” It’s impossible to know what to do forever as an 18 year old, which is why the best college degrees keep your career options open, have high job growth, and get you high paying jobs that pay 6 figures. Every single college major in this video fits that criteria, so I HOPE YOU FIND THIS HELPFUL – Enjoy 🙂

You’re in college and you have no idea what major to choose well what you need is a degree that keeps your options open and will be relevant for years into the future and i got you here are some of the best college majors hey everyone my name is hasham khan and welcome to income over outcome the go-to spot for all the college and career resources that you need this is

Probably the most comprehensive and unique list of degrees that you’re gonna find on the internet all these degrees can earn you over a hundred thousand dollars have really good job prospects and most importantly they give you the freedom to choose from a bunch of different career paths and i have choices for everybody whether you’re interested in science engineering

Business and even health care as you watch this video let me know your thoughts on these degrees which do you like do you plan to choose any of them or are you ready ahead of the game and had one of these in mind whatever it is let me know your thoughts in the comments the first major we’re going to talk about is geoscience it’s definitely not that well known and

The only reason i know about it is because one of my friends has a degree in geoscience and he absolutely loves his job like with a lot of other majors out there you’re gonna have to take classes like bio chem physics math and engineering but as a geoscience major you’ll apply all that towards learning about the earth its natural resources what rocks is made out

Of and even what affects the climate the reason geoscience ranks on this list is because as governments and companies think more about the environment the demand for geoscientists is growing way faster than a lot of other jobs and you have a ton of different career options to choose from you could work for the federal government helping make environmental policy

Decisions the state government to help manage natural resources and forests or even large companies where you would be an environmental engineer one day you could be out in the field collecting rock samples the next would be creating a forecasting model and then next be writing a scientific report that you present the variety and the types of work and issues you

Face makes geoscience one of the most fulfilling careers out there plus the pay is pretty good with the average geoscientist earning over ninety four thousand dollars staying on the topic of natural resources and energy the next major we’re gonna talk about is nuclear engineering where you learn all about nuclear energy how it’s created and how you can use it for

Most people going into engineering this wouldn’t be your first choice but the fact is that nuclear energy and radiation can be used for so much leaving you with a behemoth of career choices to choose from nuclear energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy so of course you can work for the government or energy companies but you could also branch out and go into

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The medical field where you help develop new radiology devices or techniques for radiologists to follow at the end of the day if you’re really into science and imagine yourself being like dexter’s laboratory that nuclear engineering might be the perfect degree for you and you’ll also make a decent bag with an average salary of a hundred and sixteen thousand dollars

Now if you’re like me and are into science but instead are thinking of going to business then one of the best degrees to choose is accounting now i spoke about this in detail in my video on the best business degrees but accounting is one of the safest business majors that you can get because you’re basically guaranteed a job you can choose from multiple career

Paths and if one doesn’t work out you can easily pivot one of the most common paths is working for a big accounting firm like accenture deloitte or ey and at those places you can earn over 85 000 right out of college and well into six figures by your mid or late twenties or you could become a financial analyst go into investment banking or even consulting really

Whatever business field you want the world is your oyster now i will admit that accounting is probably one of the most boring degrees out there you’re basically staring at numbers and spreadsheets all day so it’s not for everybody and while the career you end up with might not be as boring you might want to study something with a little bit more pizzazz so another

Great option is economics economics majors have a really versatile background learning all about the markets and government policy but beyond that economics can help you build a super strong set of skills from problem solving to analytics and that will make you valuable to essentially every industry and a company you can choose from a similar scope of jobs as a

Finance or accounting major and then some and economics isn’t just great to get your foot into the business world but also makes a great pre-law degree of course your income is gonna depend on what route you take if you go finance your income is going to be different than someone who chose a government policy type role but with all of these options it’s no surprise

That demand for people with an economics degree is growing insanely fast at 13 for context the average job growth across all jobs is just 3 percent and the average economist does really well for themselves with a salary of 108 000 now that we spoke about some of the most versatile business degrees it’s only fair we speak about the most versatile stem degrees but

Before we do that do me a solid and hit that like button because these videos take a ton of effort to make and you liking them helps me know i need to keep making more anyway one of the most versatile stem degrees is physics this is a perfect degree for those of you who are interested in science but don’t exactly know what career path to choose normally i don’t

Recommend a hard science major like bioware chem because they really limit your options but physics does just the opposite that’s because with physics you don’t just learn science but you actually learn how to apply that science to real life scenarios where you solve complex problems using creativity that background means you can pave your own career path based on

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Your interests you could go into research and development engineering tech and even some business related roles like a business analyst or consulting now i’ve mentioned consulting a few times and it’s a really broad term so let me explain it real quickly it’s basically a job where you’re hired by companies to help them solve business problems and you don’t really

Need a specific degree just strong problem solving analytical skills and a business acumen and i could go on and on talking about consulting since that’s the industry i work in but if you want to learn more about what i do then feel free to watch this video over here where i walk you through a day in my life now going back to physics another reason it’s so great

Is because demand is growing quickly and pay is really high almost three times the average american household income at 129 000 my one caveat though is that physics is one of the hardest degrees out there which honestly is part of what makes it so valuable not everyone can get through it so you should really only choose this major if you have strong science and

Math skills and of course if it’s something that you’re really interested in for me there’s no shot that i could handle physics which brings me to a degree that is just as great but involves way less science data analytics the perfect mix of business and tech now if you’re a day one subscriber you already know this but data is the number one most valuable asset

Of the 21st century and if you’re able to understand it and use it your skills can land you essentially any job that you want i mean think about it the most successful corporations are essentially data collection companies who use our data to then make money off of us from facebook or should i say meta who tracks every single click that we make on our computers

To send the super targeted ads that make them billions to tick toc who collects data on our behavior as we’re using their app so they can feed us an endless amount of videos that we can’t stop watching and end up spending more time on their app the fact is that every single company in every industry uses data and they need full teams of smart people to help them

Out with that i work with hospitals every single day and even they have full-on data teams which you might not expect of course tech companies have a ton of data science rules and even small businesses use data to help them grow so if you have literally no idea what industry you want to work in but you know you like solving problems and helping make decisions then

Data analytics is a perfect major to choose if i had to go back to school and choose a major all over again data analytics would be my number one choice not only is this one of the best growing careers at a whopping 31 but a lot of these jobs are remote and pay extremely well you can make upwards of 80 to 100 000 right out of college an experienced data scientist

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Can earn well over two hundred thousand dollars so far i’ve touched a tiny bit on degrees that can get you into healthcare but now we’re going to dive completely into it if you want to become a doctor or do anything healthcare related and one of the best degrees to choose is healthcare informatics this is super similar to the degree that i have you learn all about

Using healthcare data and analytics to make better systems and healthcare policy decisions with a degree in health informatics you can get essentially any operational role in a hospital work for a company like epic that make softwares for hospitals or even go into healthcare consulting like i did healthcare informatics opens up so many options in the industry but

It doesn’t lock you into one specific career path which also makes it a really really good pre-med degree traditional pre-med degrees like bio or neuroscience are horrible choices because they really limit your options if med school or grad school doesn’t work out then you’re pretty much stuck but by choosing healthcare informatics you can gain a really strong

Background that helps you stand out in your med school application but also if med school doesn’t work out then you can still get a really high paying job in the healthcare industry i could go on and on about that but i don’t want to get too much into detail over here so if you want to learn more about pre-med and healthcare degrees then check out these videos over

Here now the best part by far is that demand for people in operational healthcare roles is growing ridiculously fast at an average of 32 percent and you’re also paid extremely well with an average salary of 104 000 but i personally know that the earning potential can go up way higher than that you really can’t go wrong by getting a degree in health informatics now

This list wouldn’t be complete if i didn’t include computer science with tech companies booming over the past decade this has been one of the most highly sought after degrees and will only continue to be so it’s completely mind-boggling how much money you can earn with a computer science degree and it also offers some of the best work-life balance a lot of people

Think computer science is a really narrow degree that can only get you software engineering jobs but that couldn’t be further from the truth of course you could earn six figures working at a fang right out of college but you could also work for the government and cyber security which is actually one of the fastest growing fields out there the possibilities are

Endless as a college student it’s impossible to know what you want to do for the rest of your life which is why i chose a degree that didn’t lock me into one career path that i might regret and i made sure all the degrees on this list do the exact same now if you found this video helpful go ahead and hit that like button and be sure to visit

Where i have articles workshops and a ton of other resources to help you grow your career you’ll also probably enjoy one of these videos so check them out and i’ll see you next time but until then peace

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