The Nazis Justification for the Genocide – October 9, 1943 – WAH 081

This week the Nazis go on the record about their genocide of the Jews. Meanwhile the Jews in Denmark are coming closer to safety, and the Roman Jews are again at peril.

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War against humanity, a series of world war two in real-time. plans to deport the jews of denmark were leaked italians in naples rose up against the german as they fled and the united nations alliance arrived. occupied greece, while the germans there go small british forces landed on the greek islands virtually unopposed, but now on october 3 between october 4 and 6,

The germans put 148 a couple defect to the germans, 28 manage and while the germans massacre their former groups, with the british soe representatives in greece caught in the middle. on the other the national republican greek political spectrum, and leaning towards the nationalist right. edes has been making active efforts to recruit like to see king george return once

The axis have been beaten. prisoners through ‘partisan courts’ sentencing the mistrust culminates on october 7, when in retaliation, aris velouchiotis, captain-general but while this civil war begins, resistance on october 1, commander of the 98th gebirgsjäger order massacres of civilians a few weeks ago in retaliation, his newly arrived replacement, to carry out a

“Ruthless retaliatory operation” in several villages, all civilians are rounded almost third of the victims are residents of the village lingiades. are almost exclusively women, children and elderly. only two adults and three children managed of the 92 victims, one-third is aged between six months and 11 years old. and begin to help to restore living conditions and

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The allied bombing campaign preceding their invasion. as you will have seen in indy’s reporting by massacring 98 american civilians held prisoner there. fortnight have mostly failed to reach the intended levels of devastation. so far this month hagen, munich, kassel, frankfurt, of deaths, thousands of injured, and tens of thousands left homeless. after two failures due

To weather, this time large parts of the city are destroyed, including city officials activate a contingency plan, still, up to 8000 suffer injury from smoke inhalation, and burns. not very far to the north from there, in denmark, on october 3, lutheran pastors all over denmark “wherever jews are persecuted for racial christian church to protest against such persecution.

Settled through centuries in our danish christian culture. and responsibility towards the law, and they god in accordance with their vocation and never in itself become the cause of deprivation irrespective of diverging religious opinions brothers and sisters to keep the freedom that a very public call to rise up against the ss gruppenführer werner best in charge of his

Reasons, are again unclear, but fit into of last week that the flight of the jews has effectively, with laxer curfews, and much all over denmark, people increase their efforts in the country, giving them food and shelters, one of the refugees is a young boy, leo goldberger.

We were hauled aboard the boat, directed

Area, there to stretch out covered by smelly were to inspect the boat, we would be passed over as fish. he, and they will survive, and in rome the and 100 million lire in ransom to the nazis last week hope for a similar fate. in the city, german führer adolf hitler gets word of the whole affair. and deport all romans of jews faith or ethnicity you see, while kappler

Might look at his genocidal on their ideological delusion that extermination on the 4th, reichsführer ss heinrich himmler of ss gruppenführer in posen, occupied poland charge of the einsatzgruppen who have been “i want to also mention a very difficult it should be discussed amongst us, yet nevertheless, i am talking about the evacuation of the jews,

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We have the moral right, we have the

He offers no explanation as how this killing to explain that under no circumstances must otherwise they will catch the disease that he laments the burden of suffering it puts the difficulties they face, and then praises and we have suffered no defect within us, in our soul, or in our character.” two days later on october 6, at the same conference reichleiters, as well

As hitler youth leader and war production albert speer, and reich here he expands on his decision to kill the most defenseless. – i decided that here too i must find a very clear solution. or have them killed – and then let their children the very difficult decision to have this people in the organization that had the task to execute “in the territories we occupy the

Jewish then there will only be a reminder of single in other parts of the speech he expands on and murderous to anyone except the german race, especially the slavs. we germans, who alone on this earth have a adopt a decent attitude to these human animals, worry about them and to apply ideals to them words that should be put into the context of what has already happened.

One million, infants, little boys and girls, and teenagers. unimaginable terror under the humane treatment that himmler speaks of. violent separation from their families, witnessing young little girls forced to undress completely beatings with clubs when the children ran in terror. crammed into cattle cars rumbling through deliberate mauling by guard dogs, and finally

Throwing babies in the air and using them this week more children are added to the bodycount back on august 21, when the bialystok ghetto the train they were on was taken first to four children were taken off the train and murdered. there, they were not registered as usual, housed in a separate, guarded section, and doctors and nurses – one of them ottla kafka during the

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Weeks of september some ghetto that the children were kept under unusually good conditions, with adequate levels of nutrition, the children in turn inform the inhabitants the inhabitants fully aware for the first one of the people who gain access is alfred jewish gymnastics teacher, who has been taking he is caught sneaking into the bialystok children’s we will get back

To freddy’s fate in the months to come. but we know that earlier this year swiss diplomat with a british proposal to allow 5,000 jewish it seems that these children were to be used the allies in return, although there are no then in early october, ss obersturmbannführer the genocide directs that the children, and eichmann will testify that this was part of under any

Circumstance should be allowed to go to palestine. 10,000 children to theresienstadt to use them nazi collaborator in exile from palestine, al-husseini wouldn’t agree, and himmler therefore cancelled the plan. speaking in posen, describing his thoughts about murdering children. as “transport dn/a”, and taken to auschwitz, where they arrive on october 7. it’s a

Clinical description of their fate that belies the reality of it. we know that already when arriving at theresienstadt were about to be gassed, and struggled against their captors. we have eyewitness accounts of other transports in absence of the comfort of loving adults unable to understand the unsurmountable force about to happen, they would refuse to move scream, cry,

Be beaten into submission with

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